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The Meeting

Dare was dashing hurriedly towards the elevator, his long strides eating up the distance between him and his destination, he had a meeting in the conference room upstairs, if he didn't hurry the meeting might start without him, and that is one thing he cannot afford. Although 15 minutes is too much time to get upstairs but he wants to be well settled probably have a once over his presentation slides. He quickly stopped the elevator from closing and stepped in.

Shola looked admiringly at the young man who just stepped into the elevator with her.

“Good morning” Shola greeted

“Hey good morning young lady, how are you doing today?" Dare responded.

Shola knows Dare well; he is of one of the sales executive in their IT Company. Since Shola joined the thriving conglomerate some moths back as a trainee, she has heard so much about Dare’s exploits, how he won the Sales executive of the last quarter. In fact his picture was hanged in honor, to that effect. How could any young lady not know Dare in this office? He is unknowingly to him, tagged the most attractive sales man in the office. So sharing the elevator with him is a privilege for her to make a good impression and introduce herself. She pulled herself together, cleared her throat just to get her co-occupant’s attention she said:

“Congratulations on your win the last quarter Mr. Dare”!

Dare looked at the attractive lady beside him to reply, but he saw the lady was not only attractive but stunning. How come he never met her before? He‘s been known to have eyes for beautiful women, and this particular one indeed is beautiful. Aside from being a smart, handsome young man he is also very responsible and knows his job. He tries to keep his distance from the ladies, he knows he has effect on them probably for his height and good looks, which as landed him in trouble a number of times in his growing days. His friends always teased him on how he attracts women like magnet, but not willing to indulge the poor women and put them out of misery.

“Oh!! About that, thank you, you even know my name” he responded, feeling proud of himself.

“So to whom do I owe the honors?” He asked

“My name is Shola Coker, one of the new trainees.” she responded.

“You are attending the meeting too I guess?” Dare asked.

“Yes. I have been selected to represent my department” she replied.

“OK then Great! Shola, lets hurry and get this show on the road.” Dare said.

The ding sound of the elevator indicated their arrival, it swished open and they exited, moving together to the conference room. In the 3 mins that Shola met Dare, she is completely taken over by the man’s personality. Truly mesmeric, she has experienced series of emotion in their short time in the Elevator, ranking from Anxiety to Excitement, although she maintained a cool demeanor on the outside but inside she was a complete chaos. How could she feel such a magnetic pull for someone in a short time?

The Pitch

They took their seats in the meeting room and in a short while the meeting commenced. During the 45 mins of the meeting Shola’s eyes never meandered away from Dare, but he kept his cool, gave his presentation, which was followed by rounds of applause as usual. Things are really looking good for the young sales rep. He has placed himself on a 5 year goal actualization plan, to attain the top level management and he is well underway to achieving it, in fact with the look of things he might even attain it sooner. All his dedication and hard work are paying off. Big thanks to his loving, intelligent, prayerful and extremely beautiful wife. He would not have been where he is, for her prayers, understanding, maturity and intuitive advice. They have both been married for 6 years without a child, but just 3 months ago; God answered their prayers. He is a proud Daddy. Dare pulled himself from his thoughts, he made a mental note to reward his wife for her help with his presentation, the saying is true that behind every successful man is a woman, so is the case for him.

The Resolve

Shola was impressed by Dare’s presentation, and it serves as a deal sealer for her, she made up her mind right there and then, She must get close to him no matter what. She intentionally delayed leaving the meeting room stylishly waiting for Dare, and immediately she got the chance she approached and genuinely appreciated his pitch.

That was a great presentation Mr. Dare; can we celebrate this after work?”

“Hmm, I’m sorry Shola, I have an after work appointment, may be next time.” Dare responded.

He finished packing his things and left the room, with a friendly smile directed at Shola.

Dare Knew Shola was hitting at him, in fact he would be a fool not to notice all the admiring looks she was giving him. Dare appreciated the fact that the young lady found him attractive but he has vowed never to indulge in such frivolities any more, he is a changed man, that needs no distraction from his goals, even if the distraction came in form of a tall, young and curvy beautiful girl.

The Comely Wife

Dupe was glad to hear about the success of her husband’s presentation, and that plans are in pipeline to implement his ideas. She felt so lucky to have a man like Dare, devoted husband, dedicated Father, and good man in general. She went out of her way to make his favorite dish and celebrate him. The honk of the car horn brought her out of her reverie. She went to the door to welcome her husband, staying home these past months has revived their long forgotten rituals of hugging each other at the door, since they most times come home together from work before she went on maternity leave. These are the seemingly irrelevant customs that made their relationship unique. No matter how busy, whoever comes home first welcomes the other at the door with a good hug.

Dare was happy to get home and give the details of how his day went to his wife. Dare hugged his wife and swung her around immediately she opened the door for him.

“Your suggestions were stupendous the foreign investors are buying into our idea, which is a win-win situation, for everyone involved.” Dupe was ecstatic in her response to her husband.

“I just gave suggestions, the real idea is all you, but most importantly we are grateful to God.” Dupe took her husband’s briefcase and ushered him to the room to freshen up. Dinner was great, and Dare presented a gold laced brooch to his wife to celebrate his success.


Seductive Web

The rest of the week at the office, was uneventful. But Shola was trying hard to bump into Dare, especially since some of his the envious colleagues, have promised her money if she can only help lure Dare into her seductive web, this will serve him right, who does he think he is to rebuff her so flagrantly. The opportunity came for her on Friday, when she saw Dare driving out of the parking lot at the close of business.

To be continued..............

© 2020 Olumisin Tolulope Abisola

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