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The City of Metron


This story is dedicated to my best friend and family for pushing me so hard to write this story and also to myself as I am finally starting to take my thousand first steps steps to actually creating this story. Well enough of that, thanks for your time, i hope you like my story.


Wayne I. Whiten



Summary: The City of Metron

The City of Metron: Metron the city of angels, t'was a beautiful city where dreamers dream and for those who had forgotten their dreams merely grew more and more cynical.

Destan was a dreamer himself life was already hard for him. So the greatest question is will he be able to handle the hurtles of life or will time take everything like it has done to so many others, can he survive, and become the legendary Knight of old.

Prologue: The Boy in the Rain

Destan was about ten yrs. old at the time and I had been watching over him for ages. I was under the command by The Glamourian Knights.

he had just turned ten at the time and it was his birthday.

I didn't know what to do for his celebration, so at an attempt to make his birthday special I took the shape of a mortal man and offered him a gift card. At first his stepmom was hesitant but, eventually accepted the friendly gesture, Destan was psyched

He loved her very much, I never imagined how his life without her would have been. Without her, the entire family would have never understood the joys of Christmas and actually how special ones birthday could truly be, I even learned that from her, she made us believe that we were special. his dad was always on the road so he barely had the time to spend with them. That was pretty sad to say the least knowing you love your family yet you got bills to pay to ensure no one will share the weight that you must handle to protect the family. Long story short his father was good man.

As the rain washed over Metron it felt as though Poseidon had vengeance against humankind.

They wound up rushing into the store drenched all over and caused them to laugh a little. She rarely smiled but when she did, she really shined.

Hours were spent in the store while Destan looked for anything that could catch his attention.

Although it was time consuming he had enjoyed every moment of it. Just the simple idea of exploring the different types of toys that were in the store of fun, that's the best way to describe the emotions he was feeling.

While walking I came across two of the most beautiful planes I had ever seen. The were both called The Boeing C-17 Global Master III, a military cargo plane. I didn't know what they were called at the time but, it was glorious to see them though.

The first cargo plane was black with white across the nose and body and the second was painted with camouflage.

Moments later, he too discovered the planes and after about hour of deliberation head had chosen the camouflaged one.after that they finally decided it was time to go to cashier.

This child sadly reeks in tragedy, you see at a very young age he lost mother. He never had a chance to grow with him as time was robbed from him. His mom was with him for about six years. Long before he was born a war was waged deep inside of her.

Monsters fought with her as she tried to be strong but, they just would never let sleep.

Trapped within there was nothing she could do, eventually the monsters would win and she was gone. Destan missed her deeply but, he knew there was nothing he could ever do and so his father made the hard choice of finally letting go.

It made me sad because, this was the beginning of his life and tragedy had already struck.

Like I said the world could be so selfish and it hurt like hell.

Although he had siblings no one could ever replace his mother and so in saying that, I am grateful that through all of his darkness he still had the chance with life as a woman from nowhere decided to be his light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the cold night, rain was pouring still and they quickly rushed to the car got in and after a minute he thanked her for taking him to the store and she once again smiled, turned on the gas, and took their leave.

To Be Continued...

© 2022 Glamoura and the Seven Knights

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