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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 15

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Time For A New Me ...

After much insistence from Andréa, Hortense clipped and dyed Andréa’s hair. And the transformation was breath-taking! The beautiful cut made Andréa look like a different woman—younger and more vibrant! Her hair had been dyed a honey blonde but there was no changing those magnificent brown eyes!

Alex said he would miss the tumbling locks, but he would still be able to drown himself in the same eyes that were shared by both Andréa’s father and her daughter. Andréa felt that she would not have to don sunglasses or any other disguise when she went out with Alex. There was no resemblance of the old Andréa Dupree. As far as the world was concerned, that woman no longer existed.

Hortense agreed to visit the farm anytime Andréa need her hair properly coiffure. Hortense was happy to have such a beautiful steady client and also suggested the type of clothes that would befit her “new look.” Andréa was excited about the prospect of purchasing new clothes and was accompanied by Hortense and Rose on a brief holiday.

At the different shops Andréa was able to find skirts, jackets, scarves, and pumps that belied her new attitude! Hortense was captivated.

She found everything about Andréa refreshing. Rose liked her, too.

Plans for a Future Together ...

Andréa and Alex decided that they would have a very private ceremony with the Marquis giving Andréa away. Since he had completely recovered from his illness and Jon-Pierre his personal security officer would be with him; he was able to make the journey. Jon-Luc would also attend the ceremony accompanied by his female companion Yvette from the shop along with Alex’s siblings.

The Marquis arrived at Raven’s Roost two days before the ceremony would begin. Jon-Pierre kept waiting for the opportunity to be alone with Andréa. He had found it the evening before the ceremony. Andréa was in the gardens that surrounding the grounds and Jon-Pierre spotted her.

“I have finally found you alone.” Jon-Pierre said. Andréa had raised her head to look him in the eyes although he was coming toward her from a distance.

“Oh, my poor Jon-Pierre, how have you been?” Andréa said and before she could get any further he was taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

“It has been a small eternity waiting for this opportunity. I have been amusing myself with the local mademoiselles, but they cannot compare with you. Je t’aime!” He said.

“Je t’aime, aussi!” Andréa said. “We must not be seen like this. Please come with me to the caretaker’s cottage. He is in town on errands and will be gone the entire day.”

After today … there would be no turning back to embrace the past! Andrea would once again belong to Alex and Jon-Pierre would fade into the background!

After today … there would be no turning back to embrace the past! Andrea would once again belong to Alex and Jon-Pierre would fade into the background!

A Final Farewell ...

Under the watchful eyes of Vandermier, Jon-Pierre and Andréa made their way toward the cottage. As Vandermier turned to leave he walked right into Alex.

“You know of this, Alex?” Vandermier said in utter horror.

“Yes, I have known about this for some time. One of my friends works as a clerk at the General Post Office. He told me about Andréa going into town to post and receive mail. He even told me of her alias.” Alex said a matter-of-fact.

“What are you going to do about it?” Vandermier asked fearing for the safety of both Andréa and Jon-Pierre.

“I am going to do nothing.” Alex said frankly and started to walk back toward the castle. “I have always known that Andréa is not the type of woman that you can have completely by yourself. I would never harm her, you know that Stephen.”

“Yes, but what about Jon-Pierre?” Vandermier asked and stepped in front of Alex to make eye contact.

“And how could I blame Jon-Pierre for falling in love with the most extraordinary woman on earth! Let her have her little secrets. After two days, I will have her as my wife. To him, she can only be his lover, his mistress. To me, she will be my wife!” Alex finished in triumph.

A Man of Great Understanding ...

“I still don’t understand.” Vandermier said shaking his head.

“I will know to whom she writes and who she will be with if he dares to come back to England. Though it could prove to be difficult once the Marquis returns to France. He is the head of security for the chateau. His services are needed there. And, it is highly unlikely that Andréa will make the return trip to France. It is much too dangerous for her.” Alex said.

“Yes it is much too dangerous.” Vandermier agreed shaking his head.

“So, she will be here with me. Writing those pathetic love letters to a man who will never ever be able to fulfill her again as a man fulfills a woman. Let them have their little chance meetings. It is only a temporary thing, Stephen. In time, they both will forget!” Alex said.

“Are you so sure, Alex?’ Vandermier asked gazing toward the caretaker’s cottage.

“As sure as I am about marrying Andréa on Sunday.” Alex smiled and went to the stables to see about one of his horses.

Vandermier walked toward the castle shaking his head and thinking how weird young people were. Then remembering about his own personal affair with Suzette he managed a brief smile.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 16

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 16
    When Sadie found that there was nothing she could do to end the relationship between Alex and Andrea, she sought assistance from the only thing she knew had helped her in the past … sorcery!

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