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The Broken Fragments 2

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It was a beautiful July morning, and a good day to be lounging lazily, the sun was shining soothingly, and the breeze was gently blowing the salty seawater into her face. It was the first time she had any holiday in the past two years, it feels so good to rest and not be rushing out to meet a client or on the phone scheduling an appointment with a prospect. All she had to do was just lie on the beach chair and allow the smooth caress of sun on her beautiful skin. Her eyes shaded by the dark glasses resting on the bridge of her beautiful nose, and the brown beach straw hat preventing direct impact from the sun, she had an earpiece on, listening and moving her head in sync with the rhythm of the music. She was practically in her own world, only to be interrupted by the hit of a beach ball knocking askew the hat on her head.

The Intrusion

She was shocked at first by the sudden disturbance then angrily removing her earpiece. She heard the roar of laughter of a little boy, sitting up suddenly to decipher where the rude intrusion on her solitude was from.

So sorry ma’am but you look funny with the weird hat in a funny position on your head.” the boy stood there laughing at whom? Jade wondered and looked back to check if someone behind her is funny looking and she is missing the joke, but no one was there.

“James, come on apologize that’s no way to talk to an elder.” Barked a deep voice to the young Boy. I apologize for my Nephew’s misbehavior. "But I must say you do look stunningly funny". The tall and handsome man commented.

The Chemistry

Jade sat up and adjusted her hat removed her glasses to get a good look at the face the voice is attached to. She was mesmerized by the beautiful specimen of a man standing tall and virile looking down at her. Her mouth suddenly went dry. Since the episode with Anita and Kunle she has never dared allow any male magnetic pull into any kind of seductive web, she has guarded her heart with all diligence just like the Bible instructed, but this particular Man is worth drooling over. In his knee-length knickers, with a spandex top showing all his muscular glory, the man looked like he just stepped out of a sports magazine. Dapo smiled as he observed the display of emotions across her beautiful face. “Ma’am, did I say something wrong?” He queried.

“Not at all, I was just caught unawares is all” jade replied. She got hold of her emotions and felt embarrassed at being caught staring.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dapo Benson, and here with me is my Nephew James Benson. “Good morning ma’am. Sorry for disturbing your rest”. The Boy greeted.

Jade rose gently to her 5ft 9 height. “And I’m Jadesola Coker. It is a pleasure meeting you, and no problem at all. ”

Jade extended her hand in a handshake; Dapo gripped her hand firmly, reluctantly releasing her hand after the brief handshake. “I see you are all alone, do you mind joining us to throw the ball around?” Dapo persuaded.

“Actually I do mind, I came alone purposely to meditate and enjoy my own company” Jade smiled.

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that, enjoying your own company!” Dapo repeated grappling for every opportunity to tarry a little longer with the epitome of beauty before him. She seems to be cultured too from what he could judge of her disposition and responses. “I would like to go back to my meditation if that’s ok with you.” She smiled genuinely and excused herself.

Alright then, see you around.” Dapo had no choice but to pull his Nephew with him and waved the beautiful Lady goodbye. But all through his stay at the beach, his eyes and mind kept wandering of their own will to the spot where jade lounged, her glasses back on, her earpiece perfectly in place from what he could see of her from a distance.


“Uncle please take me horse riding I really need to have a horse ride.” James pleaded, pulling her Uncle towards the horse riders. James is like a bull with red cloth in sight, once he has his mind set on doing something. Right now it’s all about horse riding; he has no choice but to oblige his Nephew. They went Horse riding for just for a little while, by the time they got back, Jade had already gone. Dapo scanned the vicinity but could not catch a glimpse of her.

“I should have taken her number or even a mail or anything just to ensure I get to see her again”. He mused to himself.

To be continued.............

© 2020 Olumisin Tolulope Abisola

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