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The Darken Vessel Conclusion

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The end of terror ...

The end of terror ...

Setting Things Right ...

Two hours later, the plane lands at the Davidson County Airport. Madame Zaire is there to meet Chelsea Darby.

“Chelsea, it is so good to see you again!” Madame Zaire exclaims, giving her dear friend a hug.

“Madame Zaire Zenobia! I am more than thrilled to see you as well.” Chelsea returns the hug.

“No one ever uses my last name. Ah yes—this is not a social visit.” Madame Zaire observes the troubled look in Chelsea’s eyes.

“No, it is not a social visit and very few people know your last name.” Chelsea counters.

“True on both counts. Hand me the case, Chelsea and we will travel to my chalet.” Madame Zaire answers, taking the sealed black valise and leading Chelsea to her vehicle.

“And how are things with Braun?” Chelsea quizzes, not missing the blush rising in Madame Zaire’s cheeks.

“He is doing very well.” Madame Zaire informs her.

“Yes indeed. Are you enjoying your little rendezvous with the Guardian of the Arctic Tundra?” Chelsea further inquirers.

“You know the answer to that. You are truly an Oracle!” Madame Zaire smiles in admiration of her friend.

“But it is a Clairvoyant that I am in need of today.” Chelsea attempts to focus the attention on the problem at hand.

“The Spirit of Emily Gordon is housed in this black valise?” Madame Zaire questions.

“Yes. To refresh you, the girls bought a Ouija Board and she contacted them. Frighten, they rushed from the room without returning the board to its container. Somehow their cat, Muffin entered the attic and put her paws on the board—” Chelsea pauses.

“In which the vengeful spirit took possession and begin to kill.” Madame Zaire finishes.

“With the exception of the two girls: Clarissa, her owner and Amanda who is the image of Adelle Gordon.” Chelsea replies.

“Adelle Gordon—I heard she was a very formidable woman at a time when the female sex was considered weak and docile.” Madame Zaire retorts as the two woman continue their journey to the Perpetual Forest.

“It is a pity that you did not bring Amanda with you.”

“She is but a child, Zaire. You know it is much too soon to expose her to our ways.” Chelsea admonishes her.

“Yet, you gave her Вячеслав’s Claw.” Madame Zaire rejoinders.

“It may have been an impulsive act but at the moment it seemed like the thing to do. That girl is extraordinary!” Chelsea proclaims.

“I do see great things coming from the child. All the more that she should have come.” Madame Zaire is emphatic in her thoughts.

“Do you really think that her mother would allow it?” Chelsea questions.

“No—unfortunately she would not. We will not have access to Amanda until she reaches her 18th birthday. However, in the meantime, I need you to watch over her. She has a brother, no?” Madame Zaire questions.

“Yes, Billy age 18. What does he have to do with this?” Chelsea wonders as Madame Zaire turns into a small clearing. The rest of the way they will have to travel on foot.

“Billy will be a Protector.” Madame Zaire informs Chelsea.

“Billy?” Chelsea is mystified.

“The gap between the worlds of mortal man and die Welt des äußeren Reiches—the Outer Realm is widening. See how easy it was for Emily Gordon to enter and take possession of the cat, Muffin?” Madame Zaire expounds.

“There will be more incidents like this.” She declares.

Containing Great Aunt Emily Gordon is proving to be a challenge!

Containing Great Aunt Emily Gordon is proving to be a challenge!

“What can we do about it?” Chelsea can’t hide her concern.

“Prepare ourselves. Enlist the very best people and train them for battle on a new cosmic level. However for now, let us rid the world of yet another menace. Would that Adelle Gordon had been around to stop the tragedy.” Madame Zaire laments.

Going into the chalet, Madame Zaire first concocts a paste made with herbs from the Sacred Garden and water from the Forbidden Springs. Then she instructs Chelsea on how to prepare a new container to entrap the vengeful spirit. Care must be taken to insure that not one iota of the essence of Emily Gordon can escape to create havoc in the mortal world. Once entrapped in the new urn it becomes a Darken Vessel which must be disposed of in долина невозврата—The Land of No Return!” The Ouija Board will be cast in as well.

“It is time for us to make the journey, Chelsea. We will need to adorn ourselves in the ceremonial robes and talisman that will protect us. I have gotten prior permission from Жар-пти́ця, Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde to perform such a ritual. As you know, it is reserved for the most vile of offenders.” Madame Zaire tells Chelsea as they get dressed.

“It is a fitting ending for a soul that has committed such horrendous crimes, Zaire.” Chelsea agrees.

The two women, being appropriately attired in their garments, make the trek to the Sacred Savannas. Madame Zaire is silently remembering her last encounter here when the wicked Amaliya along with her followers did battle with Вячеслав and the defenders of die Welt des äußeren Reiches.

“That was a different situation, wasn’t it Zaire?” Chelsea inquirers.

“Yes it was. I shudder to think that something like that could happen again. That is why I am so glad that you were able to contain Emily Gordon. Her powers would have grown even stronger. Let us proceed.” Madame Zaire replies as they continue to quietly walk through the Perpetual Forest.

It would seem as if even the animals know what is about to transpire as there is no singing from the blue birds or chattering of chipmunks. The gentle warm breeze seems to stay its hand as the women become even nearer to their destination. Soon, the Sacred Savannas are in sight.

“It is at the middle of the savannas that I will evoke the opening of долина невозврата. Stand ready with the Darken Vessel.” Madame Zaire commands.

“I stand in readiness.” Chelsea replies.

Madame Zaire unlocks the black case and lays the box containing the Ouija Board on the ground. Each woman holds her talisman in one hand and Madame Zaire speaks the sacred oath. Chelsea lifts the lid from off the box and the essence of Emily Gordon appears.

“I will have my revenge after spilling your blood!”

“You will not succeed, Emily Gordon!” Madame Zaire shouts. “I perceived that you would be difficult. For when a person takes his own life, he create a rift in the universe."

Emily begins to hiss like an angry cat at Madame Zaire but to no avail. Then she turns toward Chelsea and tries to attack her. Although the talisman protects her from the vicious claws, she loses her balance and drops to the ground.

Madame Zaire takes her talisman from around her neck and begins to whirl it clockwise like a deadly serpent. Emily springs to life, knocking Madame Zaire’s talisman from her hand and is poised to strike a mighty blow when she's flipped over by Chelsea.

The look Emily gives Madame Zaire and Chelsea is one of pure hatred. However, Madame Zaire speaks the incantation, rendering Emily immobile.

“By the power of Жар-пти́ця, I banish you to долина невозврата where you will spend an eternity with the other evil beings that dwell there in torment.” And with that, Emily screams as she is thrusted into the vase thrown into the abyss where it engulfs both her and the Ouija Board. Then all is calm once more.

“Let’s get out of here. You need to get back to Maple Grove. I will look forward to the day when young Amanda Gordon comes of age. She will be a fascinating Адвокат Адъюнкт (Counsel Adjunct) to Mélisande and an asset to the Guardians of the Canadian Wilderness.”

“That she will. Let us be off!” And the two women make their way out of the Sacred Savannas to the Perpetual Forest where Madame Zaire will rest from her encounter and Chelsea Darby will embark on yet another quest.

The End ... For Now!

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