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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 12

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Good-bye Is Not Forever ...

On the way to the airport, Jon-Pierre kept looking back at Andréa through the rearview mirror. She was making small conversation with Vandermier but twice she made eye contact with the man in the mirror and blushed slightly. Vandermier had taken note of the entire affair. Soon they were at the airport.

“Well, thanks for the smooth ride old chap. I can take it from here.” Vandermier said to Jon-Pierre going toward the back to retrieve his and Andréa small luggage. It was agreed that they must travel light.

“Au revoir, chéri! Je t’aime (I love you!)” Jon-Pierre said drinking deep from the well of Andréa’s eyes.

“Au revoir Jon-Pierre! Je t’aime aussi (I love you, too!)” And brushed Jon-Pierre across the lips before he hurried to the back of the car to help Vandermier with the bags.

All during the return trip Andréa was quiet. Vandermier was concerned and decided to broach the subject.

“Andréa we’ve known each other for quite a while haven’t we?” Vandermier commenced.

“Yes Stephen, you are my father’s closest comrade, why?” Andréa questioned.

“Because, I want to know, just between you and me—did you have an affair with Jon-Pierre?” Vandermier questioned.

“You know that I had a crush on Jon-Pierre during the filming of Journey After Dark, Stephen.” Andréa answered trying to dodge the question.

“And I have kept your secret about the loss of the baby as well” Vandermier said.

“And … monsieur?” Asked Andréa innocently.

“You know bloody well what I mean, girl!” Vandermier continued “Did you sleep with Jon-Pierre during your stay at the cabin?”

“Why would you want to know this?” Andréa challenged.

“Because there should be no complications regarding this matter. For your own safety you are going to live with Sir Alex. He loves you like no man could ever love a woman and you need to be clear on your motives.” Vandermier launched into the conversation.

“What do you mean, clear about my motives?” Andréa said.

“Jon-Pierre is not the man for you, Andréa.” Vandermier said.

“And who said he was?” Andréa asked hastily.

“Your heart said it.” Vandermier laid his cards on the table.

“Is it that obvious?” Andréa asked less defensively.

“To the trained observer, yes it is. But I will say nothing. I know Jon-Pierre and I like him. He should realize that your new home must be in England. You cannot continue to see him after you return to England. And … he must not come to you!” Vandermier said gently patting Andréa’s hand.

“I cannot control the actions of other.” Andréa flung back at Vandermier. Common sense told her he was justified in saying what he did; however could she explain to him that she loved two men!

“You will try! I shall play my role to the hilt, and I’d advise you to do the same.” Vandermier concluded and sat back.

To the unknowing, Andrea and Vandermier just looked like a couple on holiday. You could not determine Andréa age under her disguise and Vandermier was in rare form flirting and being somewhat of a rake and Andréa was having the time of her life laughing at the old gentleman. Yes, she would play her assigned role, but forget about Jon-Pierre, NEVER!

“Stephen, your reputation does you justice. You are a rascal!” Andréa laughed.

“Ha-ha just playing the part I was given and enjoying it.” He smiled.

“So are you two sweet lovebirds on holiday?” An English passenger asked.

“Absolutely!” Mr. Vandermier replied and gave Andréa another pinch on her bottom and she squealed “Stephen” with delight.

The terminal seemed unusually empty to Andrea but it was just her imagination … and longings!

The terminal seemed unusually empty to Andrea but it was just her imagination … and longings!

A New Life Begins ...

Arriving at the airport, Alex was there to greet them. He could not recognize his ex-wife and laughed.

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Vandermier may I welcome you back to England!” He said and could hardly retain the laughter when once again Vandermier gave Andréa’s bottom a pinch.

It was only when they were safely settled in on the farm that Sir Alex was able to show how very pleased he was to have his wife back. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately. Andréa returned his kisses. It was very enjoyable to be in Alex’s arms once more. But it was not like with Jon-Pierre!

“When the news of your accident hit CNN, I thought I would die as well. I knew then that there would never be a way of winning you back.” Alex confided.

“Alex, dear you have always been special in my heart, but I never thought we would ever have a second chance.” Andréa cooed.

“Sadie Bakersfield did everything in her power to keep us apart. The letter she sent to me those many years ago said that you were finished with me; the only decent thing I could do was give you the divorce and to let you live your life.” Alex said.

“When I received the papers from you, I felt that you were finished with me. Sadie said that I was a fool for ever thinking that you were serious about me anyway!” Andréa said clutching closer to Alex.

“All this wasted time thinking that each was finished with the other. Darling the only reason I insisted on the abortion was the fear of passing my accursed genes to our unborn child, but as fate would have it girls are immune to it.” Alex added.

“Yes, and by the time that was proven Sadie Bakersfield had her manipulative claws into our Renée and refused to let go. She was in a sense punishing the both of us for loving each other.” Andréa said close to tears..

“Well, my darling I have you back where you belong, and I am NEVER going to let you go!” Alex said holding Andréa very close to him and practically forgetting that Vandermier was anywhere near.

“I see you two don’t need me.” Vandermier spoke up and gave Andréa a wink.

“Stephen, excuse me please! Let me just thank you again for all that you have done. This is the happiest moment of my life.” Alex said.

“Actually, Jon-Luc and Jon-Pierre desire most of the credit.” Vandermier said before he could give thought to the words. Andréa winced as it she had been struck, and Vandermier silently cursed.

“Is there anything wrong, my love?” Alex asked.

“No, Alex nothing is wrong. I just felt a small pain in my side. I am sure it is nothing serious.” Andréa lied.

“Do you need to see a doctor, then?” Alex asked out of concern.

“No, I will be fine. I just need to lie down for a while. Do you have my room ready?” Andréa asked.

“Well … I was hoping that you would be bunking with me, Love.” Alex said sounding a bit disappointed.

“I’m sorry, Alex darling I am a bit tired.” Andréa said.

“It’s probably from the whole bloody experience and the journey here. Alex old fellow give the girl a rest before you tear into her.” Vandermier said jokingly but he was trying to buy Andréa some time to come to grips with her decision to leave Jon-Pierre.

“You are right of course, Stephen. Dear, I will have my housekeeper arrange a suite of rooms for you. There you can get yourself together at your leisure. How is that?” Alex asked.

“Oh Alex, that would be perfect. It would give me just the time I need.” Andréa said knowing that only Vandermier knew the true meaning behind those words.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 13

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 13
    Andrea's heart ached for Jon-Pierre her French lover— but she also was in love with Alex as well. The only fact that endured was one would be her husband and the other would be her secret desire—but who?

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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