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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 7

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Père’s Magnifique Lodge ...

Soon, they pulled up to a beautiful lodge. The wood was smoothed, and the logs appeared polished. Jon-Luc helped Andréa out of the car and they walked toward the lodge. The knob on the outside door had the letter “D” carved on it. There was also an inconspicuous camera pointing toward the entrance which could be monitored from within.

Inside the lodge, beautiful hardwood floors were covered by a combination of faux leopard skins and Persians rugs. Although the Marquis enjoyed hunting; he preferred small game. There were all the amenities of home within a idyllic environment. There was a 70” plasma screen TV housed in a rustic walnut cabinet. The cabinet also contained a DVD player, an elaborate stereo system and a small snack bar. There were two large overstuffed recliner chairs and an elegant chaise lounge.

There were two bedrooms, one was in the garret and the other was off the recreation room. The garret bedroom had an excellent view of the plasma TV and the monitors that surveyed the front entrance as well as the rest of the house. There was a king-size bed, triple-mirrored dresser and small night stand. Because of the way the garret was made, a 40” conventional TV was located in a cabinet on the opposite wall of the bed. Strong beams supported the garret and stood in the great room like pillars. Jon-Luc loved this area of the house. And besides, the Marquis would never be able to navigate the stairs leading to the garret.

Andrea could understand why her père loved this place!

Andrea could understand why her père loved this place!

His father found sanctuary in the bedroom off the entertainment room because of the privacy it gave the inhabitant. It also housed a plasma TV that has a 60” plasma screen. Everything in the room was enormously stunning and relaxed. There were mahogany and oak furnishings everywhere. This rear bedroom afforded its resident a magnificent view of the French wilderness.

The entertainment area was also furnished with a 70” plasma screen TV. However, the cabinet was walnut and built-in. There was a table tennis area, an arcade setup and a billiard table. There was a full-sized kitchen which was equipped with a built-in stainless-steel refrigerator, dishwasher and double oven. There was also a microwave for the occasional quick meal. To the left of the kitchen was the enormous bathroom. It contained a jacuzzi, a walk-in bathtub, and an oblong toilet. The marble-tile floors were spotless, and the ceiling was polished logs. There was a double sink with a massive mirror mural.

Magnifique Lodge!

Magnifique Lodge!

Only Temporary Safety ...

The cabin was located on the edge of a steep cliff. There was only one entrance and exit and that was through the front entrance. Had it not been for a safety rope, one of the construction workers would have lost his life building the cabin. No one could approach the cabin unaware. It was a recluse’s dream.

There were no frilly curtains or doilies in the cabin. Heavy velveteen drapes or build-in Venetian blinds graced the windows. It was strictly a man’s abode. However, comfort and security were the mainstays of the cabin.

“Père likes roughing it in complete comfort.” They laughed.

“It’s beautiful! I know that any man would love to be able to call this place home. It is a wonder that père doesn’t move from the chateau here.” Andréa said.

“Then it would cease to be a welcomed retreat and become just another home!” Jon-Luc replied.

“You are right of course. How do you manage to keep such a place so clean?” Andréa wondered aloud.

“Oh, twice a week I bring Suzette père’s personal maid and Monique her daughter up here to do the cleaning. They don’t really know where this is located, and they are our most loyal servants anyway. They spend Tuesdays working on the great room and the recreational room and on Thursdays they take care of the garret and the back bedroom. It would be impossible to do it in a single day, and they are paid handsomely for their discretion.” Jon-Luc said smiling. Then he replied on a serious note.

“You will be safe here for now. But you can’t stay here indefinitely. The person responsible for these murders may know that you are still alive. Whoever it is may want to make sure that there is no residue of his deed. Also, if that Bakersfield woman has a hand it this, he may need to report to her.” Jon-Luc said frowning.

“Yes, I know.” Andréa said. “But I must admit; if I must be a prisoner this is the perfect place.”

“We must get rid of your cell phone, and every shed of evidence that can be traced back to you. There is a private line here at the cabin. It’s located on the wall leading to the garret. This line goes straight to père’s personal study. In that study he has a very personal phone line. No one goes there but père, me or Fife. Fife never answers the phone unless père and I are here or discusses any of père’s calls. He will contact us when the time is right. Then you will be moved!” Jon-Luc said with intrigue.

To Be Continued …

The Blood-Red Ruby: After tje Storm 8

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 8
    Andrea finds herself in the grips of an emotion just as strong as hate … love! Will she be able to resist the past or will she play the symphony of long lost desire?

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