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When Love's Not Enough

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Introduction ...

“No wife of mine is going to be tramping around the country, leaving me to cook, take care of myself and the kids. It’s either me and the kids or your career; you can’t have both of us. I am not buying into Mr. Mom and that is my final word!”

Every story has two sides. And, in all fairness to the chauvinistic bubble-heads who misinterpret biblical truths concerning the role of the wife—this one’s for you!

For some, Love is never enough!

For some, Love is never enough!

The Orgins of Self Obsessions ...

"There's nothing in this world so sweet as love, And next to love the sweetest thing is hate." --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Joseph Henry Harrington III made his noisy entrance into the world on August 13th. He was a much expected and much desired addition to the Harrington household. Joseph II was a very successful realtor and builder of beautiful homes. His talented wife, Marian was completely devoted to Joseph. Marian gave up a promising career as an interior designer to support Joseph in his career endeavors, making sure his meals were ready along with his pipe when he came in tired and dirty from overseeing some construction project. Her entire world revolves around her husband and new son.

When Joseph II was a small boy, he had a very meek father and a stern domineering mother. As a teenager he saw his mother continually brow-beat his father until one day she died suddenly of a massive heart attack. When an autopsy was performed, it was found that she had apparently had a heart condition for a long time.

The atmosphere of the home changed significantly. Joseph Henry was a very talented man and it wasn’t long before he excelled as a woodcarver and creator of fine wood artifacts. A lovely lady name Piper Conley had been secretly observing Joseph Henry and his son for many years, and when the opportunity finally presented itself (the death of Sara Harrington) Piper seized the occasion to get to know him. Joseph II liked Piper from the start. She was very supportive of his father and made him feel like a king. Joseph Henry branched out into real estate and found a second niche. He retired a very happy man, passing the real estate business Harrington and Son Quality Realtors to his son.

When Joe Harrington III became a man, he looked to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Joe used his love for land that he acquired from his fore-parents and took it a step further to become an engineer. Although he started out majoring in architect design; when he was required to take courses in computer science, it was love at first sight.

Joe combined architectural design and computer technology to come up with a completely revolutionary method of designing houses in 3D. Simulated models would show weakness in structural designs and test structural integrity against earthquake, hurricane, and flood conditions. From the simulated models actual small replicas of finished houses were created.

These replicas were erected in controlled environments and meteorologists, climatologists, and draftsmen all worked together to design houses that would stand gale force winds and high magnitude tremors. Joe headed up the team and was award huge government grants in research to continue perfecting his theories. As a result, Dynamic Electronics was born.

Joe was always preoccupied in his own self worth. And, if taking out a beautiful woman proved it …

Joe was always preoccupied in his own self worth. And, if taking out a beautiful woman proved it …

The Pursuit of Happiness ...

It was at that time when Joe met Bridget. He had been invited to a celebration of Angie & Mark Stevenson’s only niece graduating from undergraduate school. Bridget was graduating with honors in journalism and at the same time achieved a duel degree in English/Creative Writing. She planned to go on to receive her Master of Art in Journalism and become a world-class producer. She had already landed a position as Associate Producer with a FOXX Affiliate Company in Collinsville, IL.

Joe was a little reluctant to meet Bridget because of her obvious ambitions. He also learned that she was an accomplished writer of short stories. “That was a nice novelty.” He thought to himself. That doesn’t sound very threatening, so he decided to go and meet her.

When Joe walked through the double doors of the auditorium Mrs. Stevenson had rented for the occasion, he was prepared to meet an attractive woman, but what he saw was a vision of loveliness. Her long hair hugged her shoulders and her laughter was uninhibited. The DJ had just put The Lady of in my Life on the turntable and Joe knew he had truly found that lady. With slow deliberate steps he approached Bridget.

“Hello, I’m Joseph Henry Harrington III and I believe this is our dance.” Joe said as he took the ginger ale out of Bridget’s hand and gave it to the woman she had engaged in conversation. Before Bridget could say a word, they were on the dance floor.

“There’ll be no darkness tonight, lady our love will shine …” Michael Jackson began the bewitching melody as Bridge and Joe swayed to the sound.

“You are the lady in my life.” Joe spoke softly into Bridget’s ear. He had become completely hypnotized by those beautiful light brown eyes, looking dreamily into his handsome chiseled features. Bridget could not say a word, only nod to the comment of the compelling young man.

“Don’t they make a lovely couple?” Angela asked.

“Will you look at the way he is looking at her?” Angie asked.

Joe heard both statements well even though they weren’t more than a hush above a whisper. He prided himself with being a man’s man and enjoyed it when women appreciated his expertise. He continued to dance within hearing range of the family so he could gauge their responses.

To Be Continued …

When Love's Not Enough Part 2

  • When Love's Not Enough Part 2
    Joe knew what it was he wanted out of life: to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and to have "the little woman" waiting patiently for him at home with pipe, slippers and a delicious dinner.

© 2014 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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