The Cleanup Crew: Part One, Us (Fan Fiction, The Purge)

Updated on July 8, 2018
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Mike is a delivery driver and extremely amateur writer living in Lakemore Ohio south of Akron, Ohio.

Waiting for the all clear

Another year another Purge and here we are waiting to go out and clean up. My job is a simple one. I led a crew that documents then take the dead away. After us, another crew comes in and cleans the blood and debris than a final crew fixes damage to public works. It’s a good job that pays well, but it also comes with problems. On my crew, I have a pair of medics nicknamed Skip and Scoop, to documentarians called Snip and babe and a four-person cleanup team named, Larry, Bob, Nancy, and Jeff. It’s a tradition not to nickname the people who pick up the dead. We also have six drones operated by an unknown voice in the corporate office back in the bunker the hire-ups hide in during the Purge.

What We Do

An hour after the Purge we go in and clean up the bodies. If the bodies are whole, then skip and scoop check for signs of life. If they are still alive, we skip them after providing first aid and marking their location. If they are dead, we scoop them up. Before we move the dead our documenters, take a picture of the bodies and where the lay. They also search for identification in the hopes of reuniting the dead with their families. Finally, the dead are tagged and bagged by the cleanup crew. The drones document the cleanup as well as provide security from people who can’t tell time. My crew is one of many out doing our part.

Population Control

One of the hire-ups calls the Purge population control, and he could be right. It does seem like we spend a lot of time in the poor neighborhoods. Ever since the third Purge, there have been no homeless that have made it out alive. Becoming homeless is a death sentence. It's not my job to judge it's my job to watch the others making sure the job gets done, and nothing illegal happens. The last part is why we wait for an hour. The law says that at 7 am the Purge ends but what happens is that people Purge until the police are out on the streets. They know that no one is going to check for a time of death so they will get away with murder when it is illegal. Many people die in the hour before and the hour after the Purge. If you're caught Purging after the time is up, then the police shoot you and you are added to the cleanup. That is unless you have money but, I’m not here to judge.

Changing Times

Over the last few Purges, I have noticed that increasingly more people are cut in half. That is, they are in chunks rather than the whole body. I could remember back after the second or third Purge when the media was saying how the carnage was slowing down, but then about six Purges in something changed. A new group of people started to Purge. It's like something broke in people, and for one night they become more animal than human. Of course, some people carry that crazy on their sleeves all year long. Those are the people you know are going a Purging during the event. My partner Glenn says that the Purge allows the crazy to show. During the Purge, he stays with our two children in a bunker we have hidden in the backyard. I know that some in my crew wouldn’t mind finding them and dealing with our lifestyle. What most people don’t know is that as a cleanup crew we are not allowed to Purge. They protect us, so we are among the few that are exempt from the law or lawlessness.

The New Guy

This cleaning day will be something different because I am training a new employee. Next Purge he will run a crew doing what I do so today I need to both teach him what to do and except while evaluating his ability to accept what he sees. Our job is to take the death and depravity out of the night of death and rebirth that is the Purge.

Would You work Such a Job?

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Note from Me (a name I call myself)

I thought about this while I worked on Zero Hour. What would a city look like after the Purge? Most people would see all the death and destruction and say the day needs to end so to keep the Purge going the government would need to clean up the aftermath as soon as possible. That would mean that a select few would wade into the horror of a society that takes a break from civility one a year. This is its own story away from the Zero Hour and the other hour stories although it might just connect with how Zero Hour began.


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