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Terror From McKellar Forest 2

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Death has a new name … The Ripper!

Death has a new name … The Ripper!

What You Don’t Know ...

After hanging up from talking to her father, Ellen calls Chad.

“Hey honey, is there anything wrong? Just finished my shift and I can be over there in a couple of hours.” Chad responds cheerfully.

“After you see what I have to send you, you might not be as happy to come over.” Ellen retorts then relays the pictures to her boyfriend.

There are minutes of silence before anyone speaks.

“Well Chad—aren’t you going to say anything?” Ellen is anxious for his response.

“Those are tracks of a grizzly bear!” Chad states.

“Oh come on, Chad. There is no grizzly bear that could produce tracks that large. You’ve got to be mistaken.” At this point, Ellen is shifting from disbelief to hysteria.

“Yes, there is one bear that can create an impression like that. They call him The Ripper!” Chad remarks soberly.

The Ripper! Why that’s pure fantasy. An old wives' tale the Eskimo women tell their children to get them to behalf—you better watch out or The Ripper will get you!” Ellen mimics an elderly woman.

“I wish it were just a fabrication of the imagination. No, it’s real alright.” Chad informs her.

“How do you know this, Chad?” Ellen rises from her seat to return to the window. There is no sign of anything outside, much to her relief.

“Because I met a man who's come face to face with that brute and lived to tell the story. His name is Marshall Feldman!” Chad explains.

“Marshall Feldman! Didn’t he used to have his own TV show or something?” Ellen is trying to rack her brain on where she’s heard that name before.

Beyond the Natural World was the name of it.” Chad replies.

“Yes, I remember now. I used to enjoy watching that telecast. Always wondered why he went off the airways. He got fantastic rating.” Ellen remembers many nights as a teen she would watch the show with her parents.

“It was because of his encounter with The Ripper!” Chad answers. “Do you recall the Fulbright Massacre. A family of eight slaughtered along with one of their friends?” Chad questions.

“Yes, it was as if they had encountered a buzz saw. Body parts were everywhere. They never apprehended the assailant, though.” Ellen thinks back to that dreadful night when the information was broadcast from coast to coast.

“That’s because it was the handiwork of The Ripper!” Chad advises her.

“Are you trying to tell me that a bear did that. One bear took out a family of eight and their friend? I don’t believe it!” Ellen replies scornfully.

‘Nevertheless, that’s what happened.” Chad says.

“And how do you know this?” Ellen queries.

“Because the survivor was Marshall Feldman! He was badly mauled, but he managed to hide himself in a makeshift cave. It was actually a couple of heavy boulders that were propped against the wall of a mountain. The Ripper tried several times to unwedge old Marshall but was unsuccessful. Then, right before his very eyes, The Ripper began to eat parts of the family. He ate the stomach and liver of the children and the heart and intestines of the adults. It was a gruesome spectacle and caused Marshall to vomit profusely. Then, that monster began to play a weird type of kick ball with one of the older children’s head.”

Marshall Feldman is the only man who faced "The Ripper" and survived! The others perished!

Marshall Feldman is the only man who faced "The Ripper" and survived! The others perished!

After hearing that, Ellen drops her phone and runs to the toilet, emptying out her entire meal. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she is able to return to the phone.

“Ugh—” Ellen remarks.

“You alright, honey?” Chad expresses his concern.

“No wonder Marshall quit his broadcast, I can’t see how he didn’t lose his sanity as well.” Ellen is still feeling queasy, picturing the horrendous sight in her mind.

“He had to spend several months in hospital.” Chad replies.

“Didn’t Marshall inform the police of this? The National Guard?” The President?” Ellen asks.

“He told everyone who would listen, but nobody believed him. They thought he was hysterical due to witnessing the murder of so many people. And, when the killings stopped—people soon forgot and continued with their normal lives.” Chad finishes.

“So, by the picture of these footprints you think it might be this Ripper?” Ellen responds incredulously. There is a few moments of silence and then Chad speaks again.

“Have a look at this photo?”

Ellen stares at the tracks that look very similar to the ones that she sent to him but seemed smaller.

“This thing has gotten larger?” Ellen shrieks.

“It would seem.” Chad replies in a straightforward manner.

“It would seem so? Damn, how can you be so calm!” At this point, Ellen is beginning to frantically pace back and forth.

“I am not making light of this, honey! But it going to take calm heads to find out what’s going on and what to do about it.” Chad reminds her.

“Chad, Morgan’s Bluff is planning for their Annual Beef and Beer Bust! There are going to be hundreds of people around for this event. This is what many people have waited all year for. They bring out their best crafts, there is fantastic food and the Final Addition will be singing. It’s tremendous!” Ellen says.

“It will also be a smorgasbord for The Ripper! It’s got to be cancelled, honey!” Chad informs her.

“The mayor won’t have that. There is no way that you will be able to convince Mayor Tim Yarbrough to cancel the Annual Beef and Beer Bust.” Trembling, Ellen also shakes her head in disbelief.

“Then I’ll see if Marshall Feldman can convince him.” Chad replies.

“Do you think Mr. Feldman will come out of hibernation to tell his story again?” Ellen has calmed down a bit and is returning to her favorite chair.

“I don’t know. He received a lot of ridicule regarding his fantastic story. But when I explain to him the urgency of the situation—he just might relent.” Chad hopes.

“But what if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Morgan’s Bluff?” Ellen inquires.

“Then, pardon my French, but we are in some deep doodoo!” Chad responds.

“You got that right, talk to you later Chad.” Ellen is finding it hard speaking with the lingering thought of The Ripper.

“Sure honey, bye!” Chad hangs up the phone. Then turns and looks at a picture of Marshall Feldman and him taken on a fishing expedition replies, “I sure hope you’re up to the challenge old friend!”

To Be Continued …

Terror From McKellar Forest 3

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 3
    Ellen’s parents have returned from their trip to Florida. While they are determining strategy, Scoutmaster Henson and Scout Leader Dawson have taken their troop of school-aged boys on a safari to McKellar Forest. Who rang the dinner-bell?

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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