The Blood-Red Ruby: After the Storm 3

Updated on November 5, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It was just a matter of time until Sadie made good on her threat.
It was just a matter of time until Sadie made good on her threat.

A Father’s Concern ...

After Sadie hung up the phone, Andréa sighed heavily. Then she turned to her father and told him everything that Sadie had said.

“I’m not surprised.” The Marquis said. Then shaking his head and displaying his concern; he very gravely spoke again.

“My daughter, I believe that your life is in peril. You must take the utmost precautions. The arm of Sadie Bakersfield is long, and she can reach even here in France.” The Marquis warned.

“What do you mean père?” Andréa cried feeling very distressed over the entire situation.

“What I mean is that hatred and money are strong allies; with them you can make all kind of things happen. And, with that hefty allowance you have provided Bakersfield; she has the means to make things happen.” Her father repeated.

“But what am I to do père? I have to finish this picture.” Andréa replied.

“All I am telling you is to be careful, my child.” the Marquis said. “Let Jon-Luc go with you as a sort of escort. No one need know about your conversation with that Bakersfield demon.” He said.

“I need to pick up the rental car for that trip to the coast.” Andréa said. “The studio always provides me with a car for my personal needs and they are usually very nice.”

“Nonsense, there are plenty of cars here. Your brother Jon-Luc will be happy to drive you in one of these.” the Marquis insisted.

“If indeed I am in danger then will not one of your cars be targeted? Besides, the car has already been provided by the movie company. All I have to do is get it. Don’t worry père, I will be fine.” Andréa said happily.

Jon-Luc is both a handsome and devoted brother.
Jon-Luc is both a handsome and devoted brother.

Bantering With Jon-Luc ...

Giving him a short kiss she hurried to find Jon-Luc to take her into town to get the rental car. His duties had been increased since his father was recovering from a recent illness. Andréa found Jon-Luc in the stables tending one of the horses.

“Jon-Luc comment allez vous (how are you?) Père wants you to drive me into town to pick up the rental car s'il vous plait (If you please.)” Andréa said always happy to see her twin brother. One day he would become the Marquis de Grandeur.

“Bonjour, Ça va bien, merci (Alright, thank you.) Chéri, allow me to finish with this stallion. He has been favoring his right leg and I want to make sure there is no damage. Sometimes one has to be blacksmith and veterinarian.” He said giving her a quick wink.


“What is wrong with one of our cars? I have just purchased a lime-green Lamborghini.” He replied and minutes later they were on the road heading into town. Jon-Luc was a fast and skillful driver, taking curves with finesse.

“Ralentir avant vous avoir l'accident (Slow down before you have the accident.)” Andréa protested. “This is the very reason I wanted a rental car!”

“Living in California has made you soft, chéri!” Jon-Luc laughed. He always enjoyed teasing his older sister by 5 minutes.

Jon-Luc loved possessing beautiful cars and beautiful women … he was reckless with both!
Jon-Luc loved possessing beautiful cars and beautiful women … he was reckless with both!

Sadie’s Threat ...

Andréa thought for a moment, and then she decided tell Jon-Luc about the conversation she had with Sadie Bakersfield and what her father’s reaction was.

“Père is right, that woman is a witch. You need to proceed with caution, Andie. That woman is capable of doing a lot of damage. Just look at the way she has turned little Renée against you, and the entire family for that matter. Why you ever allowed that demon to have custody of your daughter is beyond me?” Jon-Luc said angrily.

“I wonder myself now. Sadie was such a lonely and bitter person. She has never forgiven me for marrying Alex, you know.” Andréa reflected.

“That was her grief, not yours chéri. Alex fell in love with you, I doubt if he has ever been in love with that willing witch. You know, she has a familiar spirit.” Jon-Luc said.

“It has been rumored. I do know that she has visited Haiti on a couple of occasions. I thank God that she has never taken Renée on any of those excursions.” Andréa said shaking her beautiful hair from side to side.

“Nevertheless, her influence on that girl is unnatural!” Jon-Luc said as he masterfully maneuvered the car into the rental parking lot.

To Be Continued …

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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    • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      20 months ago from Memphis

      The stage is set for tragedy!


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