The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 18

Updated on November 15, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

Katie is in Love ...

“Renée, I think I am in love.” Katie said sheepishly.

“It’s my Uncle Edward, isn’t it?” Renée said.

“Yes, it happened so fast. But, I knew it would when it finally did.” Katie said. “But he’s an Englishman.”

“When you’re in love, it doesn’t look at nationalities, or races, or religious beliefs. Love just happens. Being older, we don’t have time for the foolishness the younger generation goes through. The long courtships and games that they play before finally settling down.” Renée said.

“I think he is going to ask me to marry him.” Katie said.

“Well, he had better.” smiled Renée.

"People will say we're in love!"--From "Oklahoma!"
"People will say we're in love!"--From "Oklahoma!"

A Wonderful Wedding ...

Eight months later Alexandria Renée Latimoore and Stephen Vandermier Jr. were joined by Kathleen Kilpatrick and Edward Latimoore in a double wedding ceremony. The wedding was huge with relatives from the United States and Europe.

Alex was excited about giving Renée away to Lee and said his lines before the vicar asked. There was a small bit of laughter. Renée could not wear her mother’s gown, but she could still wear the veil. The gown was a Paris original of organdy, chiffon, and silk with actual rose petals sown into the bodice. The gown had to be sent just before the wedding to ensure the freshness of the flowers. There were pearls also sown throughout the dress of cream-beige, matching Andie’s veil exactly. Lee looked aristocrat with his tuxedo that bore the emblem of his family.

Katie also made a lovely bride with sparkles in her eyes and fresh flowers in her bouquet. Her white satin gown was every young girl’s dream and there were embedded small bits of prefabricated tiny gold nuggets.

Her father gave her away with a great smile. He was happy that his daughter was marrying into a wealthy family—even if they were English! Edward made a handsome groom, mimicking his good looks from his brother Alex. Some of the other Irish relatives were a bit stand offish because of the marriage—but seeing the genuine looks on the couple had to agree they seemed perfect for each other.

Alex has a man-to-man talk with his little brother!
Alex has a man-to-man talk with his little brother!

A Brotherly Conversation ...

Alex pulled his younger brother to the side and began to speak.

“You have made an excellent choice, I hope you know that?” Alex began.

“Yes, Alex I know what I have done.” His brother said smiling.

“Because of Katie, we have Renée safe, sound, and married in Hampton.” Alex said.

“Yes, brother I know it.” Edward commented.

“That woman deserves the royal treatment!” Alex said.

“Believe me brother, I couldn’t agree with you more.” Edward said.

“So, let’s not have any of your nonsense!” Alex said sternly.

“When I first laid eyes on Katie, I knew that my roaming days were over. She was everything you said she would be and more! I owe you on this one, Alex!” Edward said beaming.

“Bloody right, mate!” Alex laughed hugging his youngest brother.

A day in the life of every woman that is magic and wonderful! Renee was no exception.
A day in the life of every woman that is magic and wonderful! Renee was no exception.

A Day to Remember ...

Six of Katie’s cousins were bridesmaids for the duel wedding with Piper Kelsey (a friend from U.C. S. F.) as maid of honor. Andie sat demurely on the front row and several people remarked that Sir Alex’s second wife was even more beautiful than his first actress wife. This amused Andie and it gave her further confidence that her old way of life was far behind her and she looked forward to even more with Sir Alex.

Stephen “Lee” Vandermier Jr. managed to get away from his busy schedule to attend his own wedding along with his aged father and clasps his hands in laughter when Piper Kelsey caught both banquets although she was surrounded by many younger ladies.

“Well done Piper, I guess this means that you will be getting married next, huh?” Lee said.

“It would appear that way.” Piper said and giving her escort Billy Witherspoon a knowing smile. Mary Beth and Roger Kingsley surrounded Renée and said, “Looks like we’d better get ready the patter of tiny feet.”

“I agree, Mary.” piped Roger.

“Ok you two just hold it right there. There may be little ones somewhere in my future, but I am just getting started enjoying my life.” Renée laughed.

“You can enjoy it much more with children.” Mary said.

“No one should miss 2 am feeding and dirty diapers!” Roger laughed.

“The point is; you are still young. Even at age 38 people are having children. There is nothing like the joy a small child gives you.” Mary said.

“I agree with Mary. But I also agree with Renée.” Lee interrupted. Everyone looked at Lee.

“Renée and I have been through a lot together.” Lee said then turning to Renée, “I have waited for you through Sadie Bakersfield and many calamities in your life. You are thirty-eight and I am forty-one. No longer children and not quite ready to be put out to pasture.” Stephen ignored the fact that it was completely quiet, and everyone’s eyes were on him including the other bride and groom.

“I am ready for a change. I have devoted many years to my father’s firm as a law clerk, intern lawyer, and part owner. I have some very capable people on my staff and there is never any shortage of famous clients. I want to enjoy our life together. Although it would be nice to have children I want to travel, laugh, and spend the rest of my life just loving you and having you for myself.” Lee said with tears in his eyes.

“And I want to spend every waking hour discovering the mysteries of our love. A love that even time could not destroy! I love you!” Renée said.

“I love you!” Lee said.

“Well said, son!” Vandermier stood up beaming at his son with pride. “A toast to the bride and groom—Live, Love, Laugh!”

To Be Continued ...

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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      Ah … LOVE!


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