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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 17

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Turning Another Page ...

Alex then placed the receiver back on the hook and explained once again to Andréa what was going on.

“Then it is hopeless.” Andréa signed and placed her head on Alex’s shoulder.

“For the time being, that’s the way it looks, love. I will keep calling and just maybe Renée will answer the telephone. It’s doubtful but I won’t give up. In the meantime, we have each other and to quote Sadie—be grateful that you’re still here.” Alex concluded.

“Père is right. If that woman had any ideal that I was still alive, she would pay any price to have me done away with.” Andréa began to cry.

“I’m afraid that Sadie Bakersfield is a very sick, possessed woman. All we can do is to wait. Perhaps something will happen to end her reign of terror.”

Then in time Sadie died ...

Embracing the Here and Now ...

“Alex was contacted by Lee Latimoore and a letter was sent from Alex to the law firm for you, dear Renée. So this concludes the story of how Andréa Dupree-Latimoore, now only known simply as Andie Latimoore was rescued from the clutches of death and reunited with her husband and now her daughter!” Andie concluded with a smile.

“And, with Sadie dead and all those that she probably used to attempt the assassination of your mother rotting somewhere in hell, we can close that book forever. Everyone admired your mother. Only Sadie hated and despised the very sight of her. It is over, and we are all united!” Sir Alex said almost in tears.

“That is what I have always loved about you, my dear Alex. You have never been afraid to show your feeling.” Andie said.

“True playwrights must be fellows of emotions. This is how we are able to bring it to life on the stage.” Sir Alex said.

“I am just so very happy that things turned out so well. This is definitely the best birthday present I could ask for. Maybe you will one day tell me about the adventures you and father had while waiting for me?” Renée questioned and then embraced Andréa.

“I give your father the honor of giving you that interesting story. Now tell me daughter, what are your plans?” Andréa asked.

Jon-Pierre found much happiness in the arms of his wife, Antoinette!

Jon-Pierre found much happiness in the arms of his wife, Antoinette!

A Satisfactory Ending ...

“Well mother, I wish I could thank Jon-Pierre and Uncle Jon-Luc for taking so very good care of you.” Renée said.

“You will be able to thank both Jon-Luc and Jon-Pierre soon. Both have married. Jon-Luc eventually married that lovely shop clerk. And that darling Jon-Pierre met a beautiful French artist and they have a girl and a boy!” Andréa said smiling broadly.

“I am so glad; Jon-Luc and Jon-Pierre equally deserve so much happiness!” All were in complete agreement.

The click of the old-fashioned recorder broke the silence and the tape was handed to Renée.

“What will you do with this most valuable possession?” Her father asked.

Renée quietly walked over to the fireplace and threw the tape into the flames. Her father and mother both nodded in agreement.

“What has been revealed will forever remain hidden. We will never speak of this again. I do not wish some distant spirit to recapture a prize long forgotten.” Renée said.

“Yes, I agree. Your mother and I have shared wonderful years together. We waited like Christmas for the day that you would return. And, now that you have returned, stay awhile.” Sir Alex said.

“Yes, my dear we have a wedding to prepare anyway!” Smiled Andie.

Renee was excited about sharing her new life with Lee Vandermier!

Renee was excited about sharing her new life with Lee Vandermier!

Preparations for the Future ...

Later that day, Renée found her father alone.

“Father, I want to know about how mother and you got along while waiting for me. I mean, that was a twenty year stretch of time. My, so many things must have happened.” Renée said.

“Oh yes a lot of things happened in all that time. And, I will be happy to tell you about some of them. By-the-way, where is that new son-in-law to be?” Alex asked.

“Lee had to attend to some business in San Francisco. He will be back later to plan for the wedding. His father is also coming, although he is advanced in years.” Renée replied.

“Ah yes—that Vandermier is quite a character! So, are you ready to hear more of the exciting adventures of Andréa and Alex Latimoore?” Alex asked smiling.

“You’d better believe it!” Replied Renée.

Later that evening, Katie found Renée among the horses in the stable.

“Do you think my mother misses the glamour of the stage?” Renée asked while gently grooming a stallion called Ginger.

“How could she amidst the beauty of this country. No deadlines to meet, no directors to greet and she grows more beautiful and content every day. You can see it in her eyes.” Katie said. “She looks wonderful with that added weight. I just never cared much for bean pole beauties myself.”

Katie was by no means fat, but just enough weight in all the right places to be very desirable junior size 13.

“I agree.” said Renée who was also a very becoming junior size 11. She had never wanted to be any larger or smaller. She felt that it was the perfect size for someone who wanted to show that they knew how to enjoy life—but not too much.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 18

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 18
    After a terrible storm, the sun comes out and ushers in a beautiful day! Whether morning or evening, it is a refreshing change that renews the spirit. And, so it was with Andrea and her beautiful daughter Renee!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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