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The Darken Vessel: Minerva

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Did Tabitha really slip over the edge of the cliffs or did Raymond push her?

Did Tabitha really slip over the edge of the cliffs or did Raymond push her?

Destiny Forest Encounter ...

It’s midnight as a solitary figure, Lucas Greenburg, walks through Destiny Forest. He could have taken the longer way around home, but the forest is the quickest way for him to get to his house travelling on foot. Lucas moved to Farris, Ontario after he sold his interest in Greenburg’s Mercantile Store and Vintage Boutique to his oldest brother Matthew. The newly developed subdivision where Luke lives has Shadow Lake due east and Destiny Forest is on the west. The town on Perthe where Luke visits is on the other side of the forest. Luke is an exceptional backpacker.

It is also the night of the full moon which makes things even more unnerving. The townspeople of both Farris and Perthe understand that no one ventures out at such a bewitching hour through Destiny Forest. Luke knows he should have left the Happy Hiker Inn earlier, so his anxiety is heighten. However, he was having such a good time with his friends that he lost all track of time.

Suddenly, Luke realizes that he is no longer alone in this Canadian Wilderness—there is someone or something following him. It’s movements almost mirror his own. When he stops—it stops. When he begins again, it follows. Frighten beyond words he starts to run but trips over a fallen log. As he lies there in horror, a pair of sinister eyes look at him from near a tree. Enveloped within the darkness, all he can see are eyes—those piercing eyes! However, the approach of another human causes them to melt into the darkness.

“Are you alright, Luke?” The other man inquires while helping Luke up.

“I am now!” Luke answers.

“What on earth are you doing out this time of the night. And, walking through Destiny Forest at that?” Billy asks.

“William Gordon! Thank the heavens it’s you. I guess I could be ask you the same question.” A grateful Luke remarks.

“One of the fellows at the Happy Hiker told me you would be walking home. He said you’d be foolhardy enough to take the hiking path through Destiny Forest. Why didn’t you just drive over to Perthe?” Billy quizzes.

“I hadn’t plan on being gone that long. You know how much I enjoy the walk and—”

“Not after 12:00 am, Luke. I haven’t been here very long myself, but I know better than hiking at that hour.” Billy chastises.

“I know, I know.” Luke momentarily holds his head down.

“What happened?” Billy asks as the two men head in the direction of his vehicle.

“I was doing fine for a moment until I got the notion that something was following me. It seemed to be copying my footsteps. Then, I took off running and tripped over a blasted log in the road. I saw a pair of eyes and if you hadn’t showed up—”

“You don’t think that it could have been Minerva, do you?” Billy queries incredulously as he unlocks the door.


“That’s just an urban legend.” Billy replies, not being convinced of this himself.

“I’m telling you what I saw—a pair of blue eyes staring at me. If you hadn’t showed up I’d been a goner.” Luke rejoinders.

“Well, you’re safe for now. I’ll have to leave town in a couple of hours.” Billy says.

“Where are you off to?” Luke questions.

“Finding us some reinforcement.” Billy smiles as he pulls into Luke’s driveway.

Beware of the full moon, for in it's realm all manner of supernatural occurrences await ...

Beware of the full moon, for in it's realm all manner of supernatural occurrences await ...

An Interesting Start ...

Amanda Gordon has just reached her 21st birthday and she is excited regarding the prospects of leaving Maple Grove to transfer to Algoma University in Brampton, Canada to start on her masters. Her brother Billy is already doing some post-doctoral research at the Weinberger-Hawkes Laboratories. He will be working closely with Dr. Shirley Crenshaw.

“I can hardly wait to get to Canada.” Amanda tells her sister Clarissa.

“I wish you were continuing at the local university like I am.” Clarissa pouts. “What am I going to do without my old sidekick.”

“You will be spending countless hours with that handsome fiancé of yours, that’s what you’ll do.” Amanda giggles.

“True, but it’s not like spending it with a mischievous sister, is it?” Clarissa laughs as she strokes her aging cat Muffin.

“You know, you ought to get yourself a cat, Mandy!” Clarissa decides. “They are the best of company—that is until they become possessed.”

