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The Darken Vessel 4

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


We’ve Got to Get That Board ...

As soon as the girls make it to the Willis’ home, their mother throws her arms around them in relief.

“You still mad about the Ouija Board?” Amanda cautiously asks.

“I am. We’ll talk about that later. We have a more serious problem before us.” Maxine reminds her daughters.

“Mom, we’ve got to destroy that board. It’s because of it that nobody is safe.” Amanda informs, acting more like an adult than her 11 years.

“I told you she was smart.” Sophie Willis replies, and everyone gives her a whimsical look. “Sorry!”

“And just how are we going to do that?” Maxine inquires.

“Amanda and I will have to enter the house.” Clarissa states.

“I’ll have none of that.” Maxine insists.

“Mom, Clare is right. Its’ the only way. We’ve got to enter the house. I’m not too keen on the idea but since we started this—”

“She might kill you!” Maxine cries.

“No mom, I don’t know what it is but there is something about me that makes her back off.” Amanda reveals.

“I know your father always says that you are the spitting image of Adelle Gordon. She was a no nonsense woman and older sister to Emily. I am sure that if she had been home on that fateful day—Emily might have not performed such a drastic act.” Maxine recalls her husband telling her about the “family’s disgrace.”

“Here, take the Boston Slugger Baseball Bat with you. It really seems to make that witch back off.” Jed says, handing it to Amanda.

“Billy told us about his encounter with her and how this bat saved his life.” Amanda tells them and Clarissa watches her enviously. She secretly admires the intelligence of her younger sister.

“Please be careful you two. That cat has killed.” Maxine reminds them looking extremely worried. Taking a deep breath, Amanda and Clarissa walk slowly across the street heading toward their home. The front door isn’t locked, so they enter prudently.

“I don’t see her, do you?” Clarissa whispers.

“No, but let’s get upstairs and to the attic.” Amanda responds.

Carefully the girls climb the stairs to the second floor. They come to the next set that leads to the attic and finds the feline sitting by the closed door.

“What do we do now?” Clarissa asks.

“Give me that bat.” A voice states, it’s Billy.

“You scared the stuffing out of me. I thought Muffin had acquired a voice.” Amanda responds, handling her brother the bat.

“Don’t hurt Muffin!” Clarissa exclaims. “She’s not really responsible for that monster.” At those words, the transformation occurs, and they are faced with a large animal.

“What’d you have to go and make her mad.” Amanda rebukes while Billy shakes his head in full agreement.

“Yeah, we just had a little kitty to contend with—now look.” Billy points to the very dangerous animal.

“Clare, talk to her. We need to get Muffin back. I know she will respond to you. Go on ...” Amanda urges. Clarissa gingerly walks toward the animal with Billy close behind—weapon poised.

“Muffin, I know that you’re there. My sweet and lovely girl—how much you mean to me.” Clarissa begins. The animal immediately calms down. “We’ve been through a lot together. When I had the Measles, you were the only one who stayed in my room during the whole ugly episode. Oh Muffin, I need you now! Please come back to me. I don’t know how this terrible thing happened to you, but I’m so sorry.”

A sweet purring sound comes from the animal and once again it is Muffin. Clarissa rushes to pick her up and Muffin shows utter contentment.

“Now is the time to go inside and find that blasted board.” Billy whispers as the three of them enter the dark room.

While Clarissa keeps the cat occupied, Billy and Amanda search diligently for the elusive Ouija Board. It’s not to be found. Amanda then speaks to her brother.



“What are you doing here anyway?” She questions.

“As soon as I finished the exam, I rushed over to the Willis’ house to see if everyone was alright. Mom told me what the two of you were up to, so I just had to come. We’re in this thing together.” Billy offers.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get that board?” Amanda plops on the floor in discouragement.

“I guess we’re going to have to ask Muffin.” Billy answers straightforwardly.

“Yeah, Muffin would know but will Great Aunt Emily allow it?” By now, Clarissa’s attention is temporarily averted to her siblings.

“In my psychology class we had a guest speaker. She is familiar with the occult and told us about different aspects that were involved. Since one spirit has been introduced into the house, may as well invite another.” Billy suggests.

“How do we do that without the board?” The practical Amanda questions.

“With a medium of course. I’ve got Mrs. Darby’s phone number. I’ll give her a call.” Billy proceeds to tap on the keys and when the woman answers, Muffin bristles at the sound of her voice.

“You have a troubled spirit in your presence.” Mrs. Darby prophesizes.

“How do you know?” The three are in total amazement.

“Put your phone down on the floor and let me speak to her.” Mrs. Darby demands, and Billy quickly responds. “What is the intermediate’s name?”

“Muffin, we are trying to get her to tell us where the Ouija Board is.” Billy offers.

“In the hands of the innocent and foolish—it is a dangerous instrument.” Mrs. Darby retorts and then begins talking to Muffin. The cat walks close to the phone and sits down. Listening to the strange words the woman says, she goes directly to the hiding place of the board and pushes it out into the open. Then she walks over to the open door and positions herself in front of it.

“Did she respond to my instructions?” Mrs. Darby inquires.

“To the letter.” Billy says.

“The first thing you’ll need to do is to get that spirit out of Muffin and back into the board. It’s not going to be easy, especially if she is sitting near the door. She will try to bolt. That’s fine—don’t attempt to follow her. It will be alright. Now, look around the attic. There are some things that I need. Normally, you should be able to find them there. Some candles and some chalk. Next we need a little bit of Muffin’s fur.” Mrs. Darby explains.

“I don’t think Muffin is going to willingly give it up.” Clarissa says to the cellphone.

“Probably not but if you have a broom up there, you just might be able to sweep enough up.” Mrs. Darby offers. So, the three Gordons get busy acquiring the needed artifacts. Billy retrieves some chalk from an old slate hanging in the corner. Amanda opens a trunk and confiscates several candles while Clarissa sweeps up several kitty hairs. Success!

Billy and the others return to his phone. “We have everything you requested.”

“Oh how I wish I were there to experience such a spectacle!” Mrs. Darby utters in sheer delight.

“Unless you’ve got a jet-powered broom, you’ll just have to continue your directions.” Amanda jokes and everyone laughs.

Steadily and deliberately Mrs. Darby instructs the trio on what to do. The board seems to be moving by itself as it repeatedly spells NO! When everything is in readiness the words that were taught Clarissa and Amanda are pronounced over and over. Muffin runs from the room, but the girls are told not to stop in their incantations. Finally, Muffin returns to the attic, shakes violently and something comes out of her and enters into the Ouija Board.

“Now, return it into its box and close it. Retrieve some duct tape to fasten the lid shut and take it out of the house. I will inform you what to do with it in person. Give me instructions to your house; you are safe now.” After acquiring what she needs, the call ends.

To Be Continued …

The Darken Vessel 5

  • The Darken Vessel 5
    The Ouija Board is out of the hands of Clarissa and Amanda Gordon. Billy has managed to contain it in it’s box and Mrs. Darby is coming to extract it from the clutches of two impetuous and foolhardy girls. How has Muffin faired through all this drama

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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