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Terror From McKellar Forest 3

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

He's getting BIGGER!

He's getting BIGGER!

I’m a Believer ...

The next day, Ellen’s parents return to Whatcom County and are on their way from the airport to Bellingham. It is another several miles before they embrace the small community of Morgan’s Bluff. Ellen had discovered it some time ago on a field trip with her high school class and it was instance love—the same way she fell for Chad.

“Darling, are you alright?” Her mother, Marjorie Corbet queries, giving her daughter a thorough once over.

“I’m fine, mother. How are you? Sorry you had to cut your trip short.” Ellen braces herself for the dramatic onslaught.

“Beside myself with worry. Ever since your father showed me those pictures you took. Then later, he had a long talk with your beau Chad and it’s just too much to comprehend!” Marjorie proclaims. This time Ellen is in full agreement with her mother.

“I know. I can’t believe that I barely made it inside my home before that monster arrived.” Ellen recalls her incredibly close call.

“Oh you poor darling, did you get a glimpse of it?” Marjorie questions.

“No mother, nor do I want to.” Ellen states as the three of them find a cozy corner to talk, away from the prying eyes and ears of the regulars at The Sit and Sip.

The new waitress, Demetria is a high school junior and approaches the booth . She recognizes Ellen immediately.

“Hey, I know you—you used to work here!” She exclaims.

Meanwhile ...

Scoutmaster Edward Henson takes his troop on their much anticipated trip across McKellar Lake to camp out in the adjacent forest.

“I’ve heard some spooky things about this place.” Little Jeremy McGuire says as the troop navigate across the calm lake.

“Oh, you are just a cry-baby. There is nothing going on in McKellar Forest except some of the big boys bringing their girls up there for a little “riding party.” Kurt Bingham replies, receiving high-fives from several other fellows in their canoe.

“I don’t know Kurt, my mom says—” But Jeremy is interrupted by Jeffery Rogers.

“Your mom says—boy please. Everyone knows that your mother believes everything she hears.” He laughs.

“But this is about The Ripper!” All is quiet. Even Kurt as stop joking with a couple of the other guys to listen.

“Go on, Jeremy. What did your mother say about The Ripper?”

“Well, she heard from Mrs. Dawson that Mrs. Walker heard that The Ripper was heading south!”

“Heading South!” One of the other boys exclaim.

“Quiet! Go on Jeremy!” Kurt retorts as he turns to insure that no one else interrupts little Jeremy.

“Mrs. Walker said that a family in White Rock was found massacred! Blood was all over the place and parts were missing!” Jeremy informs the group with a look of terror in his eyes.

“What are you saying, parts were missing?” Scoutmaster Henson questions. He is in the canoe with this group while Troop Leader Dawson is in the second canoe. Dawson brings his boat closer to hear what’s going on.

“It’s what my mom says, honest Scoutmaster Henson! People had missing parts. She didn’t want me to come on this adventure, she calls it, but dad said we would be alright.” Jeremy says.

“Well, your dad is the Chief of Police in Morgan’s Bluff. He should know. Let’s stop this nonsense about The Ripper!” Henson replies as he looks pensively at the approaching shore.

“Did someone say something about The Ripper?” The timid Dawson states and several troop members squeal.

“Don’t cause a panic Louis. It’s just your wife spreading rumors again. I was just telling young Jeremy here to knock it off.” Ed Henson states, still watching the shore.

So long, Scoutmaster Henson!

So long, Scoutmaster Henson!

“I don’t think it’s just gossip! I told you we should’ve waited to come to McKellar Forest. Mable says she heard that several hikers came over this way and were never heard from again.” Dawson acknowledges.

“My mother heard that too. She told me that at the first sign of trouble to hightail it back home.” Another boy chimes in.

“Utter nonsense and I’ll prove it! Louis, go into the forest about a mile and report back.” Dawson orders his subordinate.

“Like Hell I will! You so sure ain’t nothing out there—you go!” Dawson counters. The other boys in the troop begin to look at Scoutmaster Henson.

“Ok ... ok Kurt, Jeffery come with me.” Henson demands.

“Why ... why me?” Kurt responds looking straight at Jeffery then back at the Scoutmaster. “You the one who thinks everything is fine—go by yourself.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to go either.” Jeffery adds.

“Chicken Littles, are you going to disobey a direct order?” Henson gives the two boys a stern look. They shake their heads no and reluctantly relent.

“Ed, I don’t think—” But before Dawson can say more, he is interrupted by Henson.

“That’s right, you don’t think. So, leave the thinking to me. Kurt, Jeffery on the double. Meanwhile Louis, let’s get a fire going. We’re camping right here near the boats.” Henson tries hard not to show his apprehension.

“No problem. There seems to be plenty of sticks and shrubs near the water’s edge. You just be sure you bring those boys and yourself back safe and sound.” Dawson replies nervously.

“Don’t worry.” Henson answers gruffly as he and his two companions enter the formidable forest.

“Ok fellows, you heard what the Scoutmaster said—let’s get a fire going. Ted, pick up some of those small branches over there, Jeremy help him.” Dawson directs, not at all feeling as brave as he pretends to be.

Henson and the two young men move further into the woods when Kurt stops in his tracks.

“What’s the matter, Kurt?” Henson questions.

“Look at that.” Kurt says point at the ground in front of him. There are several humongous tracks before the three of them.

“Do you boys suddenly get the feeling that we are not alone?” Henson replies as they slowly turn around. A gigantic shadow is being casted before them. Without any further conversation, Kurt screams—

“Run for your lives!”

The trio is off like a flash. They can hear what seems like a sound of thunder behind them and dare not look back. Henson stumbles and there is a blood-curdling scream. The two boys never look back and make their way to the others.

“Where’s Scoutmaster Henson? What was that scream?” Neither boy says a word. Each one just grabs his belongings and heads for the waiting canoes. Dawson doesn’t need further explanation. He and the others put out the fire and quickly do likewise, piling into the boat.

“Isn’t anyone going back to look for Scoutmaster Henson?” Jeremy inquires.

“Your dad is the Chief of Police. Let him handle it. I’m getting you guys back to Morgan’s Bluff!” Dawson decides. “My wife Mable was right!”

It seems like minutes pass as the troop finally returns to the shores of Morgan’s Bluff. Sprinting at full speed, they reach The Sit and Sip where Jeremy goes hurrying to his father screaming—

The Ripper got Scoutmaster Henson ... The Ripper got Scoutmaster Henson!”

To Be Continued ...

Terror From McKellar Forest 4

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 4
    With the aid of Leader Dawson, the troop has made it back to Morgan’s Bluff in one piece. In no time they are at "The Sit and Sip" spreading the word about their unique encounter. However,Chief McGuire is having none of it, though.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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