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Terror From McKellar Forest 12

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Play By My Rules ...

Chief McGuire, along with Sargent Bingham join Officer Collins and Specialist Westbrook on the back patio.

“Very nice!” Staff Sargent Roscoe Bingham replies. “After this is over, let’s have a bar-b-que!”

“Hell, pull this caper off and you’re invited as my special guest to the Annual Beef and Beer Bash!” The Chief proclaims.

“Hot Dog—I’ve always wanted to come to one of those. I hear you guys have one hellava time!” Specialist Jodie Westbrook grins.

“Yes we do. Had to postpone it because of the current unwelcomed guest but when this is behind us—” the Chief reiterates.

“Before we start licking our fingers, we need to attend to the matter at hand.” Officer Tim Collins reminds everyone.

“Right.” The Chief retorts soberly.

“So true. Now, I think that Judd—Chief McGuire has conceived a plan that should work out well. Of course, all will depend on the complete cooperation of everyone in Morgan’s Bluff. Even one person that doesn’t adhere to the plan can give us a major setback.” Roscoe pushes the point home.

“This is why I have requested Mayor Thomas Hodges to conduct a Special Council meeting. Unfortunately, the mayor had to rush to the state capital to personally inform the governor on what’s happening here. He didn’t want busybodies listening in on the telephone. The mayor’s right arm, Audrey Davenport, will be handling things in his absence.” The Chief tells them.

“Yes, Audrey is a very competent young lady. Mayor Hodges would be utterly lost without her.” Tim Collins adds.

“Right, then let’s get the ball rolling. The Ripper will probably be napping after his morning meal—” Specialist Westbrook interrupts.

“That was in very poor taste sir.”

“You’re right—sorry. I didn’t like the fella, but I never meant him any harm.”

The four men rise from their seating positions and beginning moving in the direction of the Courthouse. Audrey is there to meet them.

“Gentlemen, please come into Conference Room B. Everything is set up for the presentation. I have taken the liberty of inviting Mr. Marshall Feldman. Since he is the only survivor of an attack by The Ripper, I felt his input would be vital. “ Audrey remarks.

When everyone has found a seat at the conference table, Mr. Feldman starts his lecture.

“I don’t have to tell you how dangerous The Ripper is, so let me just expound more on his cunning. With human-like tactics, he watches the inhabitants of the town before he attacks. It’s as if he has some kind of built-in radar. He carefully targets his prey and when the opportune moment arrives—pounces.”

“Do you have any explanation as to why this is so?” Sargent Bingham asks.

“Well no, but here is my theory for what its worth. This animal has evolved from some century old prehistoric beast that plagued the native tribes of that era. There were oracles and mystics at that time that evoked dread on their enemies by conjuring up evil spirits—”

“No wait just a minute, Feldman. I refuse to believe in this hocus-pocus nonsense. Some witchdoctor casts a voodoo spell and up pops this grizzly. What type of fool do you take me for?” Sargent Bingham huffs in utter disdain.

“Please, Sargent Bingham. As Mr. Feldman stated, it is his opinion.” Audrey corrects.

“Yeah, but I would think that he would come up with something a little more valid than ghost stories. I didn’t come here to fight a primeval legend but a flesh and blood creature that slaughtered one of my men!” Sargent Bingham’s voice raises an octave.

“Sargent, I’ve seen this creature. I’ve heard eye-witness accounts of others that have observed it from a distance. I’ve examined some of the remains of the victims and I tell you it’s the same grizzly.” Mr. Feldman replies in aspiration.

Deputy Mayor Davenport shows why she was left in charged.

Deputy Mayor Davenport shows why she was left in charged.

“This is getting us nowhere. Thank you for coming, Mr. Feldman. We will take your information under advisement.” The Chief informs the man as he escorts him out of the room.

“That was a total waste of time.” Sargent Bingham whispers to Specialist Westbrook under his breath.

Westbrook doesn’t responds because he believes what the man has said.

When the Chief returns, Audrey assumes control of the meeting.

“This meeting has been called to plan strategy for ridding Morgan’s Bluff of a diabolical menace. We don’t have time for macho debauchery or debating the merits of folklore.” Audrey gives Sargent Bingham such a look that it would freeze water in August.

“The National Guard was called in to assist our local law enforcement personnel in this matter. I wanted a subject matter expert as well on the scene. Feldman’s returned to his hotel room, but I am hoping that he stays in town. I advise you Sargent Bingham to keep your prejudices to yourself. Otherwise, I’ll have to place a call to the governor.” Audrey concludes and you could hear a pin drop until the Sargent finally speaks.

“That won’t be necessary, ma’am.” He replies quietly. Shaking his head he thinks to himself “Damn, what a woman!”

“Chief, I plan to broadcast over the networks the necessity for everyone to remain in their homes until further notice. If it becomes paramount that they venture out, they are to do it in groups of no less than three people. That way there will always be somebody looking behind. From what you tell me, the grizzly enjoys attacking from the rear.” Audrey exhorts.

“Yes ma’am Deputy Mayor Davenport. We plan to setup a decoy in Smith’s Alley. He knows that it’s a frequent place for people to travel through. I don’t know how long this creature has been in Morgan’s Bluff, but he’s got our patterns down pat.” The Chief explains.

“Sargent, I am depending on you for some real firepower. I’ve been informed from Marshall Feldman that in the past, people have practically emptied their rifles into the beast and he still managed to rip them to shreds.” Audrey replies looking at the Sargent. He knows better than to contradict and just replies professionally.

“You can depend on the National Guard to supply you with enough ammunition to bring down Godzilla.” There are light chuckles in the room, then everyone calms down.

“Good enough! Gentlemen, the Mayor has left me in charge, and we will be playing by my rules. I don’t want anyone going off half-cocked. I don’t want any heroics. This is a combined operation and I want total cooperation. I hope I make myself clear?” Audrey hammers her point across.

“Yes, ma’am.” Voices ring throughout the conference room.

“Good, then I will be going to see Mr. Feldman. I want his input in this campaign. We can’t afford anymore unnecessary loss of life. I expect to be informed of all procedures, Chief McGuire, Sargent Bingham. Please, don’t make me have to ask.” Audrey retorts. Then rising, each individual shakes her hand and leave the Courthouse.

“Damn, that woman commands authority!” Sargent Bingham retorts totally impressed.

“Hey, that’s the power behind Mayor Hodges.” Chief McGuire shakes his head in full agreement.

To Be Continued ...

Terror From McKellar Forest 13

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 13
    The Deputy Mayor has given out a directive that all citizens follow a curfew from dusk until dawn. However, there is always someone who doesn't want to go along with the mandate. Bert Jarvis just happens to be that man.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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