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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 9

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A Memorial Service ...

It was a few days later while Jon-Pierre was watching TV in the great room and Andréa was in the recreation room when he called to her.

“Andréa, chéri you must come quickly now!” he called.

Andréa entered the room just in time to see her ex-husband Alex looking down at a beautiful picture of her. There were flowers everywhere. Andréa thought he looked wonderful. He was immaculately dressed in a black tailored suit. She also saw her brother Jon-Luc. He was carrying a single scarlet rose and a white Bible. He looked every bit as handsome as her English ex-husband.

The cathedral was filled to capacity. Andréa recognized several ex-beaus and some women that had proved to be detrimental to her career. Her theatrical agent, Jerry Fischer was there as well as many of the Metro-Canadian Movies (MCM) executives. Alex’s handsome face was grief-stricken and stood out like a beacon. He was speaking.

“Andréa was a beautiful and talented woman. The years could never erase that distinctive radiance she possessed.” He said in his strong accent and there were quite a few “amen” accompanying his words from Andréa’s many male admirers.

“Andréa will always hold a special place in my heart. Her charm, her quick wit, and her vibrant personality, and the wonderful way— “Alex became so overcome with emotions that he could not complete his statement. The audience nodded their understanding and for many moments there was silence throughout the church. There were so many of Andréa’s friends and male admires that had come to pay their final respects.

Andréa looked at the sight and was overcome with sadness. She broke down and cried in Jon-Pierre’s arms for two minutes. After using a half-dozen tissues, she spoke.

“I never knew so many people loved me.” She sighed softly. “Poor Alex, his grief is so genuine. And to think, this really could have happened.”

“His grief would not have been real if he knew that you still lived, chéri. Look, there is your brother, Jon-Luc. He is a good actor, no? He has laid the one flower and Bible next to your portrait. Well … there is that vixen Sadie Bakersfield with her arm around your Renée pretending that she is so overcome with pain. And your daughter, she shows nothing. It is as if you never existed for her.” Jon-Pierre said sadly.

“That is all because of Sadie. How I let her weave her evil spell on me and my daughter, I will never understand.” Andréa said in remorse.

“The woman is a witch. I believe she cast an evil spell on both you and Renée. She would bewitch anyone who tried to keep her from her prize—the lovely Renée Latimoore! If she were here in France, I would conveniently have her throat cut!” Jon-Pierre exclaimed with venom.

Sadie had no desire to allow Renee to speak with her father and uncle … no, not after what she had done!

Sadie had no desire to allow Renee to speak with her father and uncle … no, not after what she had done!

A Reason to Use Caution ...

They watched Sadie as she ushered Renée into the waiting limo and how it sped away as Alex approached. Andréa shook her head and then the phone rang.

“Yes, Marquis we saw the ceremony. I think Andréa was touched by the sentiments of everyone there. I understand, Marquis. Oui, I am taking very good care of your daughter. (A secret smile was on Jon-Pierre’s face.) Oh, I see, Marquis. I will tell her, bonsoir.” Jon-Pierre hung up the phone.

“Père did not wish to speak to me?” Andréa asked.

“He thought he heard someone just outside the door and was going to investigate. When the Marquis calls later tonight, you may speak briefly to him. We must be very careful and tread lightly. There could even be someone in the chateau that is against you, however this I doubt.” Jon-Pierre retorted.

“Oh, that would be a tragedy!” Andréa replied.

“Have no fear chéri; Jon-Pierre is here, and he will take very good care of you.” Jon-Pierre smiled slyly.

“Yes Jon-Pierre, you have been taking very good care of me!” Andréa exclaimed smiling back.

“Would you like to experience a little more of how I take care of my special assignments?” Jon-Pierre asked.

“Oui!” Andréa replied.

Jon-Pierre … ever the businessman and the lover!

Jon-Pierre … ever the businessman and the lover!

Future Plans Revealed ...

Later that afternoon Jon-Pierre gave Andréa further information on what was going to happen within the next few days.

“Old Mr. Vandermier Sr. of Vandermier and Hitchcock Law Firm will be arriving at the chateau with your brother within three days. The Marquis has sent for him under the guise of being very ill. Also, that video recording you made will be played.”

“Oh, the one that was done here, and Jon-Luc took it with him to give to Mr. Vandermier?” asked Andréa.

“That is the very same DVD. Your brother had to be very careful not to be seen on the road. All the staff is loyal to the Marquis, but there could always be a spy in the camp. We would not want to put your father and brother in danger or for that matter any of the staff. I can, as you know, take care of myself.” Jon-Pierre replied with pride.

For the time between Jon-Luc’s departure and Jon-Pierre’s arrival, Andréa had been instructed not to answer the door, telephone, or go outside the cabin. She was told that Jon-Pierre would be given private instructions to the cabin and he would be using their père’s extra key. Everything in the cabin was operated by a huge generator outside which was serviced once a month by a private agency. There was no need for anyone to visit except for an occasional curious deer.

There were plenty of movies—Jon-Luc had purchased several DVDs and there were plenty of snacks to pacify Andréa during her brief time alone. Andréa had felt both sad and grateful for her unselfish deed toward the Baileys which had saved both her and Jon-Luc’s life—he never would have let her go alone—but sent some very nice people to their deaths.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 10

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 10
    It would be time for the lovers to part. Jon-Pierre knew in his heart that he could never let Andrea go but it would be impossible for her to stay. How do you say good-bye to the perfect affair?

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