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The Carnival Part One


Jim Nelson stood behind his car door and looked up at the Ferris Wheel. Its musical sounds danced through the air, landing in his ears causing the tall man to smile.

A lightly tinted pair of sunglasses covered his brown colored eyes as he walked from the parking lot to the edge of the three-lane road. As he crossed the street with many of the participants of the festival the smell of fried food floated through the air. Well Jim, you picked the perfect day to have a cheat day. Nelson thought, walking to one of six lines that allowed people into the park. There’s the line. He thought, watching two small children run around their mother’s legs, as they were waiting to buy their tickets and enter the park.

“Excuse me, young man; I’m not sure I have the right day. These tickets are made with such small print,” an elderly woman said, holding out a green piece of paper.

“Sure I can look over your ticket young lady,” Nelson said, reading the ticket. “You have the right day, but, this ticket says it’s for a senior citizen,” he looked around the woman. “But I don’t see a senior citizen around here,” Nelson said, giving the woman an affectionate smile.

The woman giggled. “Oh you’re so sweet,” her cheeks turning bright red as she shyly looked down at her shoes.

“I’m Jim…Jim Nelson,” the man said, holding his hand out for the older woman to grab. “My mother has told me that I’m sweet,” he said, following the line.

“My name is Midge…Midge Tether,” the older woman said, weakly grabbing Jim’s hand and shaking it. “Is your family here with you?” pointing to the mother and her two children.

“Ha ha. No, I’m here by myself. I had the day off, and I thought why not come out to the fair. I can’t just sit around the house. So here I am,” Nelson said, shrugging his shoulders.

The pair stepped forward watching the mother follow her children into the vast expanse of the park. Jim stood in front of the ticket booth, peering through a rectangular window. “What can I do for you?” The young woman standing behind the glass asked Jim.

“I’d like one ticket please,” Nelson said, pulling a twenty dollar bill from his wallet.

“Okay, one ticket,” the young woman said, smiling at Nelson while she waited for the printer to spit out the ticket. After some whirring sounds, the machine spat out one ticket, and the woman took it from the printer and slid the ticket to Jim. She grabbed the bill from the countertop and waited for the register to open. After a few seconds, the register dinged, and the drawer opened. “NO! NO! NO!” she screamed.

Nelson looked at the young woman. “Is everything okay?” trying to see inside the booth.

“I can’t believe this,” she said, with a panicked look that blanketed her face.

“Miss, miss please calm…” Nelson’s eyes widened as he realized what had just happened.

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