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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 6

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Redemption in the Northern Plains ...

Ethan arranges to take some time off from his private practice to accompany Amanda and Matilda to the Northern Plains. Sheriff Hamilton, Jenny Hamilton and Madame Zaire have all been informed of their arrival. Jenny is cautious in regards to meeting yet another young lady and the sheriff is just curious regarding Amanda.

“The way that Megan talks about this young lady—you would think that she was the inventor of the wheel.” Henry laughs.

“I wouldn’t make light of this, Hank.” Jenny begins. “There are very few people that can impress Megan. That woman feels that the planets revolve around her. I’ve got a feeling that this girl must be gifted.”

“You really think so?” Henry queries looking at his wife. He has never seen her so disdained regarding Megan.

“Remember what Chelsea Darby told Madame Zaire? An eleven year old girl faced a lycanthropic being and made her back down!” Jenny remarks.

Henry carefully examines his wife’s comments. Jenny has never quite gotten over his rendezvous with Megan. He unwittingly smiles when he thinks of her and the night they shared.

“Still thinking about that night, eh Hank.” Jenny rebukes as she slams down his cup. Henry winces, forgetting the insight his wife possesses.

“Should I or will you show them around? Ethan decided to accompany Matilda and Amanda.” Henry changes the subject, refusing to take Jenny’s bait.

“Ethan books a commercial flight instead of a private charter. There’s going to be one stop, but I suppose he knows what he’s doing.” Jenny complains.

“Maybe he just wants to spend a little quality time with their new protégé. Plus, the countryside if beautiful!” Henry surmises, kisses Jenny gently on the forehead and leaves to survey the lands.

Jenny rises from her chair to follow Henry to his vehicle. He waves to her and she does the same. She stands on the porch motionless. Then as if awakening from a trance, she exams her wristwatch.

“Looks like I might have a couple of hours before they get here. I think I’ll visit Madame Zaire and—” But before Jenny can finish her though, the aforementioned lady is pulling up in the drive.

“I thought we should have a little talk before Matilda Fowler and Amanda Gordon make their entrance.” Madame Zaire says, explaining her concerns as she exists the jeep.

“And, what about Ethan?” Jenny inquires.

“Ethan understands, Jenny. It’s you that can’t manage your insecurities.” Madame Zaire answers wisely.

You mean regarding my failed first marriage?” Jenny inquires holding her head down slightly. Then Madame Zaire raises it with one finger.

“The betrayal of Clay Anderson has corrupted your ability to think rationally with regards to your current marriage.” Madame Zaire pronounces.

“Are you insinuating that there could be a divorce?” Jenny is alarmed.

“Without a doubt. Henry Hamilton is tired of constantly defending himself to you. You have become obsessed with the fear of infidelity! This is why I have brought with me these strong herbs. I present to you a choice—mark it well. These herbs have the power along with a special hypnotic suggestion to wipe out all recollections of Amaliya, Вячеслав and Mélisande. You will have no recollection of the battle and anything associated with it.” Madame Zaire explains.

“So I will forget that Вячеслав is also Henry Hamilton?” Jenny queries.

“That is correct. All that knowledge will be totally and permanently erased.” Madame Zaire informs Jenny.

“I see.” Jenny replies as she leads Madame Zaire into the Lodge and they both sit on the sofa. “Does Hank approve of this procedure?”

“It is your husband who suggested it to me. He felt that a clean slate was needed. Your present state of mind is putting such a strain on his relationship with you..” Madame Zaire rejoinders.

“I see.” Again, the only reply Jenny can muster.

“This has to be settled before the new protégé arrives. Even Ethan is aware of your dilemma.” Madame Zaire reveals, and Jenny is on the verge of tears.

“I need more time. Chef Mavis Blair has gone into town to restock the pantry and we finally persuaded Poplar (Pop) Armstrong to take a two-day fishing trip with friends. They will return in the morning. I have time to think alone.” Even Jenny knows that this will have to be settled.

Important decision never cease to be the top at Hamilton Lodge!

Important decision never cease to be the top at Hamilton Lodge!

