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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm Conclusion

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The curse has ended and so has this saga!

The curse has ended and so has this saga!

Laissez-nous seuls, Sadie Bakersfield ...

Renée began to think in retrospect.

“If she hadn’t died, I don’t think I would have ever been free of her evil control.” Renée said.

“It was inevitable. She was a very sick woman and didn’t want anyone to know. Hypertension, Diabetic, and high cholesterol the woman was like an accident just waiting to happen.” Lee pronounced.

“I remember how she used to eat all that rich-fatty foods. She was always mad at somebody and never smiled unless it was about something that was entirely beneficial to her.” Renée said remembering.

“I look forward to the day when Sadie Bakersfield is so far into our past memories that we never speak of her again.” Lee said.

“So you think that will ever happen, Lee?” Renée asked.

“It must if we are ever going to have a happy life together. Otherwise she will have won. Her control over your life will be complete.” Stephen said.

“Then I want to start by using my first name—the name that she hated but could not change Alexandria.” Renée said.

“Yes, that was one of the stipulations of your mother giving up custody of you. That she never change your name. She was hard press to ever mention it and most people never knew you as anything other than Renée Latimoore; even in literary circles.” Lee said.

“Very soon, they will know me as Alexandria Vandermier—wife and writer of western short stories!” Renée said, and she reached over to kiss Lee.

“And just call me Lee, your trusted sidekick.” Lee said with a western drawl.

“Alexandria and Lee Vandermier of the Montana wilderness; I like the sound of that.” Alexandria smiled.

“I like it too.” Lee smiled back.

Andie and Alex will always be happy in Raven's Roost. The beautiful countryside, the fresh air and the many adventures that still lie ahead!

Andie and Alex will always be happy in Raven's Roost. The beautiful countryside, the fresh air and the many adventures that still lie ahead!

Returning to Raven’s Roost ...

When they returned to Raven’s Roost, Lee was able to visit for another day before returning to San Francisco. Andie thought that moving to Montana sounded like an excellent choice. She said that perhaps Sir Alex and she would visit.

“Maybe one day, mother—but I feel that it is better that Lee and I visit you and father here.” Renée said.

“Why, Renée?” Andie asked.

“After the storm, there is always a clearing away of the debris. Just like now you are Andie Latimoore—I am Alexandria Vandermier; named for my father, Alex.” Alexandria said.

“It will be so strange not calling you Renée.” Andie said.

“Oh, you can still use it if you like however, that was Marme’s pet name for me, mother. Not only did she deny me you, but my name, my heritage, and all my friends.” Alexandria said angrily.

They were both quiet. Andie completely agreed with her daughter. So much time had been lost that would never be regained. There would be no grandchildren, either. Lee and Alexandria had already expressed how they felt about raising a family. Although a child at age thirty-nine was no impossibility—it was doubtful that they would want to but … one never knew!

“You know Edward and Katie are already planning a family?” Sir Alex said.

“I know that Katie is willing to take a chance. They are hoping for a girl first, and then if there were a boy he would be safe.” Alexandria said.

“I think that it would be wonderful if the two of you had children. I would love the opportunity of seeing a child.” Andie replied wishfully.

“Mother, I don’t know if Lee and I will ever have children.” Alexandria said.

“Don’t push her, Andie. Not everyone is a child barrier. Every time someone with the Latimoore blood sires a child there is a risk that it will be a male child first. It would be very unkind to put a young man through that type of hell, knowing that he wouldn’t live to be 21 years old.” Alex said firmly.

“Mother, I do agree with father. I understand Katie’s and Edward’s desire to have children and I don’t fault them. But they may have to deal with some very serious consequences, especially if the male is born first.” Alexandria said.

“Oh Renée, there is nothing I can do when you and your father double-team against me.” Andie laughed hugging one and then the other.

The beautiful Montana Wilderness!

The beautiful Montana Wilderness!

Meeting Life Head-on ...

Alexandria busied herself with sketches of the mountains and plains of Montana she acquired from historical books Edward had loaned her. When Lee finally returned from San Francisco, it would be time for her to leave and began a new life with her husband.

They had already purchased a parcel of land on a previous trip and contractors were now busy building a beautiful modernistic rendition of a log cabin. Having seen pictures of some of the most beautiful log cabins in the country— Alexandria had chosen a combination of several designs with a dash of her own imagination. The final results would be outstanding!

Lee had asked Alexandria to remain at Raven’s Roost until the completion of the house. Pictures of the progress were emailed to Alexandria and Lee was busy breaking in a new partner to the firm who would be handing the overage of clients. Lee remained controlling partner of the firm and wanted to limit his clients to the few affluent people he had serviced throughout the years: the Porterfields, the Davenports, the McGregors, the Westinghowsers, and the Bakersfield Foundation.

Although he never had to work because of his and his wife’s wealth, he wanted to maintain his legal abilities as well as become a successful rancher. Little did he know that it would later prove to be a challenging task. However, that is the basis of another story!

The End

Christmas Cottage Inn

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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