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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 11

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The Heart Knows ...

“You are lying Jon-Pierre, I know you are. No one could possibly display such passion on the guise of being just an assignment.” Andréa said.

“If I look at this any other way, then I cannot let you go, chéri and I must let you go. We should never see each other again and we must never speak of this.” Jon-Pierre cautioned.

“We should never see each other again?” Andréa questioned.

“Yes.” Jon-Pierre said firmly.

“But why, I want to stay in this lodge with you, Jon-Pierre.” Andréa said her voice cracking and her nose starting to run.

“And, I want you to stay with me, chéri and now I have said it. But it must now be forgotten. I have already violated a sacred trust by allowing myself to be overwhelmed by your beauty. For that discretion is unforgivable! However, if I had to do it again I would chéri, over and over again.” Jon-Pierre grabbed Andréa and kissed her fiercely.

“Oh, how can I do this chéri? How can I let you go to that cold Englishman?” Jon-Pierre gritted threw his teeth. “You must promise that you will let me come to you!”

“But Jon-Pierre how …” Andréa started.

“Just promise me that you will do as I have asked.” Jon-Pierre repeated.

“I promise.” Andréa said like a 5-year-old. Then it was Andréa who grabbed Jon-Pierre and kissed him with abandoned passion.

“Ah, very good, and now chéri I will melt into the background.” Jon-Pierre said. “Until such time as I can free myself of obligations from the Marquis; I will come to you as a sleuth in the night, to claim my prize!”

The hat and sunglasses were the perfect disguise for Andrea. Now she had to put on the rest of her costume!

The hat and sunglasses were the perfect disguise for Andrea. Now she had to put on the rest of her costume!

The Great Escape ...

It was agreed that Mr. Vandermier would escort Andréa to the revived Sir Alex. Since Vandermier was English, there would be no question as why he would be going to London. Sadie wouldn’t care—as long as it didn’t involve Renée.

When the Marquis called him with the news, at first Sir Alex thought the old man had become so overcome with grief that he lost his mind. Then, when the Marquis explain everything that had happened leading up to the incident and afterwards a joyous Sir Alex was beside himself. He wanted to be the one to retrieve Andréa but realized that could prove extremely detrimental for Andréa. So he was contented with the plan.

Andréa donned herself with the disguise she had chosen. She decided to throw herself into her new role although a part of her begged to remain in France. The disguise would fool those who did not know her well. Andréa had only one demand—that she not have to cut off her luscious locks. However, she had to agree to them being trimmed down a bit. She also had to wear a very large western-style hat. A long flair Versace black skirt, a black striped Marc Jacobs Cardigan, a pair of small comfortable Manolo Blahnik black boots and a tiny black Louis Vuitton handbag would complete the look of wealthy but with a hint of ostentation.

The black ensemble was completely out of character for the colorful and flamboyant Andréa, who loved wearing her gorgeous hair flowing, tight-fitting red jeans, and very high heels that complimented her 5-foot petite frame. The final touches were a pair of sexy Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses to cover those beautiful brown eyes!

“If I am to be a sober woman, I shall do it in style!” insisted Andréa laughing haughtily.

Because of Vandermier’s connections with a few rather questionable gentlemen; he was able to acquire a fake passport for Andréa and the two of them were off to Raven’s Roost, on the outskirts of Hampton. Her father and brother both hated to see her leave, but they knew that she would never be safe there as long as the assailant lived.

“S'il vous plaît, my old friend, take very good care of my Andréa—my chéri!” the Marquis said to Vandermier.

“You can always count on me, Marquis. Jon-Luc is your dutiful son, Jon-Pierre is your faithful watcher and I am your closest friend and neither of us have every failed you!” Vandermier said smiling at all three men.

“Be safe my lovely sister and let us know when you arrive, s'il vous plaît. Jon-Pierre, you will drive them to the airport?” Jon-Luc said.

“Yes Jon-Luc, I will drive them to the airport using the many back roads that I am familiar with. I will insure that they are safely on board and I will watch the plane as it departs. Marquis, there is no need to fear that any mishaps should befall our jewel.” Jon-Pierre said to the two men and with that they were off. Only Jon-Luc noticed the emphasis Jon-Pierre put on our jewel.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 12

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 12
    Destiny has dealt Andrea a second chance at life. Not many people are give such a wonderful opportunity. But what she does with this gift is entirely up to her!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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