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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Who's really behind the Darken Vessel?

Who's really behind the Darken Vessel?

The Oracle of Behörde ...

Now that the two of them are alone, Megan speaks freely to Amanda.

“Do they call you Mandy for short?”

“Yes, they do Dr. Farmer.” Amanda replies smiling.

“Good, since we are going to be working together and I really hate formalities, I want you to call me Megan. Forget that I am the Director of the Biophysics Division—both Shirley and Billy do—just remember that when we’re in public, I am in charge.” Megan smiles back.

“Okay, Dr.—Megan. I want to know the story about you and your lycanthropic disease.” Amanda is never one to mince words.

“I can see that we are going to be working well together. I like that in an associate. I’m going to do everything that I can to help you and Billy meet your goals.” Megan begins.

“I really appreciate that, Megan. Now tell mee—”

“I got you! It started with my husband Ethan and his best friend Sebastian leaving from a dinner party. We happened to be walking through the forest when we heard a noise.” Megan has Amanda’s undivided attention as she gives her an account from start to finish. It is an hour later when the narration ends.

“The average person has no idea that such supernatural phenomenon exist. My encounter with Great Aunt Emily. The saga regarding Minerva and all that hoopla with the Northern Plains.” Amanda remarks.

“It’s more than that—it’s the rift between the two worlds. It’s as if a door has been opened and unwelcomed visitors are making their way through.” Megan retorts.

“Chelsea Darby told me all about the Outer Realm— die Welt des äußeren Reiches and how it may be impossible to close that rift.” Amanda rejoinders.

“But what if there is a way to close it by using the Oracle of Behörde, a sacred book stole from the Tempel des Schicksals— Temple of Fate?” Megan replies and Amanda is motionless in thought.

“The old woman who created the Avenging Beast—where did she live?” Amanda speaks as if suddenly coming out of a trance. “The Oracle of Behörde may be there! I’ll bet that book holds all types of secrets.”

“The house remained vacant after old Matilda disappeared. However, I always thought that she was slain by Minerva. I mean the woman just vanished—no one was able to find her.” Megan replies mysteriously.

“So you really think that this Oracle of Behörde holds the key to closing the rift between this world and die Welt des äußeren Reiches?” Amanda questions.

“Yes, I believe that whatever controls Minerva killed Matilda and hid the book.” Megan replies.

“Now you’ve got me confused.” Amanda looks at her curiously.

“Why would Minerva convince old Matilda to help her by turning her into an avenging beast—spirit whatever. Why was the old woman so willing to do it? What was in it for her?” Megan looks at Amanda and she stares back as if seeing something past her.

“Why indeed?” Amanda queries. “So—after people started seeing the beast, no one saw this old conjurer Matilda again, right?”

“That’s the way the story goes. It was assumed that she left the area in order to escape questioning.” Megan remarks.

“Did she take anything with her?” Amanda probes further.

“They say that she left everything there. Just took off and that was the end of it because no one ever saw her again.” Megan answers.

“Odd, very odd. Now, where did old Matilda live?” Amanda inquires again.

“Deep in a clearing of Destiny Forest. She had a wooden cottage. I’m told it was once lovely.” Megan answers.

“Who told you this?” Amanda asks.

“You’re as inquisitive as I was at your age. There is an elderly librarian. Actually, she’s retired but she still likes to hang around Brampton Library as a historian—voluntarily bases.” Megan remarks.

“I would definitely like to see this librarian. Find out firsthand what she knows.” Amanda drums her fingers against her cheek.

“I’ve thoroughly interviewed her, Mandy. I can’t imagine what your interrogation will uncover.” Megan says.

“Nevertheless, I want to talk to her.” Amanda is adamant about it.

The book that holds the key to the destiny of two worlds!

The book that holds the key to the destiny of two worlds!

“Let me wrap up some business here. Then I’ll leave word with your brother that we’ll be gone on a little errand. He seems like the very protective sort.” Megan grins.

“Oh he is. I’m the one who used to get into quite a bit of mischief.” Amanda confesses and Megan can definitely believe it.

Megan arranges for one of her Graduate Assistants, Katlin Washington, to show Amanda around the Micro-Biophysics and Genetic Medicine Foundation while she oversees some matters that need her immediate attention. Katlin is a competent guide, both around the same age, so she treats Amanda as an equal. Although the information that she receives is not directly related to her chosen field of Environmental Science, Amanda nevertheless she finds it fascinating.

Katlin, like Billy, hopes to show a link between Genetic Research and Environment Science. Amanda can understand why this could prove beneficial. Linking the two disciplines could open avenues of discovery that have puzzled scientists for years. Amanda finds this possibility riveting!

Amanda begins to drill Katlin regarding her discipline to see if she can detect a correlation.

“Is your concentration centered more around the Micro-Biophysics or the Genetic Medicine curriculum, Katlin?”

“I’m more interested in the Biophysics, Amanda. Biophysics is critical in understanding the process of how the molecules of life are made, how various parts of a cell move and function, and how complex organisms in our bodies—the brain, circulation, immune system, and others— operate.” Katlin enlightens her.

“And Environmental Scientists not only analysis natural systems, but also work towards solving problems stemming from our interactions with the environment. If we are to live in harmony with our surroundings, we must understand what is obvious as well as what is hidden.” Amanda declares.

“My gosh Amanda, are you sure that you are just turned 21 years old? What you have just revealed is profound! I can understand why Dr. Farmer reveres you as her new protégé with only a brief encounter!” Katlin is mesmerized by the knowledge of such a young woman.

“Has Dr. Farmer ever told you about the Outer Realm, Katlin?” Amanda carefully approaches the subject.

“Yes, Dr. Farmer has mentioned it to me. I am among the few people who know of her—ugh malady.” Katlin calls it for lack of a better word.

“Suppose in the Outer Realm they have discovered a way of using the environment to manipulate complex organisms and create what would be considered in our world—”

“Monsters!” Katlin completes the sentence for Amanda.

“You’re a genius, Amanda. We must go seek Dr. Farmer directly and give her our findings.” An excited Katlin proclaims.

Without another word, both young ladies rush through the corridors of the university until they find Megan discussing something with another faculty member.

“Dr. Farmer, we need to speak with you immediately!” Katlin almost shouts. Megan looks at the two ladies then excuses herself.

“What is it?” An anxious Megan questions.

“I think our Amanda here has discovered the secret of the Outer Realm!” Katlin proclaims enthusiastically.

“What?” Megan says the word so loudly until several people turn around and look. “So sorry, please excuse us.”

“Yes, the High Counsel of Behörde have somehow been able to fuse two disciplines together. By using Biophysics and Environmental Science the High Counsel can manipulate molecular organisms in a way that beings can be created that are either helpful or harmful.” Amanda deduces.

“And somehow old Matilda got ahold of the Oracle of Behörde.” Katlin interjects.

“And perhaps Matilda was murdered, and the book stolen from her. Maybe not all of the fallen High Counselors were destroyed!” Amanda remembers the many stories Chelsea Darby would tell her on rainy summer nights and dreary winter days.

“Did I not tell you that this young lady would be my most profound protégé, Katlin?” Megan brags proudly.

“That you did, professor. And now, what is our next move?” Katlin can’t help but be a captive in her professor’s latest caper.

“We visit the Brampton Library!”

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: 5

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 5
    Two very important discoveries are made today when Amanda, Megan and Katlin decide to visit the Brampton Public Library. At first, Billy is reluctant regarding his sister’s involvement in one of his boss’s escapades. However, he reluctantly relents!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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