“Don’t remind me!” Amanda chastises. “That does sound like a good idea, though. Since I will be in my own apartment, I could use the company.”

“Let’s go see Mr. Greenburg. How old is he now, about 100?” Clarissa laughs.

“I don’t think so, but he’s probably ancient enough. He doesn’t get about as much as he used to. Maybe his son Charlie has at least one feline left.” Amanda muses.

“I think they would be at least a year old now, Mandy. You could hardy consider that a kitten. Anyway, we can visit Mr. Willis’ other son Brad. His wife’s tabby had some at the same time Charlie’s did. I think she kept a couple of them.” Clarissa suggests and off they go.

Fifteen minutes later, Clarissa pulls up in her late model car into Brad Willis’ driveway. He comes out to meet the two young ladies.

“Clarissa and Amanda Gordon! How are you doing?”

“Hi Mr. Gordon.” Clarissa replies.

“Please, Brad. You make me sound like my father. Come in, come in!” Brad states as he holds the door open for the two.

“Mr. Gordon—Brad, my sister is getting ready to leave town. She will be moving on to Algoma University, the Brampton Campus. She plans on mastering in the School of Life Science and Environment like our brother Billy did.” Clarissa informs him.

“Is that right? And how is your brother doing? I heard he’s working on his Post-Graduate Degree in Environmental Science. You know, my Uncle Lucas moved up there some time ago.” Brad remarks.

“My brother is fine, Brad and that’s what I hope to get m degree in as well. I will be staying in an apartment complex not far from Farris.” Amanda retorts.

“That’s nice, Amanda. Did you girls come to see the clowder? They’ve all been sold except for Cami. I held off selling her because I have a special fondness for her. I’ve got to insure that she goes to quality!” Brad brags.

“I see.” Clarissa looks a little disappointed.

“You in the market for a cat, Amanda?” Brad surprises both girls.

“Why yes, Brad I am!” Amanda exclaims.

Cami will soon prove to be more of an asset than Amanda realizes.

Cami will soon prove to be more of an asset than Amanda realizes.

“I was hoping one day you would be. Cami is a little over a year old. She’s a beauty, ain’t she?” Brad comments and if on cue the feline enters the room.

Cami is a beautiful white Norwegian cat with the most fascinating eyes. She looks at Clarissa first, then walks right up to Amanda and softly purrs.

“Will you look at that? It’s as if she knows you are going to be her new mistress!” Brad exclaims as Amanda bends over to take Cami into her arms.

“You are going to be just perfect!” Amanda declares.

“Oh Mandy, she’s gorgeous!” Clarissa nods her head in agreement. After the documentation is completed to everyone’s satisfaction, Amanda waves goodbye to Brad and leaves with her prize. Cami never even looks back at the man. Brad waves back and replies to himself—

“That Cami always did have a mind of her own. Those two should be great for each other!”

When they arrive home, Billy is already there waiting to take Amanda to Brampton.

“Billy, I thought you would be staying longer—you’ve just got here.” His mother Maxine whines.

“I know mom, but I’ve got to get straight back to Canada. It’s not that far anyway. I promise that on my next trip, Mandy and I will be ready for some fun and a decent home cooked meal.” Billy announces.

“Oh Mandy, I am going to miss you so much!” Clarissa laments holding her sister as if she were a valued treasure.

“I know Clare, we can still talk to each other every night.” Amanda tries to soothe her sister’s aching heart.

“You will be so wrapped up in another one of your adventures that you’ll forget all about me.” Clarissa replies not wanting to let go of her sister.

“We’ll call you as soon as we get settled! We’ve to go.” Billy insists.

As soon as they are on the road Billy looks at his sister and replies—

“Are you up to an adventure?”

“What’s it about?” Amanda anxiously asks.

“Destiny Forest and spiritual possession.” Billy answers and both remain silent the remainder of the journey.

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 2

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 2
    Every legend is rooted in some resemblance of truth. The Darken Vessel: Minerva is one such tale of a woman seeking revenge not only for the wrongful death of her sister—but also with the desire and an insatiable thirst for human blood!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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