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The Carnival Part Three


Nelson picked up the radio that the security supervisor left for him. “Sierra I…”

“Jim you have to call this in because I’ve had like ten ticket booths that have been robbed,” Stones said, her tone slightly panicked.

“Were they done the exact same way?” he asked.

“Yeah, all of the cash suddenly disappeared. Jim, I really don’t have the resources for anything this massive,” she said.

“Before I give my captain a call, I found something out. There is a small square cut into the side of the cabinet that the till sits in,” he said waiting for a response. “I’ve got Captain DiPone on speed dial, and we’ll have the park on lockdown in no time,” the detective said.

Stepping to the door, he saw something sitting on the floor. What is this? Picking up an odd colored piece of cloth. It seems like something that’s used on a blacklight poster. He grabbed a plastic bag that was sitting on the shelf and put the fabric in the bag.

Nelson pulled his cell phone from his pocket and pushed his captain's number.

“Hey Frank, it's Jim. I’m at the fairgrounds, and something weird is happening.”

“What do you need?” Frank said.

“I think it would be good to send…There goes another one. At least twelve ticket booths have been robbed, and it appears to be the invisible man.”

“Alright Jim, we’ll be there shortly,” Frank said.

“Ok see you then,” Nelson said, seeing something moving by one of the other ticket booths. “Weird pieces of cloth, a little door by the till, and now a mystery person creeping through the shrubs,” Nelson mumbled, looking down the park from the place he stood.

Nelson approached the second ticket booth that had been robbed and looked around; trying to find proof that he didn't just see an imaginary figure. After looking at the exterior of the booth, he moved to the inside of the box and looked around. I found something. He thought, seeing a small piece of cloth lying on the floor by the door. This matches the fabric that I saw in the first booth.

The sound of sirens blanketed the happy carnival noises, as the police descended upon the fair, and parked in front of every entrance to the park.

The uniformed officers positioned themselves by every ticket booth and stood guard as they waited for further instructions from their commanding officer Captain Frank DiPone. Following the officers, the evidence collection team made their way to each one of the ticket booths and started their search for clues to help solve the mysterious thefts.

The captain commanded a few uniformed officers to go to the security offices of the park and help the parks security team keep the detainees in custody.

“Is it just me or are all of the suspect’s young women?” Nelson asked his captain as he walked past the group of suspects.

“I guess that is something strange that we’ll have to pay close attention too as we continue this investigation,” DiPone said, pausing for just a moment and then he started looking over the suspects. “It is rather odd.” As soon as the two detectives made their way to an office, one of the crime scene techs approached.

“Well, it’s just like you said, Jim. Every one of the ticket booths has two different holes in them. There’s the square one by the cash register and the circular one in the wall of the booth,” the smaller man said to the two detectives.

“What about the small pieces of cloth?” Nelson asked the tech.

“At first glance, the fabric seems to be something that can be used on backlight posters, but I have to get it back to the lab to make absolutely sure that it is that type of cloth.”

“We may not have that kind of time,” Nelson said, DiPone nodding in agreement with his detective.

The tech gave the detectives an irritated look, “Well, you’ll find footprints by the back wall of all of the booths, and those footprints are small. They’re not the size of a man’s foot.”

“What kind of shoe print do you think it is?” Nelson asked.

“It looks like shoes that an older woman would wear,’ the tech said.

“If it’s a woman’s shoe, I think it’s time to start interviewing the young women sitting in the security offices,” Nelson said, looking at the others and then walking to the security offices.