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The Capture: The Gabriel Chang Story Chapter Two


There is only one substance that a vampire prizes higher than human blood and that is faerie blood. The taste is divine, beyond explanation, and sates their hunger like nothing else can. It revitalizes them, making them almost feel alive again.It heightens their already exquisite senses and it can become addicting. That is a problem, because while the short term effects are manageable and even positive to most, the long term side effects include loss of control. In cases of extreme, prolonged faerie blood abuse, vampires become almost rabid. They'll even bite their own kind.

By the time Gabriel saw his first faerie, he was the owner of a booming night club that serviced and employed a variety of supernatural types that blended in the human crowd. He had collected magic and knowledge, so he'd been able to soundproof his VIP room on the second floor without blocking his view of the club and when the faerie had walked in, his supernatural detection spell told him. There was a blink on his ring and then flashes of color, which was his own color code that signified species information. Intrigued, he rose from his throne-like seat and made his way down his personal elevator and walked in a way that could by called theatrical because of how perfect and graceful it was. Some might say he nearly glided, with the fabrics of his outfit waving their deep hues in a way that almost seemed like they were dancing. When he got to the bar, he took a seat beside the faerie girl and leaned against the bar with a slow and deliberate stare.

"Hello there, pretty thing," he greeted, then snapped his fingers and the bartender came rushing with two drinks; one for him flavored with blood and one for her flavored with sugar. He'd done enough research to know faeries loved sugar, and he was pleased to see his information was right when she dove into her drink and swallowed it in nearly one gulp that he ordered her another drink immediately with another snap of his fingers. "What's your name?"

"Thank you," she replied politely, dipping her finger in the sweet drink in front of her and swirling it around, choosing to watch the motion in order to pace herself instead of just downing this one just as quickly as the first. Her hair was the color of rainbow sorbet ice cream, with the different hues twisting and mixing into each other in a way that gave the illusion of motion; or was it really an illusion? She was a faerie, after all. "My name is Riley." He could see a good portion of the wings tattooed on her back and knew that those were real as well, so why not color-changing hair? She was so different from him, cheerful even in near-silence. Even her skin was a stark contrast with its milky white tone against his tanned skin. He watched as she sipped at the drink, looking delicate and fragile to him because he knew he could overpower her. Being a vampire had made him more confident in all aspects, and oddly enough he felt more comfortable in his own skin. Before, it had seemed like he should be concerned about the areas he was different than other people. Now, he relished the differences.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked, gesturing towards the floor. Small talk bored him, not even a faerie could change that, so he hoped to skip passed it. Honestly, he had no intention of dancing with her either. That was another thing on a long list of aspects of social life that he just didn't quite understand. Still, he extended his hand in her direction and took hers in his while she downed the last of her drink and then they were moving towards the dance floor. He led them towards his elevator, then pointed up at his VIP room. From the first floor, it looked like an exquisite balcony, but Gabriel knew there was so much more up there.

She was surprised to hear that this was his club, and he was able to explain that it was while they rode up in the elevator. It had glass walls, so the whole club was still visible. It gave Riley a false sense of security as they made their way upwards into a more secluded location. Gabriel had explained that it would be easier to hear each other up there, and that they wouldn't have to worry about being pushed around by a crowd. Being so close to so many people thrilled Riley, faeries were a solitary species that tended to stick to their own but she was adventurous. Still, the host was gracious enough to give her free drinks and he seemed interested in her, so she followed without hesitation.

The quiet was so harsh it was nearly silent, and Riley wondered how that was possible as she stepped into the VIP room. There was nothing but air in between them and the crowd in front of them, and even the floor of distance wasn't enough to explain the dampened sound. She was just about to turn around to ask Gabriel about it when she felt a twinge of predicted alarm before his arms wrapped around her from behind and she inhaled to scream as his fangs sank into her throat. Normally, her natural abilities would have told her that she was in danger the moment he had approached her, but there was a spell cast over the bar that confused the natural abilities of the supernatural. He was extra thankful for that precaution as the faerie's blood was drained enough to make her pass out in his arms.

All that was left was to carry her unconscious body into the next room, one that would only unlock for him. It led to where he kept his most prized possessions, and a few seconds was all it took to tie his captive in her new sunless home. Without her power source, she'd never be strong enough to escape and already, his golden eyes were tainted with speckles of red that exposed him as a vampire that had been exposed to faerie blood and its power.


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