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Terror From McKellar Forest 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The Terror of McKellar Forest!

The Terror of McKellar Forest!

The Cavalry to the Rescue ...

“I’m going to call Chad and explain the complexity of the situation. Let him know that I’m not alone here and see if he can offer some sage advice.” Ellen decides.

“Hold on a minute there, Elly. Let me call a couple of boys at the station. This is a highly dangerous creature and needs to be handled by calmer heads.” Chief McGuire recommends as he leaves the bathroom, handing Ellen his uniform.

“Like the Chief of Police wearing a pink bathrobe, right?” Both individuals roll in the floor laughing. The sight of a robust man in a pink terrycloth item is too much for either one of them. When McGuire is able to stand up again and passes by Ellen’s full-length mirror, he is at it again.

“I have never laughed so hard in all my days, Ellen. My Bridget would simply go bonkers if she could see me now.” McGuire chuckles.

“Yeah, but at least she would see you alive.” Ellen says as she loads the washing machine with his uniform. And, with that comment, McGuire is completely sober.

“I owe you my life, Ellen. If you hadn’t thought about that flare gun, I’d be either resting at the bottom of McKellar Lake or torn to shreds.” McGuire gives his goddaughter a hug.

“Look Chief, we are in this together! Besides, I can’t let anything happen to my favorite Godfather!” Ellen gives the Chief a wide grin.

“Yeah right! I’ll get back to you on that comment. In the meantime, let’s see if I can get us out of here and into town. At least we will have more resources.

While Chief McGuire moves toward the living room window to make the call to his station, Ellen puts the uniform into the dryer, then makes a quick snack for the two of them.

When the Chief has finished his conversation, he joins Ellen in the kitchen to have a great-looking lunch.

“You sure put that together fast.” The Chief managed to say between bites. “This is great!”

“Thanks, Chief McGuire.” Ellen gives him a big smile.

“You don’t have to be so formal Elly.” The Chief swallows his last bite of sandwich. Then, he goes into the living room to look out the window while Ellen tries to hurry the drying of his uniform.

“Sorry, but I always see you as Chief McGuire. Anyway, who are we waiting for?” Ellen inquires as she goes back into the Pantry.

Ellen returns in about 20 minutes and hands the clothes to him. Then the Chief redresses himself in the bathroom and returns to the living room window.

“Here comes our ride now!” The Chief exclaims happily as a robust Jeep Wrangler makes its way up the drive. This time, both the Chief and Ellen decide to make their way to the transport after Ellen secures the front door.

As soon as Officer Collins backs up, The Ripper appears out of nowhere charging toward the vehicle. However, this time he is no match for either the speed or the versatility of the magnificent machine. They are pushing down the road, leaving the beast in a cloud of mud and melted snow.

“Thanks Collins.” The Chief begins. “I didn’t think we would need such an automobile but I’m sure as hell glad I let you talk me into it.”

“I’m just glad I was able to talk you into it. Man, that thing’s a monster! Do you think it could be The Ripper?” Officer Collins inquires while putting distance between himself and the grizzly.

“If it ain’t, he sure as hell makes a good substitute! I’ve never seen anything like that creature, have you?” The Chief asks.

“No sir. Too bad we didn’t get any pictures of it to show to Mayor Hodges.” Officer Collins shakes his head.

“I don’t think he wanted to strike a pose.” Ellen responds laughing.

“Hey Miss Ellen! My, you sure look nice today.” It is common knowledge that Officer Collins has a crush on Ellen. Both Chief McGuire and Ellen know that she isn’t exactly looking her best. However, you would be hard press to convince Officer Tim Collins of that fact.

“Better keep your eyes on the road, Tim.” Ellen admonishes him just in time for him to dodge a pothole in the road.

Big Boy to the rescue!

Big Boy to the rescue!

“Yeah Collins, I sure don’t want anything happening to this tank.” The Chief replies laughing.

It’s only about a 10 minute drive from Ellen’s house to the Morgan’s Bluff Police Station. The Chief gives Officer Collins instructions on contacting the National Guard. He wants them on standby just in case things really get out of hand. Then, he escorts Ellen to the Courthouse. The Mayor is in no way pleased.

“What did you bring this troublemaker back for? Don’t tell me she’s convinced you regarding this Ripper myth?” The Mayor’s face seems to be one big frown.

“It’s no myth, Tom. You’ve known me for years as a clear thinker and one who doesn’t jump to unfounded conclusions. That thing ripped poor Mr. Riley to shreds and he nearly made a meal out of me. I tell you The Ripper does exist and for some reason he likes hanging around Ellen’s place.” An aspirated Judd McGuire shakes his head in resolve.

“Look Judd, as Mayor of Morgan’s Bluff, I have the final word as to what goes on around here. I’ve already advised you regarding what I need you to do in order to secure the Beef and Beer Bash event! This is the best opportunity this little town has to show people that we’re not just a dot on the map.” The stubborn Mayor decides. “Now do what you are paid to do. Just do it in a way that you don’t draw attention, you got that Chief.”

“Mayor, you are going to make the St Valentine’s Day Massacre look like a Sunday picnic. Will you listen to reason?” The Chief pleas.

“Good afternoon Chief and don’t forget to take out the garbage—” That remark gets Ellen combative.

“Why you pompous, jelly-brained, poor excuse for a Mayor! If your brains were dynamite, you couldn’t blow out a candle—”

“Come on, Elly. Let’s get out of here.” Chief McGuire grabs Ellen by the waist, picking her up and carrying her out of the Mayor’s office before the feisty young lady takes a swing at him.

“Did you hear what he called me?” Ellen shrieks.

“Yes, I heard. He didn’t mean it.” The Chief’s attempt at calming Ellen falls on death ears.

“I hope The Ripper makes a salad out of that big windbag!” She shakes her fist into the air.

“Come on, let’s get you to your parent’s home. Then I’ve got to devise a plan to keep the rest of the townsfolk alive.” The Chief walks Ellen to her parent’s beautiful home.

As the sun settles into the western skies, there are many people on the streets, excited about the coming festival and the money that they feel they will be making. The Mayor has successfully managed to keep the news regarding a renegade grizzly hidden from most of the people. However lumbering in the shadows, a very large menacing figure lurks as if waiting for the opportune moment to strike—which will be very soon!

To Be Continued …

Terror From McKellar Forest 8

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 8
    The town is under Code 9! The worst has finally happened. The mangled bodies of a woman and her young daughter has been found in Morgan’s Bluff by Officer Collins. Mayor Hodges has finally succumbed to the truth as he views in horror the mutilation!

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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