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The Darken Vessel 5

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Getting Back to Normalcy …

Billy decides to carry the box out of the house while the girls follow him. He carefully walks down the stairs leading to the main level of the house. Clarissa holds the door open for him, she doesn’t want to take a chance on him dropping it. When they finally get outside, they find Muffin licking her paws and sitting pensively on the front lawn. Clarissa cautiously approaches her cherished feline.

“How is my pretty kitty doing? Are you alright Muffin?” Clarissa replies in a sing-song type of voice. The cat’s response is instantaneously. Muffin walks gingerly up to Clarissa, purrs softly then rubs her body against the leg of her mistress as if to greet a long lost old friend.

“Looks like she’s back.” Amanda announces happily.

“Yep!” Clarissa sighs.

“And let’s make sure it stays that way; away from that Ouija Board. I don’t think I could take another round with Great Aunt Emily again.” Billy replies as he sits the box on the ground, staring at it.

“Yes, please keep a firm grip on Muffin. In fact, why not just take her over to Mrs. Willis’ house. Explain to everyone what happened. I see mom coming outside and she does look relieved.” Amanda suggests.

“Good idea. I really don’t want to be around that thing anymore anyway.” Clarissa informs her siblings as she makes her journey across the street.

Billy and Amanda sit on the plush green grass as they wait for Mrs. Darby to make her appearance. When she arrives, Amanda is shocked. Instead of seeing a pointy-nosed old woman with an accompanying broom—Mrs. Darby is an audacious woman in her mid-30s who just happens to be driving a road-weary red car with her dog in the back seat.

“You don’t look anything like a witch!” Amanda voices her opinion. “That car must have been on many adventures and your dog is adorable!”

“To answer your first response, I’m not—just someone who follows the practices of the occult. To answer your second, I believe in enjoying life to the fullest. Now, I’ve brought this black metal box lined with special crimson velvet. It should protect me on the trip.” Mrs. Darby answers.

“Protect you on the trip? You’re going somewhere with this thing? I just assumed that you were going to destroy it here.” Billy reveals both his disappoint and admiration for Mrs. Darby and her obvious skills which he will not be able to witness. He watches carefully as she places the Ouija Board inside the case and locks it shut.

“Yes, this is a very special situation, Billy and calls for a Clairvoyant—I’m just an Oracle. I’m going to the Perpetual Forest to see Madame Zaire in Davidson County.” Mrs. Darby informs the two.

“The Perpetual Forest—I thought that was just a myth!” Billy exclaims.

“Oh no, The Perpetual Forest is very real. I’ve gone to the Maple Grove Library and have been reading up on it.” Amanda is boasting with glee since she knows something her elder brother doesn’t. This causes Mrs. Darby to smile at her.

“I can tell that your sister Amanda is going to be somebody extraordinary when she grows up.” Mrs. Darby prophecies as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out an exotic necklace which main feature is the single claw of a tiger. She then begins to place it around the young girl’s neck.

“Oh what is this?” Amanda stares hypnotically at the beautiful yet simple pendant.

The mystical pendant shows up again!

The mystical pendant shows up again!

“It’s called Вячеслав’s Claw.” Mrs. Darby tells the girl. “One day I will tell you all about it.”

“He’s the Lord of the Northern Lands!” Once again Amanda manages to surprise Mrs. Darby.

“You are truly an exceptional girl. We must talk when I return—Billy you must bring her to the university. In the meantime, keep it tucked under your shirt. I would prefer it if not too many people know you have it. And, if any of your family members see it—just say it’s from a friend.” Mrs. Darby looks at Amanda and she nods her head in understanding.

“Now I must prepare for my journey.” Mrs. Darby puts the case into the truck of her car and leaves. Billy and Amanda wave as she disappears into the sunset. They look at each other and then the pendant that has been given.

“What do you know about this pendant, Amanda?” Billy inquires while examining its polished surface.

“Only what I’ve heard through rumors. Вячеслав was a tiger that fell in love with a beautiful woman. He turned himself into a human and they were together for some time. There was a lot of mushy stuff after that.” Amanda replies tossing her hands into the air and crinkling her nose.

“Well, anyway, put it back under your blouse for now. We’ll go to the university library later to see what else we can find out about Вячеслав’s Claw.” Billy promises his youngest sibling.

“Gee, thanks Billy—that would really be great.” Amanda says while hugging her brother.

“You never cease to amaze me Mandy. How can an eleven year old girl be so knowledgeable. You and Clarissa are as different as two sisters can be. Hey, thanks for the hug but don’t tarnish my image.” Billy laughs while allowing himself to be the recipient of his sister’s affections.

“Just remember, until we find out more about that pendant—keep it out of sight.” Billy reminds her again.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a special box that I keep my most treasured possessions in. Clare doesn’t even know about it.” Amanda assures him.

When they enter the Willis’ home, everyone is curious to know what transpired with the woman in the dusty red vehicle.

“Oh, she was just telling us about a trip she has to attend regarding the Ouija Board.” Amanda smiles inwardly knowing she has a secret.

Meanwhile as Mrs. Chelsea Darby makes the journey to Davidson County with the black box sitting to her right, she thinks about her conversation with Madame Zaire the previous night.

To Be Continued …

The Darken Vessel Conclusion

  • The Darken Vessel Conclusion
    Chelsea Darby has reached her destination—Davidson County. A place shroud in mystery and the supernatural. Together with Madame Zaire Zenobia they will have a face-off with the evil essence of Emily Gordon. Only one can be the victor. Who will it be?

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS