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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 8

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Another Location Is Necessary ...

“Where will I be moved?” Andréa asked.

“You are going to the one place where Mademoiselle Bakersfield would never go looking for you! You are going to Raven’s Roost!” Jon-Luc said in triumph.

“I am going to live with Alex?” Andréa said in complete surprise and pleasure.

“Yes, but he doesn’t know it yet. He needs to continue to believe like the others that you are dead. Renée, Alex, and especially Mademoiselle Bakersfield must believe that you are dead in order for this subterfuge to work. Père and I are confident that she hired someone to stage your accidental death. However, since the clerk is dead, he cannot be questioned to find out who he talked to.” Jon-Luc paused and then began again.

“There must be more than one person in on this. These persons had to be smart enough to forge studio information and bribe the clerk. The car also had to be rigged to explode on impact and the brakes tampered with. Therefore you will never be safe in the United States or France; not as long as Mademoiselle Bakersfield lives! This is a personal vendetta!” Jon-Luc finished.

“I never knew her hatred for me was so strong.” Andréa cried.

“Nor my hatred for her; however, It is more likely that her desire to have Renée as her child is stronger than her apparent hatred for you, my sister.” Jon-Luc stated.

“She can never have children of her own, that I know but to stoop to murder to keep the child of your best friend?” Andréa replied.

“People have done many things out of desperation, Andie. After you explained to me your conversation with Mademoiselle Bakersfield along with what has just happened, and it is obvious that she would rather see you dead than to give up Renée. It is highly unlikely that such a witch can be considered a best friend.” Jon-Luc stated dryly.

“Yes, this is true. I surrender myself to the keeping of you and our père.” Andréa quietly sat back to enjoy the comfort of an overstuffed chair directly opposite the chaise lounge.

Jon-Pierre willingly and eagerly follows Andrea into the master bedroom! Lovers once again!

Jon-Pierre willingly and eagerly follows Andrea into the master bedroom! Lovers once again!

A Memory Returns ...

Jon-Pierre, the head of chateau security was chosen to guard Andréa. Jon-Pierre stood about 5’ 9”, had very dark brown hair, clean shaven and was partial to wearing Stuart Hughes Suits and Christian Louboutin Sneakers. He was 185 pounds of muscle and sinew. Jon-Pierre also possessed a serious demeanor with a twinkle in his eyes. The report that he had an eye for the Mademoiselles was not a rumor. However, he never took liberties and was totally trusted by both the Marquis and Jon-Luc. It had been decided that Jon-Luc should attend the services in place of his père since he was still a little under the weather.

Jon-Pierre’s loyalty was beyond reproach. He had been a member of the Directorate-General for External Security before becoming associated with the Marquis through a mutual friend. After the Marquis convinced Jon-Pierre into taking an “early retirement” he was hired to head an elite security force for the chateau. Since the Marquis was world renowned for his wealth, it was only natural that he wanted the best to safe guard his vast empire. Jon-Pierre had been trained in all the martial arts and was extremely well versed in weaponry.

Jon-Pierre arrived at the lodge shortly before Jon-Luc left for America. He had been thoroughly instructed on what to do and as always, he took his assignments very seriously.

Jon-Pierre liked the setup of the lodge. It would be a cinch to protect. There were no surprises or vulnerable areas and that made his job all the easier. He also liked the look of Andréa. She had blossomed into a beautiful mature woman that would never be mistaken for being 39 years.

Andréa had a serious crush on Jon-Pierre seven years ago and they had a clandestine affair. It had been after Andréa finished the filming of Journey After Dark. Andréa had been 32 years old at the time and Jon-Pierre had been 35 years. They had become such constant lovers that Andréa had conceived! However, the fetus aborted at only four months. Both Andréa and Jon-Pierre were grief-stricken. Then Andréa returned to America.

“Jon-Pierre, Comment allez-vous?” Andréa asked. (How are you?)

“Ça va bien, merci. And, chéri this is considering I am still on the mend.” Jon-Pierre said trying to look sincere. (Alright, thank you)

“Je ne comprends pas.” Andréa stated. (I don't understand.)

“Chéri, you left just when we needed each other so desperately.” Jon-Pierre looked solemn.

“Pouvez-vous répéter cela, s'il vous plait?” Andréa asked still speaking in French. (Can you repeat that if you please?)

“You revert to our native tongue just to toy with me. Chéri, I am not one of your American admires. This is Jon-Pierre. Do you remember?” Jon-Pierre asked moving closer and looking deep into Andréa eyes.

“Jon-Pierre, what we had was wonderful. I never thought I would get over you and now here you are back in my life again.” Andréa said meeting his stare with one of her own.

“And, had I not been consumed with your father’s duties I would have went running off to bring you back where you belong.” Jon-Pierre said fiercely.

“Aha and where is it that I belong?” Andréa tired mimicking a person trying to remember.

“You belonged with me of course. Who but another Frenchman could open the flower of your desire with such finesse?” Jon-Pierre said softly still looking intently into Andréa’s eyes.

“Yes, Jon-Pierre no one has ever loved me the way you did. Not Alex, or Robert or any of the other men!” Andréa said eyes blurred with desire.

“There is no one here now, chéri but you and me.” Jon-Pierre said.

“No one is here but the two of us.” Andréa said seductively and headed for the back bedroom with Jon-Pierre following close behind.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 9

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 9
    Andrea was deeply touched by the Memorial Services in her honor. However, had it not been for a twist of Fate, the services would have been authentic.

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