The Darken Vessel

Updated on April 18, 2020
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Gentlemen ... Look into the eyes of Death!
Gentlemen ... Look into the eyes of Death!

The Fall of 2021 ...

Clarissa and Amanda are the two youngest members of the influential Gordon family. It is rumored that an ancestor on their father’s side committed suicide because she was left standing at the altar. The people in the sleepy town of Maple Grove whisper among themselves with regards to a vengeful spirit. No one has really seen it, but they believe that it exist, nonetheless.

The girls are especially excited today because their mother Samantha Gordon has just rewarded them with $7.00 each for cleaning a small portion of the attic. They are eager to spend their money so they rush happily along the lane to their favorite shop – Matthew Greenburg’s Mercantile Store and Vintage Boutique to see what treasures they can acquire.

After about an hour, the girls pool their finances together to purchase a coveted item—a Ouija Board! Mr. Greenburg expresses his concern regarding the item.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” He inquires.

“Oh yes, I hear that it is the latest rage among the jetsetters!” Clarissa exclaims.

“Does your mother know that you’re buying this?” Mr. Greenburg probes further.

“She’s the one who gave us the money.” Amanda replies, crossing her fingers behind her back.”

“Very well.” Mr. Greenburg answers, handing their package to Clarissa.

All the way home from Greenburg’s Boutique the girls chatter about their newest acquired purchase with Clarissa tightly clutching it in her small hands. Both Amanda and Clarissa have heard the adults mention the many unusual occurrences that have happen with regard to the board. It is therefore inevitable that either Clarissa or Amanda would eventually purchase one.

“Momma will skin us alive if she ever found out that we have this.” Amanda, the youngest of the two by 11 months giggles. “Not to mention the fact that I suggested that she gave us the money for it.”

“Quick thinking on your part. That’s why we are keeping it in the attic. Momma seldom goes there anymore so we will be able to sneak up there any time after everyone is asleep.” Her twelve year old sister Clarissa decides as she smiles.

A few more steps and they will be in sight of the beautiful two-story mixed-media building they fondly called home.

“Let’s leave it in the garage for now and after supper we can retrieve it.” Clarissa states.

“I want to play with it now.” Amanda pouts.

“No,” reprimands Clarissa, “That wouldn’t be wise. As it is—we are taking a big chance hiding it in the garage. It Billy sees it, he will definitely tell.”

“All the more reason NOT to put it in the garage. Here, I’ll take off my scarf and we can wrap it up in it.” Amanda offers.

“That’s a good idea. Now let’s smuggle it into the house and finish our chores before supper.” Clarissa affirms as they quietly enter their abode.

Later that night …

In the attic, Clarissa and Amanda are having fun asking silly questions and pushing the indicator around the board for the appropriate answer. Then suddenly, the indicator starts moving along without much effort from either of the girls.

“What are you doing Clarissa, we haven’t even asked the question yet?” Amanda replies in alarm.

“t’s not me—I thought it was YOU!” Clarissa responds.

Then the indicator spells out a name—E.M.I.L.Y.!

“Who is that?” the girls ask in unison.

An unforgettable encounter ...
An unforgettable encounter ...

“I am your great aunt.” The indicator spells out and the two girls eye each other in horror.

“What do you want?” The girls ask the board and it spells out one word: R.E.V.E.N.G.E.!

Clarissa pushes the board off her lap in alarm and Amanda just sits there too frighten to move.

“Don’t just sit there knucklehead, get away from that thing.” Clarissa’s voice is just above a whisper.

“What have we done?” Amanda questions in dismay. “Momma was right!”

“What we are going to do is to get rid of that thing in the morning. Maybe Mr. Greenburg will give us a refund or something. Just leave it for now. Then we need to sanitize our hands and go to bed.” Clarissa orders.

“I don’t think I will be able to get any sleep until that thing is out of the house!” Amanda begins to sob softly.

“Don’t cry—we’ll take care of this in the morning. For now let’s just leave it here and get to bed.” Clarissa suggests as the two girls leave the room. Amanda pulls the door behind her but doesn’t insure that it makes the clicking sound to designate that it is closed.

Muffin is Clarissa’s cat and she likes to roam the house after everyone has gone to bed for the night. She is a very curious kitty and travels to almost every part of the house that isn’t locked down. This night she brushes against the attic door and finds it accommodating.

Silently she walks around, hopping on the old divan that has been retired to its new home. Then, she scratches at a chest that contains old clothes and memorabilia from the past. She unwittingly falls into the chest but is able to scamper out. Lying face up in the chest is a picture of Emily Dianne Gordon. Although it is faded from the years, it still shows the face of a remarkably beautiful young woman.

Muffin continues her investigation until she comes across what she thinks is a strange looking object. It is made out of wood and it has some type of writing or letterings printed on it. She has never seen a Ouija Board before and stares at it in a confused manner. Then the indicator begins to spell out the name Emily and Muffin puts her paw on the board.

A strange mist begins to fill the room emanating from the board. Muffin is riveted to the spot—unable to move. About three minutes later, the attic is clear, and Muffin walks slowly out the door. She turns to examine the stop where the board once lay and seems to smile. There is only the small bluish-green carpet. No sign of the board.

Muffin continues her inspection of the house. This time it is as if she has never been there before. She goes to each bedroom and sniffs the air. She can distinctly tell whether the inhabitant is male or female. At each entrance of a male occupant, she leaves a small, barely visible trail. Where females reside, she rubs against the door and leaves.

Muffin carefully and serenely walks down the stairs to investigate the living room, kitchen, dining room and recreation room. She sniffs the air to ascertain who inhabits the area and notes with accurate precision whether male or female dominate the area.

Finally, she returns upstairs to the rooms of Amanda and Clarissa. She hesitates for a moment at Amanda’s door, pushes it with her paw but is unable to enter. She hisses softly and leaves. Then she repeats the same procedure at Clarissa’s door and obtains easy access.

With deliberate movements, she walks over to the bed that is designated for her special sleeping arrangements. Sniffing it thoroughly, she pushes it with her paws against the wall. Then, with expert agility, she jumps up on the bed and begin to purr softly.

“Oh Muffin, you’re back. Be a good girl and get in your bed.” Clarissa calmly commands while turning her back to the feline. However, Muffin completely ignores her and places her tiny paw on Clarissa’s neck; subsequently moving her head into proximity of her mistress’ as if whispering something into her ear. Then, she settles down on the pillow next to Clarissa and goes to sleep.

To Be Continued ...

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      • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        8 weeks ago from Memphis

        Don't mess with a Ouija Board!


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