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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


A Cleansing and a Renewing ...

Late that night, Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde visits the bedchamber of Henry and Jennifer Hamilton along with the Stimme. Vlatka places them into a deep sleep as The Voice whispers incantations into each individual’s ear. While the Stimme journeys to spread the new thoughts into the subconsciousness of others; Vlatka speaks to Madame Zaire in human form.

“I will no longer allow Jennifer Hamilton to interfere in the personal affairs of Вячеслав Возникают.” Vlatka declares.

“What will you do, Lady Vlatka?” Madame Zaire inquires.

“I will return Jennifer to her family home in the state of Montana. She will have no recollection of Henry Hamilton or of the Secret Order—The Enlighteners. She will be stripped of all her super cognitive powers and will only remember that she was once married to Clay Anderson, but it didn’t work out.” Vlatka remarks.

“Will her family be responsive?” Madame Zaire wonders.

“Have you forgotten that I am Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde and if I wish a thing to be so—it is?” The lady briefly becomes the mighty phoenix, then returns to her human form.

“Forgive me, Exalted One and, what of Henry Hamilton?” Madame Zaire queries humbly.

“Only I have the power to refresh the mind of Вячеслав Возникают. He will also have no knowledge of her. There will be a new love interest introduced in his future. One who will respect as well as revere him.”

“Is it Amanda?” Madame Zaire feels she is right.

Amanda is filled with wisdom and will be a respectable mate. She will never challenge Вячеслав Возникают’s authority nor feel threaten by other women.” Vlatka rejoinders.

“But again, why Amanda? She is so new to the Order.” Madame Zaire probes.

“Because she, like Henry Hamilton, is the Chosen One! But unlike Henry, she will always retain her human form. She will not become Lycanthropic. She doesn’t desire a brood of children. Her vitality and youthful spirit will keep Henry both entertained and occupied.” Vlatka answers.

“So there will be no desire to stray as is so indicative of the tiger!” Madame Zaire is beginning to comprehend.

“Exactly!” Vlatka affirms.

“Of course—as always, you are right.” Madame Zaire concedes happily.

“Now, concerning the mind manipulation. Only my select few will know the truth regarding the elimination of Jenny Hamilton—you, the Stimme, Ethan, Megan, Sebastian and Amanda.” Vlatka informs her.

“Matilda has fled Brampton to live under my protection. She erred in sympathizing with Minerva and because of that an evil beast runs rampant in Destiny Forest.” Madame Zaire remarks.

“It is not the fault of Matilda. There are many of The Fallen who have taken up residence throughout the lands of planet Earth. It is due in part to the rift that exist between Earth and Behörde.” Vlatka explains.

The handsome Henry Hamilton has his eyes set on another lover.

The handsome Henry Hamilton has his eyes set on another lover.

So will Matilda be part of the informed loyalist. And what of the Lehrer?” Madame Zaire seems unable to quench the thirst for understanding.

“Matilda and the Lehrer have served me well. They will know the truth also. However, it is imperative that Вячеслав Возникают be spared any further pain. After that episode with Amaliya and the renegade High Counselors—”

“I do understand, Vlatka. It would seem that there are so many who are charged to maintain secrecy.” Madame Zaire dares to contradict the wisdom of the Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde.

“ Do not fret, Madame Zaire Zenobia. It may seem like quite a few are privy to this information but when you consider the grains of sand upon the desert—it is a very small amount!” Vlatka states and vanishes from the presence of Madame Zaire. She closes her eyes and returns to a sleep that is as enjoyable as if in a contented dream.

Early the next morning, Henry rises from bed and shakes himself. He looks around the room as if in expectation of something, but he is not quite sure of what it is. He stares at the empty pillow next to him and touches it gently.

“Why would I do that?” He asks himself. Then turning over in the king-sized bed he slips his naked feet into a pair of deliciously soft slippers. Going to his immense closet, he opens it. It yields only his own clothes.

“Why do I need such a large closet for my things?” Henry questions himself again. Shrugging, he makes a mental note to choose a room with a smaller wardrobe.

