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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 19

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Dire au revoir, Sadie Bakersfield ...

The celebration continued in earnest. The union of Edward and Katie and the spoken commitments of Renée and Lee were the highlights of the afternoon. Andréa was overjoyed to have been able to experience a major landmark in her daughter’s life and Alex beamed.

“Renée finally did it, Alex. Lee has finally done it! That young man has been in love with our daughter since forever. Who could believe that one person’s death could hold the key to the happiness of so many lives?” Andie said incredulously.

“Sadie Bakersfield was an evil woman. I don’t know if she meant to be, but she was.” Alex reflected.

“I think she tried to compensate for all the wrong she was doing with her work with the cripple children of Bakersfield.” Andie added.

“Yes, it can’t be denied. Those children received help that would have otherwise been denied. And—with the research that Bakersfield Foundation provided—many other children around the world were beneficiaries of her benevolence.” Alex agreed.

“However, all the research in the world would not have compensated for what she had tried to do to you, my love—my life!” Alex concluded holding his most prized possession lovingly in his arms.

A Return to San Francisco ...

Lee told Renée that they would need to get back to San Francisco to take care of some important business but would return Raven’s Roost to map out their future together.

“Darling, we will only be temporarily delaying our honeymoon—but I have other important business to attend to in San Francisco.” Lee said.

“Yes, dear I know. I also knew that my thirty-eighth birthday would be something special. I could sense a new beginning. A beginning that I dare not have previously hoped for.” Renée said, and Lee put his arms around her.

“This is the way I always dreamed it would be.” Lee spoke softly into her ear. “This is why I waited for you.”

“Oh Lee, I feel like Sleeping Beauty finally awaken by the kiss of my prince charming!” Renée whispered back to him.

“Or maybe, Shrek!” laughed Lee.

“And, what are you two doing—whispering words of endearment to each other.” Katie Latimoore said smiling.

“They look as happy as we do!” Edward joked.

“No one can be as happy as we are.” Katie said blushing and turning to her new husband kissed him passionately.

A new beginning for Edward and Katie!

A new beginning for Edward and Katie!

A New Life for Katie ...

Edward and Katie would be going on a Caribbean cruise and then Edward would be returning to his professor duties at Oxford. Katie was going to miss country living but Edward promised they would return many times to Raven’s Roost.

“I love country living, Edward dear!” Katie said.

“We will have a flat in the city that will afford you a small garden to keep that green thumb of yours busy. However, Raven’s Roost is our country home. Even though Alex has his residence in London—he lives and breathes out beautiful Raven’s Roost. It was Andie who rescued it from the greed clutches of tax collectors and then graciously gave it back to the family. And, with the help of some very shrewd investments, Raven’s Roost will never know hard-times again! That Last Will video just made it understood that no one would ever take Raven’s Roost from Latimoores!” Edward proclaimed proudly.

“We will always be welcomed here, and so will our offspring!” Edward gave Katie a small smile. “And may the babe be protected from the Latimoore curse!”

A Visit to the Chateau ...

Lee and Renée returned a week later only to leave again for their honeymoon in Vienna, Rome, and then Paris. Lee followed Renée to France where she was the guest of her uncle Jon-Luc and Yvette Dupree.

They were treated like royalty. Renée loved France; this was the place of her birth. Though she had long become a U.S. citizen upon the insistence of her Marme; France still held the place of honor as her origins. No one could take that away from her.

“Renée Latimoore, you honor the Dupree name! And this is the lucky husband, eh?” Jon-Luc asked.

“Yes, Uncle Jon-Luc, this is Stephen, “Lee”. We have been friends since childhood, but were never able to make anything of it until last year.” Renée said.

“Yes, you don’t have to tell me. I have heard of the formidable Mademoiselle Bakersfield—the terror of the States!” Jon-Luc said with zest.

“I forgot you and grandfather had quite an adventure courtesy of Marme.” Renée laughed.

“Oh yes, my father and I had quite an adventure thanks to Mademoiselle Bakersfield. I remember how she almost killed my sister and me. I also remember how your mother had to be smuggled out of this country. But don’t worry. The Duprees and our servants pride ourselves with discretion. Although there is no longer need for alarm—the ones who would have killed my sister are no more!” Jon-Luc said.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 20

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 20
    Alexandria visits the tombs of her ancestors for the first time. She contemplates all that was loss by Sadie Bakersfield's life and all that was gained after Sadie Bakersfield's death!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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