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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Soon there will be a confrontation ...

Soon there will be a confrontation ...

The Star of des äußeren Reiches ...

Madame Zaire and Matilda come down at the same time. They both stand just outside the entrance into the kitchen. Matilda speaks first.

“You know he desires to have Mandy very much, Zaire.” Matilda notes to Madame Zaire.

“Yes I know but she has the protection of both the Stimme and Vlatka. Even Вячеслав Возникают can’t alter the wishes of the Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde. She desire that a union only be consummated through marriage.” Madame Zaire retorts.

“Amanda is a virgin. She must remain one until after the Eheritual” Matilda declares.

“You are right—until after the Marriage Ritual. Jenny was divorced and could not partake in such a sacred ceremony.” Madame Zaire explains.

“See how he watches her every move. Like a cat toying with a mouse—” Madame Zaire interrupts Matilda.

“No Matilda, more like a Tiger and a Leopard. The Leopard is swift and light on her feet while the Tiger has strength, but his bulk will slow him down. Mandy will definitely keep him at arm's length, especially until after the Eheritual. It will drive him crazy, yet he will enjoy the pursuit.” Madame Zaire foresees.

“Once again you are right. Mandy is destined to be his, my sister!” Matilda proclaims and they both enter the kitchen grinning.

After a hardy breakfast, Madame Zaire is ready to take Matilda and Amanda back with her. Both Matilda and Madame Zaire are delighted in the fact that they will be as sisters, sharing the Chalet and the upkeep of the Perpetual Forest.

Henry decides to give Ethan an assignment that will keep him busy most of the day. This will allow him the liberty of driving Amanda to the Perpetual Forest—as well as preparing Matilda for her charge as Counselor Adjunct. With the aid of Davis County construction, there is now a paved road that leads to Madame Zaire’s Chalet.

Matilda gets into the jeep with Madame Zaire, unaware of her new exalted position while Henry escorts Amanda into his Mercedes.

“I do appreciate you taking the opportunity of escorting me to Madame Zaire’s Chalet. I would have thought you’d have some duties to perform in your Northern Lands.” Amanda remarks as Henry starts the car. He looks over at her and then the road, following Madame Zaire but not too close.

“I have been given the privilege of making Matilda Fowler a Counselor Adjunct assigned to the Northern Plains—” But before Henry can finish his information, Amanda lets out a whoop and grabs him by the neck kissing him. Henry swerves his vehicle and they both laugh.

“Watch it young lady, you don’t want to start something that you can’t finish.” Henry laughs as he navigates the Mercedes back onto the road.

“I’m just so glad for Matilda, that’s all. She’s been through so much. However, I still don’t understand how she can look so young considering the passage of time?” Amanda is completely baffled regarding this matter.

“Matilda was put under an aging spell by a renegade called der Dämon . She was quite young and beautiful, so he desired her for his own. Matilda rejected his advances at every turn and as a results he used the Aging Spell on her. However, Vlatka finally lifted that spell and Matilda was returned to her rightful age along with her lovely appearance.” Henry explains.

“That’s fantastic, but what took so long for Vlatka to evoke the change?” Amanda probes further.

“It was a well-hidden secret until someone in the High Counsel made her aware of it.” Henry remarks.

“Wow—what will Ethan be doing today while I’m away?” Amanda queries.

“Ethan has accepted the duties of patrolling Davis County along with one of my senior deputies. The task will occupy him for most of the day. Are you that concerned regarding him?” Henry is feeling a little bit jealous of the obvious concern Amanda is displaying toward Ethan.

“Oh I was just wondering, that’s all.” Amanda retorts, turning her face toward the window so that she can admire the view.

“Do you enjoy staying with your brother Billy and his wife Julia in Farris?” Henry queries, making conversation.

Especially designed by Vlatka herself.

Especially designed by Vlatka herself.

“I find it adequate. When I first decided to pursue a master’s degree from Algoma University, I thought I would be living in an apartment on my own. After staying with my parents, the furthest things on my mind was living with my brother and his wife.” Amanda confesses to Henry.

“So, why do you do it?” Henry looks at her then back at the road.

“Well, at first he wanted me to be company for Julia. But now that she has gone back to work, I will have the run of the place.” Amanda remarks.

“It’s not like having your own space, now is it?” Henry has reverted to his sensual tone.

“I believe that it will suffice for now. It gives me an opportunity to save for a place of my own.” Amanda rejoinders.

“In the Canadian Wilderness.” Henry replies dryly.

“That is my assignment once I have obtained my degree.” Amanda reminds Henry, just wondering where this conversation is heading.

“You know that you are always welcomed to visit Davis County during your summer breaks, don’t you? The weather is not quite as cold then as you would discover. ” Henry decides to make the suggestion, hoping that it will be as amicable to Amanda as it is to him.

“Thank you for the offer. I consider it an honor being asked by the Guardian of the Northern Plains. You are revered and admired by many. Chef Mavis makes the most scrumptious blueberry waffles and Pop is a jewel.” Amanda decides, turning to look at the handsome face of Henry Hamilton. He is very pleased with her response.

“Madame Zaire will provide you with a sacred ring—a gift from Vlatka herself. With it, you will not only possess superior intelligence and agility, but you will always have the upper hand against your enemies.” Henry acknowledges and the rest of the short journey is traveled in both silence and expectation.

As Madame Zaire parks in front of her Chalet, Henry parks behind her. All get out of their mode of transportation and walk inside the house. Madame Zaire asks Amanda and Henry to please be seated while Matilda follows her into her kitchen. There she looks under the sink and retrieves a metal container. It has an enchantment that locks it but when she utters the words, it opens.

“It is beautiful—The Star of des äußeren Reiches!” Matilda exclaims.

“Yes, this sacred ring is from die Welt des äußeren Reiches—the Outer Realm. It was designed by Vlatka and is a personal favorite. It possess great powers of mysticism. Not only is the wearer protected from evil conjurers and manifestations but also has complete control over them.” Madame Zaire expounds.

When the two women return to the living room, Henry stands and evokes the sacred words that will usher in Вячеслав Возникают. Then he turns to address Matilda.

“By the power invested in me as High Counselor of Behörde, I bestow upon you the title of Counselor Adjunct of The Northern Plains. Together with Madame Zaire you will live in the Perpetual Forest and maintain it and the exalted trust given to you.” Вячеслав proclaims.

“And now to the business of the sacred ring.”

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 9

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 9
    After Madame Matilda becomes Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Stratum, it is time for Amanda to receive the Star of des äußeren Reiches and become Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon. This sacrosanct ritual is being performed in the Sacred Savannas.

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