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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 5

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Before the curse was lifted there had been serious consequences.

Before the curse was lifted there had been serious consequences.

A Shopping Spree With Jon-Luc ...

Andréa then shrugged and decided she would risk everything and have Jon-Luc drive her into town to run a few errands. Besides it was a lovely day, a beautiful car and very few people would know her in this small hamlet! It was perfect!

The first place they visited was a quaint little shop called … Le Shoppè. There you could get a wide variety of French figurines, small gallery style portraits, and samples of fine chocolates or confections.

“Oh Jon-Luc, isn’t this just a beautiful figurine of an angel. This would make a wonderful gift for Renée.” Andréa replied.

“It would if that beast Sadie Bakersfield allowed her to have it. But under the present circumstances, I don’t think she would give Renée a tooth pick if it came from you!” André retorted.

“You are right; Jon-Luc, but I like it just the same. So therefore I will purchase it for myself. And who knows this may prove to be a guardian angel.” Andréa smiled and made the purchase along with several others.

The next shop was a fabric salon and Andréa saw several rich threads she would have made into covers for her lounger and footstool.

“Please have these sent to the Marquis’ chateau.” Andréa said at the mention of the place the sales associate couldn’t do enough for Andréa.

“Oh, you must be visiting the Marquis on holiday?” The woman asked. Andréa was not willing to divulge her identity politely nodded.

“Oui.” Said Andréa.

“I have heard such wonderful things about the Marquis and his handsome son.” The sales associate continued and Jon-Luc blushed.

“Yes, I hear he is quite a handsome fellow.” Jon-Luc added in good humor.

Twin Andre Jon-Luc never missed an opportunity to impress a pretty girl!

Twin Andre Jon-Luc never missed an opportunity to impress a pretty girl!

A Mild Bit of Flirtation ...

The sales associate turn to face Jon-Luc who had been silent until this time. She eyed him with admiration.

“I doubt if he is as handsome as you, sir.” The associate said and then she blushed.

“Comment vous appellez-vous?” (What’s your name?) Jon-Luc asked.

“Je m'appelle Yvette.” (My name is Yvette.) The associate said.

“And, Je m'appelle Jon-Luc. May I call on you sometimes?” (My name is Jon-Luc) Jon-Luc asked.

“Oui, S'il vous plaît!” Yvette said. (Yes, if you please!)

Jon-Luc hurriedly took down Yvette’s information and left.

Andréa looked at her brother, laughed and shook her head.

“So, are you going to tell her who you are?” Andréa asked.

“No, I am not. Not unless she asks me that is.” Jon-Luc smiled.

“She seems like a nice girl, I liked her right off.” Andréa said.

“So do I!” Jon-Luc said.

“Why, because she thinks that you are probably better looking than the marquis’ son?” Andréa laughed.

“Well, that could be one of the reasons—but there was something about her that sparked my interest also.” Jon-Luc confessed.

“Yvette is definitely different from any of the other girls you have dated.” Andréa replied.

“Perhaps this is why I like her!” Jon-Luc said.

After looking around a few more shops and purchasing some DVDs, a few snacks, and a small pocket calculator, Andréa and André were ready for the return trip to the chateau.

What started as a wonderful excursion ended in tragedy for George and Edna Bailey!

What started as a wonderful excursion ended in tragedy for George and Edna Bailey!

A One-way Journey ...

While on the way back from the shopping spree some terrible news came over the radio.

“A car has reportedly careened off the road and burst into flames. Records indicate that this car had been rented by international actress Andréa Dupree. Ms. Dupree was here working on acclaimed author Bridget Hathaway’s book now turned movie: The Last Rites.” The announcer continued.

“Two unrecognizable charred bodies were retrieved from the wreckage. It would appear to have been an unknown man with her. There were skid marks as if the driver tried to apply brakes, but they did not hold. Why the car did not stop and burst into flames is still under investigation.”

At that moment, Jon-Luc slid the Lamborghini to a streaking halt.

“Andie, they think we are dead!” André said in complete surprise.

“Yes—yes I know. Please, let’s call our père at once.” Andréa cried in hysteria. “He must be beside himself with grief!”

Jon-Luc used his phone to dial the chateau, and then handed it to Andréa while he reversed the car.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 6

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 6
    An attempt was made on Andrea's life. It happened not too long after her conversation with Sadie Bakersfield. Beyond a doubt … the woman works fast. Money talks!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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