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Terror From McKellar Forest 8

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

He's in Morgan's Bluff!

He's in Morgan's Bluff!

A Town Under Siege …

Early the next morning, Officer Collins is out making his rounds when he comes across a gruesome sight. Two bodies that seem to have been put through a human shredder are in Smith’s Alley. Looking around, Officer Collins pulls out his revolver and slowly approaches the scene. The stench is so horrible that he reverses. Shaken, he returns to the Morgan’s Bluff Police Station. Unable to say a word, he sits on a bench. Sargent Miller is at the front desk.

“Collins, Collins what on earth is wrong with you?” Officer Collins looks up at Sargent Miller, then back at the floor.

“Chief McGuire, I think you’d better get out here.” Sargent Miller yells at the door marked Chief of Police.

“What the devil—” Chief McGuire retorts before looking over in the direction where the Sargent is pointing. He slowly approaches Tim and sits down next to him.

“Miller, get this boy a strong cup of coffee.” The Chief orders before gently beginning his interrogation of Officer Collins. “What happened son—what did you see?”

“It was awful Chief, simply awful. There was Mrs. Carpenter and little Jessica—that sweet little red-haired girl!” Officer Collins commences and then burst into tears. “They didn’t stand a chance!”

“Dammit! That Mayor won’t be satisfied until he gets all of us killed. I’m sorry, Tim. Please go on.”

Officer Collins begins his eerie tale of the mangled bodies as if some deranged demon’s handiwork had been discovered. There is evidence bodies missing their limbs and the poor child’s face showed a look of utter horror as her vital organs must have been ripped out. Officer Collins has to be helped to the Men’s Room as his bowels are no longer able to contain their contents.

“Sargent, I need your help in assisting Collins. If he needs medical aid see to it. Brooks, Parker and Adams come with me. I’ll need you to keep me from wringing the neck of Mayor Hodges. Houston, you grab your digital camera. I want Hodges to see these photos. I had Collins alert the National Guard, the festival will be cancelled even if I have to lock that s.o.b. up myself.” The Chief barks his orders and the men quickly obey.

Ellen happens to be on the street for her morning jog when she eyes the Chief and a few officers standing at Smith’s Alley—a favorite shortcut for the locals.

“What’s up, Chief?” Ellen asks as she heads toward the men blocking the alley.

“Go back, Ellen! This is nothing for you to see.” But before the Chief can impede her view, she sees a sight that would turn the strongest man’s stomach.

“Oh no—no, no, no!” Ellen screams.

“Get her out of here, Officer Brooks. Make sure she arrives home safely and keep her there, even if you have to sit on her. Inform her parents of what has happened and advise them to remain close to home unless absolutely necessary. The Ripper has arrived at Morgan’s Bluff!” The Chief proclaims as he returns to the bloody scene.

Ellen is trembling all the way back to her parents’ home as Officer Brooks explains to them what has happened.

“Ellen, haven’t I warned you numerous times about those early morning runs of yours.” A frantic Justin Corbet admonishes. “That very well could have been you.”

“Listen to your father, young lady. He’s absolutely right. I can’t understand why Mrs. Carpenter and young Jessica would be out this early in the morning?” Emily Corbet replies, dressed in a yellow flowered robe. She has been standing in the doorway the entire time and hears everything.

“My bet is that it happened late last night. Mrs. Carpenter sometimes goes to get medicine for Jessica, taking her along so she can administer it immediately.” Ellen informs them.

“And how would you know this?” Justin questions.

“Sometimes, when I used to work the late shift, I would meet her, and she told me. Oh, this is horrible. I totally blame the Mayor for this. Had he listened in the first place—but no, all he’s about is lining his pockets with revenue from the sales at the Beef and Beer Bash.” Ellen replies vindictively.

This has gotten serious!

This has gotten serious!

“That’s pretty harsh, Missy.” Officer Brooks reprimands.

“So is the death of two very fine people, Officer Brooks.” Justin reminds him. “So, what now?”

“The Chief has gone to have a word with Mayor Hodges—plans on showing him the pictures Bob Houston is taking.” Officer Brooks answers.

After several photographs are taken, the Chief informs other men of the situation. Within minutes, a cleanup crew is on the scene scraping the remains of the Carpenters. While Lt. Frye has been left to oversee things at the crime scene, Chief McGuire along with Officers Parker, Adams and Houston make their way to the Courthouse. They are waiting at the steps when Mayor Hodges makes his arrival.

“This looks like a very unhappy gathering, what’s seems to be the problem now, Chief?” The Mayor inquires as McGuire thrusts Houston’s camera into his hands. “What’s this?”

As the Mayor looks at one picture after the other, his face turns an unsightly shade of red. “What’s the meaning of this? What happened here?”

“It’s the creature that you claim is only a fragment of an overactive imagination.” Chief McGuire growls.

“Was this little Jessica Carpenter?” The Mayor questions, then grabbing his handkerchief, he tries to hold everything inside. “I don’t understand?”

“Your ignorance has caused the death of quite a few fine citizens.” The Chief accuses.

“You can’t blame me for this! Why weren’t your men on patrol? Why didn’t somebody hear screaming? Why—” An angry Chief McGuire cuts the Mayor short.

“Why isn’t going to help those two is it? My question to you Mayor is what do you plan on doing about it now? You still think it’s safe enough to have hundreds of people on hand? You want to be known as the Mayor of Slaughter Town?” The Chief flings at the man.

“Of course not but what is this town going to do without our Annual Beef and Beer Bash? We depend on the revenue from the sale of all those items to keep this place afloat for the rest of the year.” Once again the Mayor looks at figures and not fatalities.

“Postpone the thing until this is resolved, Mayor! Get on the networks and let people know what’s going on, man. We can have your blasted festival when this blows over. Don’t set everyone up as a smorgasbord for that monster.” Chief McGuire employs him.

“And, you’ll stand by me—back me up?” The Mayor reluctantly gives in.

“You dad-gum right I will! Now you are talking like a friend of the people.” Chief McGuire proclaims.

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s get over to that network!” The Mayor sets out while everyone is following close behind.

At the TV Station, the announcer speaks—

“We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to give you a special bulletin from Mayor Hodges—”

“Thank you Ralph! In the interest of the safety of the citizens of Morgan’s Bluff and the security of everyone involved, I do declare a Code 9, I repeat a Code 9. Chief McGuire will give you further updates on this important announcement, Chief McGuire!”

“Thank you Mayor Hodges! No one is to be on the streets of Morgan’s Bluff after 6:00 pm until further notice. Our Annual Beef and Beer Bust will be temporarily cancelled until this problem is resolved. The Ripper is no legend and has killed a number of people. Stay in your homes, I repeat, stay in your homes. Code 9 is in affect with maximum enforcement. Thank you for your cooperation.”

To Be Continued ...

Terror From McKellar Forest-9

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 9
    They say that a dog is man’s best friend, this has proven to be true as Loner probably saved the life of Officer Buddy Houston. Caught off guard in Smith’s Alley, Officers Collins, Parker and Houston come face-to-face with the terror of Morgan’s Bluf

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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