The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 20

Updated on November 17, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The Tranquil Gardens ...

Jon-Luc showed her the place where her grandfather and great grandfather were at peace. Jon-Pierre and his family would one day be given a place of honor in the Tranquil Gardens. He had proven to be a loyal and dependable ally. Renée had wreaths of flowers for her relatives. Then she focused her attention on Jon-Luc.

“If it had not been for grandfather and you, my uncle, those barbarians might have succeeded in their mission. Thank you for all your help. I also have a debt of gratitude to bestow on Jon-Pierre. I could never repay him as well.” Renée said.

"Nor can your mother repay him! However, he and his lovely wife are out of town at the moment but I will relay your gratitude!” Jon-Luc retorted with a sly smile.

“You are so very kind to do so!” A teary Renée added.

“So what do we do now?” Lee asked.

“Actually, all this belongs to Jon Luc and my Aunt Yvette, not to me as stipulated in the video will. They will enjoy it along with their adorable children. I hope Uncle Jon-Luc and Aunt Yvette have it for a very, very long time. Now, let’s return to the chateau.” Renée said.

The Tranquil Gardens: a wonderful place to obtain peace!
The Tranquil Gardens: a wonderful place to obtain peace!

A Loyal Informant ...

After they left the Tranquil Gardens and returned to the chateau, Jon-Luc ushered the couple into the Study.

“Before my father died—and I became the Marquis de Grandeur sharing the inheritance with my beautiful wife Yvette—one of our servants came with information regarding the ones who betrayed our family.” Jon-Luc said.

“Who told you; who were they and what happened to them?” Renée asked.

“Monique, my father’s personal assistant’s daughter came to me one night. She had been very much afraid to say anything because she was in fear for her life. She spoke of two Frenchmen who were at a tavern. They were bragging about an incident that happened many years ago. They spoke of how an American woman contacted them about killing one of our most beautiful French ladies. They told the American woman that it would cost her much money for them to perform such a deed against one of their famous countrymen.” Jon-Luc continued.

“Monique followed the men to the rental agency and saw them talking with the clerk. He was shaking his head and the men began to push him. The clerk nodded his head in agreement and the contract was signed. However, Monique said something went wrong and one of the two cars that were reserved was taken. That left only one car. My sister was assigned to that car! Then here come the Baileys and the plan was foiled. To keep from giving the money back to the American, the two men killed the clerk. Then they lied to the woman, so she believed that the deed was done.” Jon Luc said.

“So what happened to the two men?” Renée asked again.

“After Monique identified the two men, the man and his comrade met with a very unfortunate accident. They’re bodies have never been found. My servants have ways of dealing with those who would harm their benefactor! We have sheltered, provided for and protected our servants for years! Their loyalty could never be bought!” Jon-Luc finished triumphantly.

“And what about Monique?” Renée asked

“She was richly rewarded. She will never have to work again! And to protect her from further consequence, she has moved to another location.” Jon-Luc said.

“So, my mother is safe?” Renée asked.

“As if she were in the arms of the Pope himself!” Jon-Luc smiled.

“How can I ever thank you for all you have done, Jon-Luc?” Renée said in tears.

“Just remain as beautiful as you already are! Your mother is a wonderful woman and we all love her very much! She is now free to come with Sir Alex and visit till her heart is content.” Jon-Luc said. “And, so are you!”

“Merci, my uncle for everything you have done. You and your servants are welcome any time to come to our new home, once Lee and I settle down.” Renée said.

“And where might that be?” Jon-Luc asked.

“We’ll let you know. Let me also add my thanks!” Lee said who had been mostly quiet throughout the entire time.

It's hard for Alexandria to leave the Grand Chateau and all the wonderful things it represents!
It's hard for Alexandria to leave the Grand Chateau and all the wonderful things it represents!

A Teary Departure ...

There was much crying over the departure of Renée and Lee. Jon-Luc’s wife Yvette fixed a special breakfast and insisted that Renée and Lee wrap several of those wonderful biscuits of hers to take to Andie and Alex at Raven’s Roost.

“No one can make biscuits like you do, Aunt Yvette!” Renée said.

“Qui, I do know a thing or two about baking. Some day you must come back and let me teach you how to put some more pounds on that good-looking man of yours!” Yvette said hugging Renée.

“Qui, I must do that!” Renée said. And Lee and she were on the plane for England. On the plane ride back, Lee looked at Renée.

“Shall I build you a chateau in France or a castle in England to show my love for you, dearest Renée?” Lee smiled.

“That would be romantic, but it has already been done. How about building me a cattle ranch in Montana?” Renée asked.

Are you serious?” Lee asked. “Do you really want a cattle ranch?”

“I remember long conversations we used to have about you owning a cattle ranch in Montana when your father brought you with him on his business deals. I remember how you said it would be a great place for me to write westerns and you could still travel to San Francisco.” Renée said.

“Then your Marme would tell us to quit talking like a couple of morons. That I knew good and well that Renée would be settling in Bakersfield some day and would have no time for cattle raising nonsense.” Lee chuckled.

“Boy, are you out of your mind? My Renée is not moving to no Montana to start a cattle ranch. What on earth are you going on about? When things get straight Renée and I are moving to Bakersfield permanently! Now, get that notion out of your head, do you hear me? Besides—when my girl decides to marry—she is going to get her a nice Southern boy!” Sadie had said and that was the end of that.

To Be Continued ...

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        Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

        18 months ago from Memphis

        Finally, there is closure on what happened to the men who were involved in the accidental death of George and Edna Bailey although the world will never know it wasn't Andrea Dupree!


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