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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 16

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A Wedding and A Vow ...

It was exactly six months after arriving at Raven’s Roost that the vows were exchanged between Andréa Dupree and Alex Latimoore. Andréa looked like a princess in her champagne satin gown that was as soft as rose petals. She wore a diamond, emerald and sapphire tiara in her blonde curls and carried a bouquet of English wild flowers.

There were two receptions held. The first reception was for the immediate family. Vandermier was in rare form recalling the first nuptials and adding things hadn't changed that much except for her hair color and they now had a 19-year-old daughter. The Marquis and Edward Latimoore were discussing the differences between the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

“At least the bloody Americas didn’t rush Buckingham Palace and whack the heads off all the royals!” Edward proclaimed.

“No, but they did pour all your precious tea into the Hudson Bay harbor.” The Marquis chuckled.

“Maybe so, Marquis but our royals kept their bloody heads.” Edward threw back returning the laughter.

"I would imagine that a couple of Henry VIII's wives would argue that point!" And both the Marquis and Edward threw back their heads in laughter.

“You two men are incurable!” Andréa laughed then turning she caught Jon-Pierre staring at her while engaged with Alex’s sister.

“That fellow is sure getting an eyeful.” Alex said, and Andréa looked up.

“What did you say, dear?” Andréa asked not quite sure of what her new husband said.

Not quite a well-kept secret!

Not quite a well-kept secret!

A Secret No Longer Hidden ...

However, neither Jon-Luc nor Vandermier missed what Alex had said and both were looking at Jon-Pierre frowning. When Jon-Pierre caught their stares he was courteous enough to look away embarrassed.

“What’s going on?” Jon-Luc whispered to Vandermier.

“Some things are better left in the dark.” Vandermier cautioned.

“If you mean about Jon-Pierre and Andréa please!” Jon-Luc whispered. “Even my father knows about it.”

“No, you are kidding aren’t you?” Vandermier asked in utter shock..

“No indeed my experienced friend; my father knew about the miscarriage which you tried so cleverly to hide. Our hospitals and midwives keep no secrets from the Marquis.” Jon-Luc bragged.

“He never said anything to me!” Vandermier exclaimed feeling a wee bit indignant.

“Monsieur, we protect our own!” Jon-Luc gestured his hands into the air.

The second reception was later that night for friends and associates of Alex. Many marveled at how quickly he recovered over the loss of his ex-wife and some believed that he was seeing this one all along.

“Sir Alex was a very convincing ex-husband in mourning at the memorial services for Andréa Dupree.” One guest observed.

“It seems like he made a rather quick recovery, though I don’t blame him. This new Mrs. Latimoore is a knock-out!” Another guest replied.

News travels fast regarding Sir Alex's remarriage. Sadie Bakersfield takes special interest in this article.

News travels fast regarding Sir Alex's remarriage. Sadie Bakersfield takes special interest in this article.

A Successful Diversion ...

Word of the marriage made headlines in both Europe and the United States and speculations that Sir Alex had been able to overcome his grief in the arms of a beautiful blonde spread like wild fire. Sadie Bakersfield was satisfied that he would never be a problem of concern again.

“Englishmen—I’m not surprised that Sir High and Mighty found an English wench to fill his bed now that Andréa is gone. It’s like I told her—you can’t trust nobody but a Southern gentleman.” Sadie crowed smiling to herself. She had missed the sad look in Renée’s eyes.

For the next twenty years Sir Alex and Andréa tried to regain communication with their daughter, but it was quite obvious that Sadie Bakersfield would have no part of it. Alex was turned down on every attempt by Sadie.

“Why don’t you leave the girl alone and let her be happy.” Sadie told Alex once on a long-distance phone call. “You’ve got that new bride of yours and that should keep a man like you busy.” She hissed.

“You’ll never forgive me for choosing Andréa over you will you?” An aspirated Alex asked Sadie.

“I saw you first, then that siren beguiled you and took you away.” Sadie pouted.

Only Good Friends ...

“Sadie, you were just a good friend that’s all. Jeff and Ben and Tyler all agreed that you were a good time. I tried to treat you with respect.” Alex defended.

“Tyler and the rest were no gentlemen. They all misinterpreted my good intentions. Southern gentlemen would have never taken such liberties!” Sadie said self-righteously.

“Nate Abernathy was a southern gentleman and he had no problems discussing the liberties he was able to get from you.” Alex mocked cruelly.

“Liar, you are just saying this to protect Andréa. She took you from me and she tried to take Renée, but ha-ha she’ll never get her now!” Sadie smiled in victory.

“What are you saying, Sadie? Did you have anything to do with what happened to Andréa?” Alex asked getting an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Never mind Alex, what’s done is done. You just need to stop worrying about Renée, you hear? She’s mine and that’s it. You’ve got who you want, be grateful you’re still alive.” And Sadie slammed the phone down.

To Be continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 17

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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