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Tales From the Universe Tree: The Children of War. Part Four.

The Sequal to "Wolves of Ice And Fire." Constructive feedback is always welcomed.


The Two Women.

(Continued from Part Three)


After thirty minutes of silence, the carriage finally slowed halted in front of the Governor’s mansion. Risa eyed it and shook her head inwardly. The mansion greeted them with a friendly smile of brick and mortar like a perverted joke. The roof was plain red stone tile and seemingly endless rows of glass and wood glittering like silver in the deepening twilight. Risa shielded her eyes from the glare. She wondered how far the property went back. Two women, one young and pretty, the other ripe with middle age, in plain but clean dresses opened the carriage door and bowed low.

“Welcome home, Master.” The women said as one. The one closest to the door held out her slender hand. Geddoywn took it and all but skipped out of the carriage out of his tiptoes, and then he stumbled and would have fallen on his face if not for the middle-aged woman. She had a motherly air about her. Her dark hair was tied back into a bun. “Are you alright, master?”

Have We Met Before?

Geddoywn glanced up at her and then pushed himself to his feet, chins quivering. “I am alright Galania, I- stop that. I am not an invalid, I said stop it!” Geddoywn shoved the woman away and grunted irritably. Galania fell on the walkway with a grunt. The younger woman giggled girlishly but cut off abruptly with a glare from the Governor.

Risa emerged from the carriage and the younger woman bowed low and offered her hand. “Welcome my lady, was your trip a pleasant one?” Risa took the girls hand and stepped out of the carriage. She was a pretty flower of a girl, barely a woman grown, with straight auburn hair and a perky face that held a beautifully wooden smile. Her bright eyes twinkled in the twilight like polished gold.

“It was…very pleasant, thank you.” She looked straight at the girl’s face and blinked. “I-I’m sorry, but have we met before?” She was not sure why she asked. but something about her tickled her sense of familiarity, but she couldn’t say what.

The maid giggled girlishly. “No.” she said honestly. “I think I would remember someone like you. Your hair is so unusual, is it natural?”

Musky Like Lovemaking.

Galania shot to her feet, eyes popping from her sockets, “Jessica!” She crossed her arms “Where are your manners?! Now apologize to our Master’s guest, this instant!”

Jessica tilted her head to one side, still smiling, “I didn’t do anything,” her voice trilled melodically. “And anyway, I don’t see anything special about her. She’s just another woman, one with blue hair and I was curious.” She clasped her hands behind her back. Her dress’s neckline spilled over a very generous amount of bosom, probably the biggest Risa had ever seen. Not that she was staring of course. It was just hard to miss, that was all. A breeze brought the scent of Jessica to Risa’s nostrils. The Shogun wrinkled her nose. The maid was wearing perfume. It was a sweet and musky smell, like lovemaking. She felt a twinge between her legs. She shook her head, why did she feel so hazy all of a sudden?

“Are you alright my lady?” concern laced the edges of Jessica's tone. She grasped Risa’s hand and squeezed it gently; Risa stiffened. By the Tree, her skin was like silk. Her heart bounced around in her ribs.

Risa shook her head more vigorously, snapped her hand back. “Yes," she said, a bit more sharply than she had intended. When she went on, it was in a softer tone. "I mean. Yes, I am alright, girl.” Risa hurried over to the Governor before the maid could respond. The Shogun’s cheeks burned. But she kept her face flat with as much dignity she could muster. I am NOT a horny girl looking to fuck everything I see.

Do My Servants Please You?

“Do my servants please you, my Lady?” Geddowyn snickered bemused. He seemed to have regained most of his confidence in the sight of his own home. His stood straighter, and he seemed to be taller. Though she knew that he wasn’t much taller than herself. Risa suppressed a giggle, oh how that must rankle him. It would rankle most men, being no taller than a woman, but Degians, in particular, seemed to have a special loathing for it. She didn’t really understand that, but then again she didn’t really care all that much.

“They are…pleasant.” Risa glanced wryly back at the maids. Both of the women stood a few feet away, smiling those wooden smiles and clasping their hands in front of them, pushing their breasts out between their arms. Galania kept her eyes down at her feet, her cheeks were stained a deep crimson. Jessica on the other hand…she met Risa’s eyes and grinned warmly. That was all, but it made Risa’s mouth turned to sand. She turned back to the Governor. Who was she? Why is she so familiar?

Geddowyn laughed uproariously, “They are indeed, milady.” He glanced at the girls and the smirk he flashed at them was cruel. “But enough about them. I believe you wished to see Lord Illwater. Come, he should be in the Library about now.”

(continued in Part Five)

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