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The Darken Vessel: Minerva 11

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The cards are not stacked in his favor!

The cards are not stacked in his favor!

Right at My Door ...

Amanda stares as she wonders how this could all be possible. A cat called Diablo makes an unexpected appearance at the home of her brother and sister-in-law. Her own cat Cami has developed an instant dislike for the animal and Julia seems to be under its spell. Nothing Diablo does is wrong—he is beyond reproach while Cami is the constant target of criticism. Amanda decides to give Henry Hamilton a call, explaining to him the circumstances.

“It does sound as if old Демон has found a new host and has decided to take up residence right under your nose—mocking you!” Henry confesses.

“I don’t like the affect it is having on my cat Cami. She’s a nervous wreck until I get home. Also, we are still experiencing attacks on people. Not as fatal as it was for Audrey Weber, but pretty bad.” Amanda tells him.

“Honey, I want you and that cat of yours—”

“Cami!” Amanda interrupts.

“Okaay Cami, out of that house! I’ll talk to Ethan and Megan. They will find you a safe place to stay until your assignment is up.” Henry insists.

“What about Julia?” Amanda inquires.

“She’s in no present danger. Демон is in need of an ally and he has found one in her.” Henry reassures her.

“And my brother Billy?”

“Billy is able to take care of himself. He’s proven that regarding your Great Aunt Emily. He’s got great reflects and he’s brutal with that Boston Slugger Bat of his.” Both people laugh.

“Alright, Hank. I’ll get Cami and a few of my clothes. I can stay with Katlin. She has been bugging me to come for a visit. I really want to get Cami away from there.” Amanda informs him.

“Alright honey! I will be there in a heartbeat if anything remotely happens involving you! Just keep me informed. You mean the world to me.” Henry ends and both hang up.

Amanda smiles at the receiver and replies to no one in particular, “So do you.” She then proceeds to go the new Micro-Biophysics and Genetic Medicine Foundation in search of her mentor, Megan and the Graduate Assistants, Katlin Washington. Once she finds them, she acquaints then with the situation.

“I expect that I will soon be getting a phone call from Henry.” Megan surmises.

“I would say so.” Katlin says smiling at Amanda.

“Of course, especially since it involves our precious Delma.” Megan teases.

“Enough you two. This is serious business. My Cami is in danger regarding this feline menace.” Amanda expresses soberly.

Cami may not be as defenseless as Amanda thinks!

Cami may not be as defenseless as Amanda thinks!

“You are right. Katlin go with her. You don’t have anything to fear as long as Amanda has that ring. I want you there as moral support mainly. Diablo can be a tricky sort. I don’t want him using Cami as a buffer against Amanda. Be careful!” Megan warns as the two young women leave and she decides to place a call to Henry. However, he calls first.

“Hey, Megan.” His deep voice resounds.

“Hi Hank. Amanda has already filled me in on what’s up.” Megan replies.

“I assumed that she would. She’s very fond of her cat, Cami.” Henry remarks.

“Don’t worry Hank, I’m on it. I sent Katlin along to be an extra pair of eyes. She’s met Cami so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.” Megan decides.

“Smart move. The Stimme told me the whereabouts of the Oracle of Behörde. Once we have it in our possession, I can use it along with Madame Zaire and Matilda to close Pазлом.” Henry suggests.

“That won’t stop the ones that are already through, will it?” Megan questions.

“No, but it will keep any more from venturing into the Land of Mortal Man. Unfortunately, there are enough already here to keep us busy for some time to come.” Henry adds.

“The eyes and ears of The Enlighteners will need to be in many places.” Megan rejoinders.

“That’s why we need to be on the lookout for others who possess special talents. Our Lehners will be busy training the new recruits.” Henry informs her.

“Pity there aren’t more like Amanda.” Megan shakes her head smiling.

“Just how many mates do I require?” Henry laughs.

“Then you know?” Megan queries.

