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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 10

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A Visit to the Marquis ...

When Vandermier Sr. and Jon-Luc arrived at the chateau, they went straight to the Study of the Marquis. Vandermier verified that everything was done and how indignant Sadie Bakersfield was to have lost both the allowance and control over Renée. He also told how excited Renée was with the opportunity to go to college in San Francisco. Everything was going according to plan.

“So, that Bakersfield demon was a little upset at the changing of her allowance?” asked the Marquis.

“Upset, she was beside herself. Felt the whole bloody thing was unfair to her. Had the nerve to think she was entitled to the money. But what really made her mad was the fact that Renée would be staying in California to complete her education.” Vandermier said.

“And how did she feel about the California Estate being put into escrow?” The Marquis inquired.

“She was livid. This is money that she can no longer get her grimly paws on. That hellion was using Dupree money to finance that blasted foundation of hers. It takes a small mint to operate that thing and that mansion of hers in Bakersfield. Her parents put everything they had into that foundation. That is everything except the land surrounding Bakersfield. They were afraid of land developers!” Vandermier said.

“I’m sure she didn’t want her town relying on outsiders. No outside money bringing in commerce and jobs. The only jobs in Bakersfield have to do with Bakersfield.” The Marquis said in abhorrence.

“How could Andréa have ever gotten tied up with a character like Sadie Baersfield?” Jon-Luc asked.

“Bakersfield saw a gold mine in your sister. Naïve and beautiful Andréa was fair game for a charlatan like Bakersfield.” Vandermier said in revulsion.

“I think it was apparent from the beginning that she was a gold digger, but my sister as you say, was very naïve.” Andre agreed.

“And Bakersfield must never know about the fact that Andréa lives!” The Marquis said. “No one other than the ones in this room, Jon-Pierre, and Alex should have this privileged to this information.” The Marquis said, and Andre agreed.

“Not even my son should know about this?” Vandermier asked.

“No especially your son should not know; because of his ties with Renée. If he were to leak out any information— Andréa would be as good as dead. We will NOT be given a second chance. No one else must know. It is unfortunate that so many know already—however all are without question reliable!” The Marquis added.

“I do hope that by Renée’s 38th birthday, something will have happened to release her from the grip of Sadie Bakersfield.” Vandermier replied.

“If not, I will do something myself!” Jon-Luc replied.

“You must tread lightly when dealing with that woman. She is a champion of the Black Arts.” Vandermier replied.

“Ha, I knew she had a familiar spirit!” Jon-Luc said.

“Yes and there are some things about Sadie Bakersfield's grandmother that I am sure she would not wish divulged. This is the only reason she has not tried her skills on me. Alex Latimoore has the information and it is in trusted with him. If anything should happen unnatural to me, he will release it to the authorities.” Vandermier said.

“And, what shall become of Andréa?” Vandermier asked.

“She will go to Raven’s Roost!” Both the Marquis and Jon-Luc replied.

Andrea would leave to spend the rest of her life with Alex but a part of her would always be hidden within Jon-Pierre!

Andrea would leave to spend the rest of her life with Alex but a part of her would always be hidden within Jon-Pierre!

I Will Always Love You ...

The Marquis called Jon-Pierre to alert him that Jon-Luc and Mr. Vandermier would be on their way to the lodge. Then he requested to speak to his daughter.

“Very soon, my daughter you will be out of the country and under the protection of the man who loves you as I do.” The Marquis said.

“Yes I know père and I appreciate you ever so much for this.” Andréa cried. After further conversation she hung up the phone. Then she turned to Jon-Pierre.

“They will be here soon.” Andréa said sadly.

“Do not be sad, chéri. We both knew that this day would come.” Jon-Pierre said holding Andréa close.

“I have enjoyed every minute of your company. This assignment has been the best I have ever had.” Jon-Pierre said smiling.

“So, is this all this was for you, Jon-Pierre an assignment.” Andréa said with eyes filled with hurt.

“But of course, chéri I thought you knew.” Jon-Pierre lied. He could not have her to know that he had fallen back in love with her. Then it would not only be too hard for her to go, but it would be too hard for him to let her leave. However, Andréa saw through his subterfuge.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 11

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