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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 18

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Final Confrontation!

Final Confrontation!

The Wrath of Жар-пти́ця …

A blood-curdling scream escapes the lips of Julia as she starts her descent. However, a gentle but powerful breeze captures her, and she glides gently to the ground. Cami is there to greet her along with Vlatka. It is the ever powerful Жар-пти́ця who sent the cool North Wind to uplift Julia and prevent her from certain death.

“And that is the end of a would-be ally.” A satisfied Демон proclaims as he assumes Julia lives in pieces on the ground and vanishes. However, when Billy rushes to the window, he sees that his beloved Julia is safe and unharmed. Both Cami and Kevin are with her but there is no sign of Vlatka.

“She’s alive!” Billy yells back at the others and Amanda lets out a sigh of relief.

“It could have only been Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde that rescued Julia. That means she is here and now Демон is in for a fate even worse than Пожар of Аид!” Ethan trembles at the mere thought of it.

“You mean that there is a fate worse than Пожар of Аид?” Amanda gasps in horror.

“Yes— das Reißen der Seele. It is the Ripping of the Soul. Being immortal, Демон cannot die but his very essence can be ripped apart and sent to the outer reaches of the universe! No consciousness, no nothing—just drifting cosmic powder without purpose or substance. In Пожар of Аид, he would be in torment, but he would still be Демон. But to be nothing would be the ultimate punishment for Демон—a once proud and powerful High Counselor of Behörde.” Ethan rationalizes.

“How do you know this to be true?” Amanda questions.

“Because Вячеслав told me during one of my training sessions. We were taking a break in the Perpetual Forest. He told me of a wicked Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon named Armina who because of her betrayal, caused a beloved Адвокат Адъюнкт to lose her physical form.” Ethan explains.

“Is that how Cami became the Stimme?” Amanda asks.

“Yes. Vlatka/ Жар-пти́ця was so enraged that she ripped the evil Armina’s soul into a thousand pieces. She wafts throughout the galaxies as cosmic dust.” Megan finishes for her husband.

“Vlatka has a very special love for прекрасная дочь and Вячеслав Возникают. And now, you Избранный (Chosen One.)” Ethan adds.

прекрасная дочь? Who is that? Doesn’t it mean—” Amanda looks at Megan with wide eyes.

“Yes, it means lovely daughter.” Megan confesses.

“Does that surprise you—Just as прекрасная дочь is destined to one day become the betrothed of Эхуань... ” Megan smiles.

“I am destined to be Вячеслав Возникают’s?” Amanda’s heart begins to beat rapidly.

“You are. For now, we must adjourn to Destiny Forest where Жар-пти́ця will put an end to Демон and his evil treachery.” Ethan retorts and the group leaves his apartment to seek out Демон and Vlatka.

Meanwhile ...

Cami along with Kevin walk with Julia back to her car. Julia speaks first.

“This is all a nightmare. Демон tried to kill me. His mind manipulation forced me to jump off that ledge. If it had not been for Жар-пти́ця —” Julia begins to sob earnestly.

“Please don’t cry, Julia. I should not have allowed my guard to drop even for a moment. I became distracted and it almost cost you your life. What can I say in retribution?” Kevin is feeling that he has sincerely let Julia down.

“Do not blame yourself too severely, Kevin. Демон is extremely shrewd and even the most cunning of High Counselors would have a problem with him.” Cami consoles.

“Then why did Vlatka summons me to be a protector for Julia?” Kevin doesn’t understand.

Жар-пти́ця will deal with Демон and his assembly of renegade High Counselors of Behörde.

Жар-пти́ця will deal with Демон and his assembly of renegade High Counselors of Behörde.

“As a diversion—a method of bringing Демон out. Julia was in no real danger as it was foreseen that this would happen, and we would be here to save her. We wanted to force Демон to take refuge in Destiny Forest.” Cami clarifies.

“But why were you the one to assist Жар-пти́ця?” Kevin still doesn’t understand.

“Because it was Демон that directly caused me to become the Stimme.” Cami proclaims.

“Don’t you see Kevin— Жар-пти́ця is really Cami’s mother!” Julia has put the final pieces to the puzzle. “Cami is really прекрасная дочь!”

Destiny Forest …

The sun has gone down completely— the moon is shining brightly when Amanda and Katlin make their way to the forest and exit the Porsche.

“Are we still going on with the original plan?” Katlin asks a little anxious.

“I think so. We know that Демон has fled here and he probably feels satisfied with himself that he has disposed of Julia.” Amanda retorts.

“That was quite an unexpected turn of events.” Katlin replies.

“Vlatka must have foreseen this happening. Why else would she have been there to save Julia from certain death? Being Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde must give her great power.” Amanda marvels.

“I would definitely like to hear more about how she happened to have two children—one being a mighty, ferocious tiger and the other a soft, cuddly tabby.” Katlin expresses while the two perch on a medium-sized boulder near the center of Destiny Forest.

“Perhaps Cami herself will tell us about it. We must remain vigilant—” Before Amanda can finish her thoughts, Демон enters the clearing and he is not alone.

“How foolish you mortals are!” Демон begins his oration. “Have you not learned that my powers are limitless. Your precious sister-in-law Julia is gone—a victim of her own folly.”

“I see that scum travels in herds, Демон. Who are these traitors with you?” Amanda—now Delma, sizes up her adversaries with contempt.

By this time, the Star of des äußeren Reiches sparks bright red which symbolizes that confrontation is eminent. Therefore, the Star has converted to full protection/defense mode. Even the Emerald from die Welt des äußeren Reiche is greener than it has been for ages.

“Fools—these are no ordinary Counselors. They are the remnants High Counselors who fled Behörde after большой бунт—where so many of my comrades had their essence pulled apart and прекрасная дочь became the Stimme.” A supercilious Демон expounds.

Suddenly all goes quiet. The gentle East Winds have been replaced by an extremely warm breeze from the South. Демон and the others look around in perplexity. The normal night sounds are replaced by the flapping of wings. There is a look on one of the renegade High Counselors face of complete horror. This can mean only one thing— Жар-пти́ця has arrived!

However, Megan, Ethan, and Cami have been sent home and in their places are Бруна, Эхуань, Чика, and the mighty Вячеслав! The bravest and fierce fighters in all of Behörde are in residence for this battle.

One of the terrified renegades tries to flee but Жар-пти́ця throws an impregnable ring of fire around the entire arena. Вячеслав creates a small opening—then motions to Delma and Katlin.

“Flee my beloved, along with Katlin. What will transpire here is not for your tender eyes.” Вячеслав warns.

The two young ladies run without looking back. When the gap is closed, Жар-пти́ця evokes the battle cry—

“Angriff, reißt ihre Seele aus! (Attack, rip out their souls!)”

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: Minerva Conclusion

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva Conclusion
    With Amanda and Katlin allowed to safely leave the Arena of Fire, the Retribution of Жар-пти́ця may now commence. On the side of right are the champions Вячеслав, Бруна, Эхуань, and Чика. On the other side are Демон and his renegade High Counselors.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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