There is a knock on the door.

“Just a moment, please.” Henry calls as he grabs a robe to cover his nude frame. When he opens it, there is Amanda. When she discovers that he’s not quite ready to receive guest, she backs away.

“Oops, excuse me!” Amanda exclaims. “I just assumed that you would be an early riser.” She tries to move away, but he grabs her wrists. Noticing her wincing—he immediately drops them.

“I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to frighten you, Mandy. May I call you Mandy?” Henry queries in a low, seductive voice.

“Sure, everyone does.” Amanda replies looking into his smoky eyes.

“But I’m not everyone, am I honey?” The words roll smoothly off his tongue as he tries desperately to control himself.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs. I think that would be appropriate.” Mandy decides finding it hard not to be engulfed by the magnetism of Henry’s stare.

“I will never possess you— unless you are ready.” Henry murmurs and he allows her to leave.

Amanda takes a few deep breathes and as she begins to journey downstairs, a door opens and it’s Madame Zaire.

“Come in, Mandy.” Madame Zaire invites. “Have a seat.”

Amanda knows she needs a clear mind for  her forthcoming assignment, but ...

Amanda knows she needs a clear mind for her forthcoming assignment, but ...

“I thought he would already be up and clothed.” Amanda uses as an alibi, but Madame Zaire knows better.

“You wanted to see if she were gone, didn’t you?” Madame Zaire surmises.

“You know that I did. I can’t really say that I’m too sad regarding the state of affairs. Jenny just couldn’t handle being the wife of someone like Вячеслав Возникают.” Amanda determines.

“Could you?” Madame Zaire throws at Amanda.

“As a moth is drawn to the flame.” Amanda laughs.

“My dear sweet Mandy. We both know that Henry desires to have you in his bed—I noticed how he looked at you when he first saw you.” Madame Zaire confesses.

“Oh Madame Zaire, I would like nothing more than to be ravished by Henry Hamilton but I’m here to deliver Matilda Fowler to you and then return to Farris. I have my masters’ studies to commence.” Amanda explains.

“As well as dealing with Minerva. You are—”

“Yeah, I know. You don’t have to say it.” Both Madame Zaire and Amanda enjoy a good laugh.

“Before you leave, I have some things that will assist you. Since you are not Lycanthropic, you will use both cunning and instinctive skills with animals. However, what you are dealing with is no mere beast. There is reason to believe that it could be one of the Fallen.” Madame Zaire rejoinders.

“The Rebellious of the High Counsel? That would make the odds a bit uneven.” Amanda retorts.

“Not with what I can supply you with. There is good reason why I am a Counselor Adjunct. I have a few, as you would say, tricks up my sleeves.” Madame Zaire laughs.

“So we will have breakfast and then I will accompany you and Matilda to the Perpetual Forest, right?” Amanda inquires.

“Yes, and Mandy—” Madame Zaire replies.


“Henry really likes you!” Madame Zaire answers and with that Amanda bounces downstairs to join the early breakfast crowd.

When Amanda finally arrives in the kitchen, she finds Chef Mavis Blair busy laboring over breakfast and Pop tinkering with something in the corner. At the round table sits Henry and he looks hungry—but not for a meal.

“Good morning, Mandy!” Henry greets.

“Good morning Sheriff Hamilton.” Amanda responds and Mavis lifts one eyebrow as she is about to pour steaming hot coffee into Amanda’s cup.

“None for me please. I never acquired the habit.” Amanda smiles and Henry just looks at her. Mavis goes over to Henry and fills his cup. He places it to his lips and cautiously takes a sip.

“Hmm, hot!” Henry replies, sticking out his tongue and gently moving it across his lips.

To Be Continued …

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 8

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 8
    Amanda has been secretly betrothed to Henry Hamilton. It has been decreed that she will remain a virgin until after the Eheritual—the marriage ritual. In the meantime, Matilda Fowler will soon become Madame Matilda Counselor Adjunct of the North.

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