“I am sorry that you were tainted this way, Jenny. I wish I could just remove the negativity surrounding your first marriage.” Madame Zaire rejoinders.

“My past experience with Clay and Viktoria is permanently erected in my mind. They stand for everything vile and corrupt. If you were to erase those thoughts from my being, how would I cope when similar things happen. No, if it is to be that I lose Henry—then it is destine that I live alone.” Jenny runs upstairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

An Extraordinary Young Woman ...

Amanda is enjoying her trip to the Northern Plains tremendously, even though the circumstances are not the best. Matilda feels more relaxed than she has been in a long time. Just getting away from Brampton seems to be just the balm she needs. Jenny has recovered from her solitude long enough to meet the trio at the airport.

“Welcome to Davis County! I am Jennifer Hamilton and I will escort you to Hamilton Lodge. Madame Zaire is waiting for you there.” Jenny replies cheerfully as an unsuspecting Ethan load their luggage into the vehicle.

The journey to the Lodge is a quiet one. Jenny is driving, deep in thought and Ethan is noticing how unusual she is acting. Both Matilda and Amanda keep eyeing each other as if secretly knowing that all is not well. Jenny has decided not to subject herself to the herbal tea or hypnosis and her mind in a hodgepodge of confusion.

Once they arrive, both Sheriff Hamilton and Madame Zaire are there to greet them.

“So, this is the young lady that I have heard so much about.” Henry exclaims and Amanda gazes upon the human form of Вячеслав Возникают.

“Ich grüße euch, Herr der nördlichen Ebenen!” Amanda proclaims, surprising everyone present except Matilda. (I greet you Lord of the Northern Plains!)

“Sie sind in der Tat eine bemerkenswerte junge Frau!” Henry responds, thoroughly satisfied with the claims. (You are indeed a remarkable young woman!)

“The Chosen One has respect for the old customs, Вячеслав Возникают.” Matilda remarks, also addressing Henry by his exalted title. It is quite obvious that he very much approves of his visitors.

“And Ethan, how are things in the Canadian Wilderness?”

“They are disturbing, my Liège. Minerva is on the rampage. Every full moon she is devouring the citizens foolish enough to go into the Destiny Forest. We truly believe she is seeking a new human form.” Ethan expresses to Henry. Then all three give an account of what they know as well as the Oracle of Behörde. While the others talk, Amanda singles out Jenny.

“Why don’t you show me some of your lovely grounds?” Amanda ask as a means of distracting Jenny away from the others. Both Madame Zaire and Matilda watch as the two leave. They nod in unison and return to the conversation.

“He hurt you deeply, didn’t he?’ Amanda begins the conversation.

“What on earth are you talking about?” Jenny fringes innocence.

I feel in my spirit that there is a fire in you that refuses to die. I refer to the man you married before Henry Hamilton.” Amanda has never been one to beat around the bush.

“You carry that pain deep inside. My Mentor, Chelsea Darby, has taught me much regarding betrayal. It burns the soul. It is a flame that singes the ability to truly love and damages relationships on all levels, causing total breakdown.” Amanda acknowledges.

“This is so true!”

“You know this yet you have chosen to wear your despair like a child sports a new cloak.” Amanda chastises.

“That’s cruel!” Jenny defends. “I was severely hurt.”

“No more than anyone else has been. If you cannot dismiss this pain of yours then you need to divorce Henry Hamilton!” Amanda utters words that no other person has dared express.

“I love him!” Again Jenny is on the defense.

“Love has to do with trust. You fear that he will leave you as your former husband did. You won’t let anyone help you overcome your pain. You desire to keep it near you, nurturing it. Let him go—allow yourself to heal. Then find happiness elsewhere.” Neither have notice but they have walked near a wooded area.

“Amanda speaks the truth, Jenny Hamilton. It is time for you to leave.” The Voice replies—it is The Stimme.

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: 7

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 7
    Back in the Destiny Forest, Minerva is creating havoc. The Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde, Vlatka, has used her powers to eliminate Jennifer Hamilton from Henry’s life. Amanda Gordon finds herself torn between Henry's advances and Minerva.

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