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Terror From McKellar Forest 6

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Can this creature be stopped!

Can this creature be stopped!

The Evidence Is Undeniable ...

Ellen heads back into the house to wait for the Chief of Police. In the meantime, she checks all the windows and finds that they have been reinforced with steel.

“The former owners of this place didn’t play. They must have had trouble in the past with animals trying to get in. I am at the end of town and there are only a few houses out this far, poor Mr. Riley—at least that’s who it looks like it may have been.” Ellen laments.

About 45 minutes later, there is a knock on the door. It causes Ellen to jump, but she later composes herself.

“The Ripper wouldn’t be knocking at the door, now would he?” Ellen concludes as she coyly opens it.

“It’s just me, Elly. Slip your coat on and come outside.” Chief McGuire says.

Ellen immediately complies and joins the Chief around the back of the house. Mr. Riley, or what’s left of him has been covered by a tarp and there are several other people surrounding her house.

“I decided to call the coroner and a couple of my officers when I discovered this mess. I ain’t saying that it’s The Ripper, but it is obvious that a large predator is stalking these parts. You would do well to stay with your parents until this blows over.” The Chief is originally from Montana and occasionally lets his roots show.

“Chief, my house has reinforced steel in the windows and doors. I am probably safer than the majority of the townsfolk. Please, don’t tell my parents.” Ellen employs.

“Sorry Elly but I can’t make that claim. Your parents need to be advised of the danger. Besides, if anything did happen to you and they found out about the attack on Mr. Riley—I’d be worth about 35 cents.” Chief McGuire manages a whimsical smile.

“I see.” Is all Ellen can say. She watches pensively as the Chief orders everyone about, and the remains of Mr. Riley is carried toward a pickup. Soon there is no one left except the two of them. Ellen meanders around until she notices the approach of a large shadow. She seems to have lost her voice. When Chief McGuire looks at her.

“What the—” is as far as he gets when he turns around and barely misses a tremendous paw.

“Run, girl!” He bellows as the two of them barely make it to the back door and into the house. The wrought-iron door shakes and moans like a woman in labor as the brute tries to rip it from its frame.

“What do you think about it now, Chief McGuire? Why didn’t you face him with your revolver?” Ellen taunts.

“Damn girl, did you see the size of that thing? I reverted to primeval instincts and ran!” The Chief replies and then they both slide to the floor in a fit of laughter.

“You know you see those horror movies where the macho sheriff stands before the creature and empties his gun into the beast before he gets slaughtered. Well—that ain’t real life.” The Chief replies when he can finally get his wind.

“You’re a man after my own heart, Chief. I guess that’s why my folks are so fond of you. What do we do now?” Ellen replies.

“I advise the mayor that we need to delay the festival. He’s not going to like it, I can tell you that.” Chief McGuire advises as he reaches for his cellphone to make the call. Ellen can only hear his end of the conversation.

“Mayor, I think we should postpone the festival until we can find some way of killing this thing. No Mayor, I am not exaggerating, that thing was at least 14 or 15 feet tall and well over 2500 pounds. No Mayor, I have not been drinking, I’m at Ellen Corbet’s house now. No Mayor, she did not put me up to saying this. Please, listen to reason, Mayor Hodges! Hello, Mayor Hodges?” Then he turns to Ellen and barks, “That s.o.b. just hung up in my face. I can’t believe it!”

“Oh, I can believe it Chief. I can. The Mayor won’t deem it necessary until it bites him on the a—”

“Watch your mouth, young lady!” Chief McGuire rebukes.

“Well, I’m just saying. So, what do we do now.” Ellen queries as the loud noises suddenly subside and it would seem that the animal has left.

Chief McGuire's Jeep an hour before he got the call from Ellen!

Chief McGuire's Jeep an hour before he got the call from Ellen!

“For one thing, I am waiting until I know that the s.o.b. has left. Then, I am delivering you to your parents.” Ellen prepares to protest. “It’s not up for discussion. I can’t be running out here every few minutes, wondering if you are alright. I don’t want that nice beau of yours coming out here either and getting himself killed, do you?”

“No Chief, I don’t.” Ellen grudgingly admits. She knows that as soon as Chad finds out that The Ripper has paid her another visit he will be there in a flash. It’s possible that he will come at the wrong time.

“Elly, you check the backdoor and the windows. I’ll check the front door and the upstairs. Then, if the coast is clear, I will bring the my jeep right up to the front of the house. I’ll signal and you get your butt out here.” Chief McGuire advises.

“That sounds like a plan. Luckily, I still have most of my things at my parents’ house. Just the basics are here, anyway.” Ellen replies as she begins her survey. Then, Chief McGuire calls to her.

“Elly, unlock the door. I’m going out.”

“Ok Chief but I’m standing close by in case you need to make a quick comeback.” Ellen nervously chuckles.

“You just do that.” Chief returns the smile as he eases his way out the door. He looks both ways and even sniffs the air but doesn’t notice anything. He then cautiously heads for his waiting vehicle in the back, ever mindful of dark shadows that seem to be the calling card of the beast.

Making it to his jeep, he sighs heavily as he starts it, backs out and his jeep gets stuck in the mud midway down the half-thawed incline.

“Why didn’t I park in the driveway?” He asks himself as he looks up. It happens so fast, the grizzly rushes the vehicle and begins pushing it toward the lake.

“Damn!” Screams Chief McGuire as he heads ever closer to what seems like inevitable doom. Just then, Ellen shoots a flair which streaks inches from the grizzly’s head, frightening the creature but also giving Chief McGuire just the time he needs to sprint toward the house, slamming the front door behind him.

“That was good thinking girl, mind if I use your bathroom?” Chief McGuire gives Ellen a crooked smile—she nods, and McGuire makes it to the toilet just in time. He stays there several minutes before sticking his head out the door yelling—

“Do you happen to have any more towels, Elly?”

Doubling up with laughter, Ellen retrieves a couple and hand them to the Chief who close the door behind him.

“Chief, I’ve got an oversized robe around here somewhere. I think you might fit it somewhat but there’s only one problem—”

“What’s that, Elly?”

“It’s pink!” Ellen let’s out another round of laughter before she retrieves it and hands it to the Chief. “Give me your uniform and I’ll wash it out.”

“It’s not at all funny Elly and if you tell anybody about this—”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Besides we’ve got a much bigger problem!”

To Be Continued ...

Terror From McKellar Forest 7

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 7
    Chief McGuire and Ellen have had encounters with The Ripper and lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, the Mayor continues to disbelieve the information that is being presented to him. He is determined to have the Annual Beer and Beef Festival.

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Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS (author) from Memphis on March 26, 2020:

Hey, I hope that is a winning combination. I will be working on the story today. Got to see where this is going!!! Happy Reading!

Fam on March 26, 2020:

Got some funny stuff here! You're rolling up the story very beautifully with laughter and suspense.

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS (author) from Memphis on March 22, 2020:

Looks like this bear has a thing for Ellen's place or has he?

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