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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 17

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A turn of events ...

A turn of events ...

The Vorabend des Vollmondes ... Part 2

As the sun begins to slowly sink into the west—Amanda Gordon and the others look forward to their final confrontation with Демон. He is extremely powerful but definitely no match for Vlatka in her true state as Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde! However, Cami, in her exalted state and of course, the mighty Вячеслав are also capable.

Billy has sent Julia over to Megan’s luxury apartment where a member of die Aufklärer (the Enlighteners) will be vigilant. Now, he heads toward Destiny Forest where he once rescued Lucas Greenburg from certain death at the hands of a vengeful Minerva.

After arriving, he makes his way toward a waiting Amanda.

“Is Julia safe, Billy?” Amanda questions.

“Yes, I dropped Julia off at Megan’s apartment. Kevin, one of die Aufklärer, will be there with her. I didn’t want to take the chance of Демон trying to attack her. This is why she is in Brampton—Kevin will be there to keep her safe and watch over things. Демон realizes how vulnerable Julia is—” Amanda interrupts.

“Don’t forget about that portion you gave her.” Amanda admonishes.

“Fundamentally, it is a Remembrance Elixir. It will restore a person to her former self and provide some short-term protect but it is not a sustaining elixir. This is why I couldn’t risk leaving Julia at home alone. Демон may attempt to use her against us. If that happens, we’ll have no choice but to wait until tomorrow.” Billy explains.

“The Night of the Full Moon— Die Nacht des Vollmondes!” Amanda exclaims.

“Yes, he will be in full power then and we won’t have the help of Vlatka.” Billy adds.

‘Hmm, I’d ante even money that Демон is fully aware of the same thing. It may have been better to set the trap where Julia is instead of the forest. Julia is his one trump card. No one can touch him as long as he has her under his spell. No one would risk hurting her.” Amanda wagers.

“That makes a lot of sense but I wouldn’t want to use Julia as bait.” Billy shakes his head in disapproval.

“Let’s go over to Megan and Ethan. I think we need to bring up this bit of information to them.” Amanda decides.

The two go over to where Megan is and Amanda gives Megan her prognosis. Megan listens with interest. When Ethan joins them, she relays the information to him.

“I’m very much afraid that you’re right, Amanda.” Ethan determines. “I know that you don’t want her involved in this, Billy but I’m afraid that she’s very much a part of it. When she invited Демон into her home—it’s like inviting a vampire.” Ethan elucidates.

“I still don’t like it but let’s get over to our apartment before the sun goes down. Cami will be able to alert Vlatka of the changes in our plans.” Megan decides, walking toward her vehicle. Ethan follows close behind while Katlin and Amanda get into the Porsche. Billy wastes no time and has already left—heading toward Brampton. They all arrive nearly at the same time.

Rushing into the apartment, Billy punches the elevator button.

“I hope we’re in time.” Billy throws over his shoulder at Megan.

Everyone crowds into the elevator, heading for the luxury apartments on the 10th floor. As soon as the doors open, Billy rushes out with Megan hot on his heels. She unlocks the apartment and startles Kevin.

“What’s the idea—” But before he can complete the statement, Billy pushes past him and heads for the guest room. There he finds Julia dangerously close to the edge and Демон standing close beside her.

“Did you think that I would not be able to find her? Did you really think that I would not get my revenge? Foolish mortals—I am Демон and my power is absolute.” Демон brags.

Billy looks helplessly on. Megan mentally kicks herself for not being more cautious and allowing Демон to get the upper hand. Amanda tries to move closer but Демон hisses at her.

It is a long ways down ...

It is a long ways down ...

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you—you wouldn’t want to be the cause of your sister-in-law meeting an unhappy fate, would you?” Демон laughs.

“You are a vile creature of darkness!” Amanda spews at him unwittingly. This only makes Демон angrier and he speaks a word to Julia. She climbs up on the edges of the window.

“Don’t—please don’t do this. Amanda—” The look on Billy’s face is one of total horror.

“What is it that you want, Демон?” Ethan asks, thinking that the renegade counselor may be in a bargaining mood.

“What is it that I want—now that is an interesting question, Ethan.” Демон answers, surprising the man that he knows his name.

“Oh don’t seem so shocked. We of das Äußeres Reich know all about you and die Aufklärer. We have been keeping a keen eye on your operation.” Демон makes Ethan further aware.

“I repeat—what is it that you want?” Ethan queries.

“We want to coexist with Sterbliche Männer—Mortal Men. Just as Вячеслав does. To do what is required for our existence.” Демон clarifies.

“That would not be possible.” Ethan makes it plain.

“Why?” Демон demands.

“Because you have a thirst for destruction. You seek revenge on those who challenge you and you’d spread your evil everywhere.” Ethan pronounces.

“What do you know? Sterbliche Männer has been doing the same thing. You cannot deny that.” A smug Демон reminds.

“Unfortunately, you are correct. However, this world belongs to Sterbliche Männer. You are from das Äußeres Reich. Just as there are laws to keep humans in check—you have the Oracle of Behörde. You were a High Counselor, certainly you know that.” Ethan raises his voice an octave.

“I will not be preached to by an underling of Вячеслав Возникают! Your immortality is limited to the Blauen Mondes and other such occurrences.” Демон expounds haughtily.

“But not mine—” Amanda shows her hand with the Star of des äußeren Reiches.

“Braut des Auserwählten!” Демон screams with fire in his eyes.

“What?” Amanda is stunned at hearing him refer to her as Bride of the Chosen One and steps back in shock. Now is not the time for Amanda to receive this revelation.

“You are a plague to all of us who would live in the Reich des Menschen!” Демон declares hysterically.

Sensing that Демон is preoccupied with Amanda, Billy seizes the opportunity to try and save his wife.

“Julia, honey come down off that ledge.” Billy says moving toward his wife. However, Демон regains control of the situation and will have none of it. He attempts to seal his revenge.

“Julia— Springen!” Демон screams, and she jumps over the ledge.

To Be Continued …

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 18

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 18
    Julia has escaped death and is now safely in protective custody. However, Vlatka aka Жар-пти́ця has decided to permanently end the reign of terror orchestrated by Демон and his assembly of renegade High Counselors of Behörde.

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