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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 12

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A change is brewing ...

A change is brewing ...

The Dawn of a New Beginning ...

The ride back to Katlin’s condo is a quiet one. Apart from the occasional purring from Cami, there is little sound. As Katlin pulls into the driveway, she notices her neighbor, Helen Austin watering her flowers.

“Good to see you, Kat. Do you ladies need help with those bags? Let me call my Milton to give you a hand.” Without a word from either ladies, Helen disappears into the house. Within a few minutes, she returns with a stocky middle-aged man with a robust smile and strong arms.

“Now you little ladies have a seat while I get this luggage into the house. Any particular place you want it, Kat?” Milton asks.

“Just in the hallway, Milt and thanks bunches!” Katlin replies smiling as she watches the handsome man carry in the items in just a few minutes. She turns to Helen and says ...

“Thanks for loaning me Milt for a few.”

“No problem at all and if you girls are hungry—come over in about an hour and have dinner with Milt and me.” Helen tosses her blonde locks and follows her husband back into the house.

“Seems like a lovely couple.” Amanda replies as Katlin shows her the accommodations of the guest bedroom.

“It’s like having an aunt and uncle right next door. My mum lives in Perthe and she’s the one who introduced me to the Austin’s. They own both sides of this condo, so it makes for a fantastic relationship.” Katlin chirps.

“I’ll bet. Let me finish putting these things away and I’ll let you fix me a lovely cuppa tea.” Amanda rejoinders and Katlin shakes her head in full agreement.

After things have settled down in the lovely kitchen, there is a ringing noise coming from Amanda’s cellphone. It’s Billy.

“What’s up, Mandy? Julie tells me that you had a knockdown, drag out with her new feline.”

Amanda begins to tell Billy what exactly happened prior to Julia coming to the door. He listens attentively to every word before speaking.

“I thought as much. It didn’t sound like you to make vicious attacks on helpless kitties. At least, not after our confrontation with old Aunt Emily.” Billy chuckles.

“Billy, this is serious. As long as your wife is under the spell of Diablo aka Демон, there is little that any of us can do about it.” Amanda laments.

“Here, I invite you as a guest to my home and now you are forced to leave. I tried to get Julie to change her mind, but she was adamant. However, that Diablo doesn’t seem none too pleased. I bet the chief reason he meandered over here was to irritate you. That’s why he got so cozy with my wife.” Billy pronounces bitterly.

And the closer we get to the full moon, the more vicious Демон will become. There will be yet another killing spree if we don’t stop him.” Amanda articulates.

“Then, that will be the only time that we can entrap and dispose of him –during a kill!” Billy exclaims.

“Billy, what are you saying?” Amanda is horrified.

“Or should I say, an attempted kill. Just as the full moon intensifies his strength and cunning, so it does for you! That ring of yours will be in full mode. And let’s not forget Megan and Ethan.” Billy reminds his sister.

“You are discussing these plans away from home, aren’t you?” Amanda throws a splash of caution into the conversation.

“Of course. In Julie’s state of mind and that cat of hers lurking everywhere—I’d be a complete idiot to talk about this at home. Besides, Julie is getting more estranged with each passing moment.” Billy confides.

“Be careful Billy!” Amanda retorts.

“You don’t really think that Julia would attempt to hurt me—do you?” Billy expresses acute concern.

“No, of course not. But it’s possible that Демон will influence her into extracting information from you. Since I am not occupying the house anymore—he’ll be trying to find out what I’m up too.” Amanda informs her brother.

Cami is in for a transformation ...

Cami is in for a transformation ...

“You think she’ll put some truth serum into my food or drink?” Billy is slightly alarmed.

“That could be a possibility. I need to contact the Stimme to see if there is a counter spell that can be incorporated. Billy, go over to see Megan. Katlin and I will join you shortly.” As soon as Amanda ends the call—Cami walks up to her. She speaks.

“I am provisionally here, Amanda. I lost my human form over a millennium ago. It was in a horrific battle resulting in the renegade sector of the High Counsel. Others in my troop were dispositioned temporarily, but mine proved more severe.” The Stimme says speaking through the feline.

“Oh no!” Amanda cries and instinctively takes Cami into her arms. The Stimme purrs joyously, being finally able to feel the touch of another again through Cami.

“What can be done?” Katlin asks as her eyes also swell with tears.

“An ultimate sacrifice has to be made from both owner and pet. You see, I can sometimes enter into the willing body of an animal but in order to become a permanent resident both Cami and you must be willing.” The Stimme informs her.

“Then you would become Cami?” Amanda queries in surprise.

“Along with all the powers and intellect that I possess as Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon, I will become Cami—your life-long friend and companion!” The Stimme announces.

“And all you need is the approval of Cami and me?” Amanda asks excitedly.

“Well, actually there is one other.” The Stimme confesses.

“Vlatka?” Amanda guesses.

“No— Вячеслав Возникают!” The Stimme answers.

“Вячеслав Возникают, why would he be interested in—” Both Amanda and Katlin turn to look at each other in bewilderment. Then a sly smile comes over Amanda’s face.

“I should have known it.” She slaps her hands together.

“You and Вячеслав Возникают? Oh Amanda!” Katlin gives her a sisterly hug.

“Don’t start picking out dresses and bouquets, Katlin.” Amanda laughs. “I plan on enjoying every ounce of this courtship and so does Henry, I believe.”

“Right you are!” The Stimme remarks. “For the present, let’s focus on Cami and me. She is more than willing otherwise I wouldn’t be occupying her body.”

“What about Henry?” Amanda quizzes.

“Actually, he was the one to suggest that I approach you. He knows how fond you are of Cami and how Vlatka has permanently assigned me to you. I think she wanted this to happen. It’s the first step on the journey of me becoming Lycanthropic.” The Stimme pronounces.

“You mean there is a chance?” Both Amanda and Katlin recite in unison.

“Yes, there is. However until now—there was no one suitable. Then along comes Amanda Gordon with her beautiful cat, Cami! No longer will I be just a voice—I will have a form.” The Stimme jumps out of Amanda’s arms and begins to prance around the room much to the pleasure of both Katlin and her mistress.

“How do we begin?” Amanda queries excitedly.

“At midnight, a portal will be opened. This only happens on the rarest of occasions. Vlatka will be on the other side along with several loyal members of the High Counsel of Behörde. They all must be present to witness the transformation for it is permanent and it leads to me becoming myself again!” The Stimme happily proclaims.

Will Вячеслав Возникают be there?” Amanda asks.

“Of course he will as High Counselor!” The Stimme rejoinders.

And what will I call you?” Amanda wonders.

“Why Cami, What else!” The Stimme laughs.

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 13

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 13
    The sacred ritual that will transform The Stimme from being just a voice to a fleshly entity has begun. Cami, along with Amanda (Delma) and Katlin are to be active participants in this ceremony in—die Welt des äußeren Reiches!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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