“Yes. Vlatka informed me. The time is not right for the ritual. How I wish that it were. My loins ache for her but there is too much to be done right now. You know that there is something else that bothers me.” Henry confides.

“What is that Hank?”

“I feel that there is some vital information missing from my memory. I spoke to Vlatka regarding this fact.” Henry confesses.

“What did she say?” Megan props herself up on one elbow. “You know she doesn’t lie.”

“Yes, I know. She said that it was necessary and that I shouldn’t stress myself over it.” Henry hopes that Megan will give him some indication.

“Vlatka is right. Don’t stress yourself regarding it, Henry. After the union with Delma—it will no longer be an elusive dream. You will have permanently forgotten it.” Megan assures her friend.

Henry is passionately in love with Amanda and will not tolerate her being harmed!

Henry is passionately in love with Amanda and will not tolerate her being harmed!

“This is what Vlatka says. I can’t help but wonder—”

“You are a stubborn tiger, Вячеслав Возникают!” Megan exclaims. “Do you remember the treachery of Amaliya?”

“I do. I loved her but nothing like my love for Delma. There is a fire that burns within me as hot as that mane on her head!” Henry laughs and for a brief moment, Megan envies Amanda. However, it quickly passed when she thinks about her beloved Ethan. How she loves him, and he loves her!

“You understand, don’t you?” Henry suspects.

“How well you know that I do.” Megan responds as if they both shared a very special secret, which they do.

Meanwhile, Katlin rides back to the house with Amanda.

“I do hope your Cami is safe.” Katlin retorts.

“Not to worry. The Stimme has advised me that she has put a protective shield around Cami that is impregnable. It will remain on her as long as I desire it. Allow me to put one around you.” Amanda answers and as the two young women exit the car, Amanda comes to stand in front of Katlin. Pronouncing an ancient enchantment, she invokes a protective, invisible shield that surrounds Katlin and herself.

“щит и защитить я командовать ему!”

Then, the ladies enter the house in search of Cami and to pack a bag. Upon entering her bedroom, Amanda finds Diablo perched upon the center of her bed. He hisses loudly.

“I see you’ve brought me a fresh victim. How considerate of you. I so appreciate—” But before Diablo can utter another word, Amanda takes her fingered ring and crashes her fist down upon the creature, sending it sprawling across the room, splattering against the wall. The door is opened, and Julia only catches Amanda’s actions.

“Are you insane? You could have killed my poor kitty. Come here, Diablo.” Julia yells at Amanda, then speaks sweetly to the cat.

“Would that I had.” Amanda spits out malevolently.

“I love you dearly, Amanda but you must leave.” Julia decides, much to the displeasure of Diablo. He scratches her arm and leaps away.

“Ouch! Darling, do come back!” Julia shrieks and goes running after the cat.

“Did you see that?” Katlin responds. “That cat takes so much pleasure in taunting you that it attacked Julia when she threaten to put you out!”

“Yeah, let’s just find Cami.” Amanda replies and then hears purring coming from the closet. She opens it and Cami springs forth.

“She’s been hiding in there. Diablo was sitting on your bed and that poor thing has been in there on the shelf I’d wager.” Katlin concludes.

“Well, let’s just get my luggage so I can leave. The furniture and other decorations belong here. I just want Cami and my clothes.” Amanda informs Katlin.

“Megan says one day you will be moving up North.” Katlin changes the subject.

“Yes, once my degree is complete I want to be a part of the Northern Lands.” Amanda ripostes.

“Any special reason?” Katlin questions, already aware of the answer.

“Yes, Henry Hamilton!” Amanda exclaims and the two women leave Billy’s house.

To Be Continued ...

The Darken Vessel: Minerva 12

  • The Darken Vessel: Minerva 12
    Amanda has been forced to leave the home of William and Julia Gordon much to the displeasure of both Billy and Демон. Billy, because he had promised his parents he would watch over her and Демон, because he took sheer pleasure in taunting her!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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