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The Carnival Part Four


“Okay Sarah, I think you know that you’re in a lot of trouble, but if you help me I can help you in return,” Nelson told the young woman giving her a semi-smile.

“I-I-I d-didn’t do anything wr-wrong,” Sarah said, starting to cry.

The detective set a bottle of water on the desk. “You’ll need to hydrate because of all the tears. You’ve been crying most of the day,” tapping his forefinger on the lid of the bottle. “Now tell me, where did you put the money, and who did you give it too?” Nelson’s eyes shrank to a squint.

Sarah stopped weeping and changed her posture from a sad weakened state to a healthy sitting posture. “Look, I’ve told you everything I know. If I knew anything more than that, don’t you think I would’ve told you?” Sarah said calmly and coolly, lifting her hand as if she was going to take a puff from a cigarette. Realizing what she was doing, the young woman quickly moved her hand from her face and laid it palm side down on the desk. “The money was there, and then it was gone.”

“I’m pretty sure you know how the money disappeared and whom you gave it too,” Nelson said.

“Like I said before, I didn’t take any money. I didn’t give any money to anyone else. I don’t know why you’re not out looking for the real thief and let the innocent people go back to work,” the tone in the young ladies voice becoming slightly agitated.

Nelson took a deep breath and looked at Sarah’s posture. I’m not going to get anything from her. I bet the others are just as strong-willed as her. He thought, looking at the white wall of the office. But if it wasn’t her, then it would have to be one of the others. Who else could’ve taken the money?


Midge Tether sat on the blue bench and looked at the bus sign while opening up her large bag and pulling out an odd colored cloth. Midge looked at the fabric and then threw it into the garbage can. Her eyes follow a bus as it stops in front of the bench, and then it drives away.

An older women with dark brown hair sat on the bench. Grey streaks in her hair, hinted at her age but she physically looked like a middle-aged woman. The woman looked at the garbage can staring at the cloth and a white colored wig and then she turned to the bus that had just stopped in front of her. She confidently stepped on to the bus and looked around the bus for a seat. There’s one. She thought as she walked to a position in the middle of the bus that kept her hidden from the people that were on the street.

The bus jerked to a stop causing the woman to grab the seat in front of her. She slid her free hand down and picked her dark blue tennis shoes from the floor and put them in her bag. A pair of bright colored flat-heeled shoes replaced the tennis shoes on her feet. The woman looked around to make sure that she was not being watched and then she slid the pant legs of a pair of pants that had been hidden underneath the dress she was wearing.

The bus stopped in front of a five-story brick building. The woman walked off the bus, watching a slight breeze sway the various colored flowers back and forth, as they led the woman to the entrance of the building. She grabbed the glass door to the opening and made her way through the lobby of the building to an elevator. She only had to wait a few seconds, and the dull stainless steel doors opened allowing her to step into the metal box. Then the woman faced the front of the elevator, pushed a button and waited. As the doors closed the woman looked into her bag, and a broad smile covered her face as the doors of the elevator swallowed her up, and she disappeared from sight.

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