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The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm

Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

With the curse broken … the danger of its evil influence is over!

With the curse broken … the danger of its evil influence is over!

Prelude ...

It had been two months since Renee and her father returned from Haiti. She was feeling on top of the world and working on a new set of short stories in an apartment Lee had found for Katie and her. Alex decided that it was time that he repaid his daughter another visit.

“Well daughter are you ready to start a new adventure and a new life?” Alex asked.

“I am more than ready, father.” Renée said smiling.

“And, what about you, Katie; are you ready to leave the past behind?” Alex asked.

“Are you kidding, Sir Latimoore. There has never been much for me in Bakersville. Working in the Bakersville Library was a good job and I enjoyed it, but without Renée, Bakersville would just have been sheer boredom.” Katie said smiling.

“Good girl. I have my own personal library and it’s about time I had someone on salary getting everything together and documented.” Alex replied. “And, I would like you to meet my youngest brother.”

“Oh, thank you so much Sir Latimoore!” Katie said giving him a hug and making the older man blush.

“No, I thank you for helping keep my Renée safe.” Alex said smiling. “And please, call me Sir Alex?”

The main house was a place where you could relax and feel completely at home!

The main house was a place where you could relax and feel completely at home!

The Discovery of a Lifetime ...

The singing of birds woke Alexandria Renée Latimoore; this signified the first stirrings of a new day. She had been at Raven’s Roost, Sir Alex’s farm for almost a week now. A lot had happened to her during the past thirty-eight years. She could only pray that the next thirty-eight years not mirror the last. The many discoveries she made caused her to wonder how she survived the strong negative influence of her Marme.

Then she thought about her fiancé Lee and her dear friend Katie. The two of them had accomplished so much in such a short time. And, they did it because they wanted no vesture to remain of the past for her. They wanted nothing that would link Renée to Bakersfield. And thanks to the efforts of Jabari and Amara in Haiti, there would be no ghost of Sadie “Marme” Bakersfield.

And the biggest discovery of all was to find out that after all these years, her mother was still alive! It was like being in a wonderful dream. When her father introduced Andie as her mother; Renée suddenly passed out. Sir Alex consequently feared that his daughter was having a relapse. The village physician was immediately called in. The doctor said it was just shock and she would be fine in a couple more days.

Renee was so happy that her mother was alive!

Renee was so happy that her mother was alive!

My Mother, Andréa ...

The door opened quietly, and Andréa entered the room. She was looking as beautiful as ever in a lovely green camisole top with matching pajama trousers and slippers; her short ashen blonde hair looking like a halo around her head. At fifty-nine Andréa looked more like a vision of loveliness in her thirties.

“Good, you are awakened. So, how do you like it here?” Her mother asked smiling from ear to ear.

“It’s lovelier than I could ever imagine. I can’t believe it’s really you?” Renée said returning the smile.

“Yes, I know, my darling. But I will explain everything to you shortly.” Her mother said.

“Please mother, tell me now. Tell me the wonderful story of how you came to be standing before me alive and well.” And, as Renée made that statement her father and Lee entered the room. Alex’s face lit up as he admired his lovely wife. Lee sat at the end of the bed after brushing his lips across Renée’s.

“And what are you two discussing, as if I didn’t know?” Alex said standing behind his wife and giving her a soft kiss on her lovely neck.

“I was asking mother to tell me the story about how she resurrected!” Renée said feeling like an eight-year-old.

“We have so very many things to discuss. But—yes I will tell you the story. Let’s have breakfast first and then adjourn in the Library. Lee, give your lovely bride-to-be a hand. I may even tell Alex to fetch a recording device so that he can document the entire story. Then you can hear it whenever you like.” Andréa laughed. Renée thought it was wonderful hearing her mother’s voice!

Katie is more than just a little captivated by the handsome Edward Latimoore.

Katie is more than just a little captivated by the handsome Edward Latimoore.

My Brother, Edward ...

The four of them journeyed downstairs to the kitchen where they were joined by Katie and Alex’s youngest brother Edward Latimoore, the professor of World History at Oxford. Renée could tell that the two of them were in deep conversation. When they heard Alex clear his throat, they stop, and Edward arose to help his sister-in-law Andréa to her seat.

“It’s really been good having you here, Renée.” Edward said smiling. “And, I’m beginning to see why you are so fond of Lee. He can converse on a wide variety of subjects.”

“Oh, and you are only happy to see my Renée and Lee?” Asked Andréa and everyone laughed including Edward.

“No, Andie—it’s been simply heavenly having Katie here as well. She is such a refreshing blend of both Irish and American! I’ve been encouraging her to take some graduate classes at the university. We could most definitely use a librarian such as she. Katie would be a credit to us!” Edward said, and everyone knew what his real meaning was.

“Yes, yes let’s have breakfast. Andie is going to tell that charming story about how she escaped the clutches of death and Sadie Bakersfield by a strange twist of fate!” Alex said.

“Death and Sadie Bakersfield; I wonder which is worst?” Edward laughed.

To Be Continued ...

The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 2

  • The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 2
    After getting over the shock that her mother was yet alive, Renee begins the healing process by listening to her mother's portrayal of what happened so many years ago!

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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