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Terror From McKellar Forest

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

There's something out there …

There's something out there …

Something’s Not Right …

Ellen Corbet has just finished her shift as waitress of Morgan’s Bluff’s only tavern and entertain spot: The Sit & Sip. She finally has enough money to buy the beautiful home facing McKellar Lake at the very edge of the forest. It is about 20 minutes away from The Sit and Sip and a 45 minute drive from the Western Washington University. Ellen will finally be able to pursuit a BA degree in Anthropology.

“I guess I’ll be heading home now, Kyle.” Ellen informs her boss.

“I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on the purchase of that new home of yours.” Kyle answers, rubbing the stub of new growth on his chin.

“Thanks, finally got it thoroughly furnished.” Ellen brags. “Those long hours and sleepless nights have now come to an end.”

“Thanks to that rich uncle of yours who passed away.” Chuckles Kyle.

Old eccentric Marvin “Pop” Corbet has died, making Ellen a very comfortable young woman. It means that she can decisively quit working at The Sit and Sip. She will miss the assortment of characters that frequent the tavern but the last couple of years has really stressed her out.

“I’m going to miss this place, Kyle.” Ellen replies as she reaches for her coat.

“And you as well, girl.” Kyle moves from his place at the bar to give Ellen a proper hug. The burly man has no children and he feels a special fondness toward her.

“You know, Uncle Marvin’s Will has a stipulation that I quit here and begin acquiring a college degree. I don’t get a lump sum—the money is being allocated to me in monthly installments.” Ellen reminds Kyle.

“That ain’t such a bad thing. Means you’ll have a steady income and you’ll be receiving just enough to take care of that fancy house of yours without aid from your folks.” Kyle chimes in.

“I know. Still, I’m going to miss working here.” Ellen laments.

“That beau of yours must be pretty happy too.” Kyle thinks about Chadwick Emerson Russell. He works for Russell’s Pharmaceuticals, a company owned by his elder brother Paul Lewis Russell. Paul is more the dynamic business tycoon while Kyle is more laid-back.

“I would be lying if I said that he isn’t, but you know that Chad’s not like that.” Ellen admonished Kyle. Her boyfriend is a very successful Postdoctoral Associate-Biochemist/Molecular Biologist at Russell’s Pharmaceuticals and on many occasions offered to assist her in furthering her education, but she has always refused.

“It’s starting to get dark and I’ve got quite a ways to walk, Kyle.” Ellen explains to him as she heads for the door one last time as an employee.

“You be careful going home, you hear?” Kyle calls to her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Is Ellen’s response.

It has stopped snowing for a while as she begins her trek towards the edge of town. As the sun slowly sinks into the western horizon, the full moon produces eerie shadows on the newly fallen snow. The breeze is cold plus biting and Ellen snuggles deeper into her fox fur coat. A gift from her parents who are now sunning themselves in Florida.

“Maybe now I’ll be able to enjoy one of those lovely vacation spots.” Ellen states to herself aloud as she trudges toward home. The lake is beautiful, and it separates Morgan’s Bluff from the formidable McKellar Forest. It is rumored that people have ventured into that terrain and no one has seen them again. Of course Ellen brushes it off as pure fantasy but nevertheless begins to quicken her steps.

Soon her house is in sight, but it seems as if there is a distant shadow approaching it. As panic begins to grip Ellen, she rushes toward the drive, fumbles with her keys and hurriedly unlocks the door. Sighing heavily, Ellen slips off her coat and lays it gently on the sofa. Then she hears what sounds like something stepping on a broken twig. Before she can investigate, the telephone rings.


“Hi honey, are you alright? You seem a bit breathless?” A concerned Chad inquirers.

“Yes, I’m just fine. A little tired I suspect from that long walk from town.” Ellen lies. She is feeling nervous as she returns to lock the door. The sound she heard startled her, but doesn’t want to alarm Chad.

What made those tracks …?

What made those tracks …?

“Well, why don’t you get yourself a car? You can now, you know. You are going to need it when you begin commuting classes at the University.” Chad chastises his friend.

“Chad, I will get a car—when you’re able to take the time to accompany me.” Ellen replies, knowing how this will please him very much.

“Okay honey, I’ll see what I can do. Talk to you later. Love you!” Chad says affectionately.

“Love you, too!” Ellen answers as she returns the phone to its cradle.

As Ellen sits in her favorite chair contemplating her conversation with Chad, her thoughts are interrupted when she spots a rather large silhouette move toward the front of her house. She rises slowly to secure the back door. When she is confident that the wrought iron door will provide her with the protection she needs, Ellen moves back into the living room, switching off the lamp and allowing the full moon’s light to filter in.

Sitting very still, Ellen watches as the apparition seems to pause just short of her walkway then suddenly turns and heads back towards McKellar Lake and the forest on the other side. For moments she sits unable to move, then begins to shake herself in disbelief.

“I don’t know what I just saw. In fact, I don’t know if I saw anything.” Ellen rebukes herself as she goes to retrieve her cellphone from her purse. Putting her coat back on, she cautiously unlocks the door and timidly peeks outside. Not seeing anything, she dares to venture further, intent on seeing if there are any footprints she can capture on camera.

Much to her dismay, there are.

“Holy Smoke—will you look at the sizes of those footprints.” Ellen yells, then quickly covers her mouth. With lightning speed she takes several shots before hurrying back into the house, locking the door.

Ellen decides to give her father a call.

“Hello Kitten! How are you doing in your new home? Your mother and I can’t wait to see it.” Her father Justin Corbet begins the conversation.

“Dad, are you alone?” Ellen whispers.

“Yes, but why are you whispering.?” Her father asks bewilderedly.

“Take a look at the photos I am going to send you.” Ellen continues to whisper and then waits for her father’s response.

“What the—when and where did you take these photos?” Justin queries, his voice rising an octave.

“A moment ago in my front yard.” Ellen replies.

“Your mother and I are coming home. You stay indoors and keep a low profile. Call Chad and send him a copy but tell him to be careful. Whatever it is, its big!” Justin hangs up the phone and shows the photos to his wife Emily.

“What’s that?” She asks staring at pictures as if in a daze.

“I don’t know but we are going to find out. Pack your things.”

To Be Continued …

Terror From McKellar Forest 2

  • Terror From McKellar Forest 2
    Death has a name and it’s The Ripper! One of the largest carnivores in the world this man-killing machine has made it’s way to the sleepy town of Morgan’s Bluff. Thought to be only a legend—a bedtime story for bad little children.

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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