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The Broken Fragments

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Jade opened the door to her apartment and was shocked to find the door unlocked. No one had the key to her house. Except that she keeps a spare at her parent’s. Leaving alone as a young lady, who often has to travel off base as an event planner, propelled her to have the spare kept in case of emergencies. She stepped into the unlit apartment and wondered who exactly gained entrance into her safe haven. She had until now loved her upper-class location, everyone minding their own business. It was serene and a beautiful environment never a case of pilfering or harassment. Jade tuned the light in her lobby and quickly did a mental check of how she left her house, before travelling out of town for an event, a week ago. But everything seems in place. She moved sneakily, careful not to make a sound.

The Unexpected

By now she was palpitating, a mental flash of possible horror making her feel light headed trying to check in her bag for her phone to call the authorities . She switched on the light and legs turned jelly, about to give way to her weight at the chorus of “Surprise”!!! She screamed and almost jumped out of her skin. Oh! God! It was only a surprise party for her. She took account of all the known faces before her and breathes a sigh of relief. Her hands on her chest and a smile on her beautiful face, “Thank you all, this means a lot to me.” She said in a shaky voice, still trying to recover from the initial paranoia. This must be Anita’s and Kunle’s handwork, they were the only two people aside her parents that knew about her newly announced promotion. She guessed they might want to celebrate with her, but didn’t know it would be soon and big. She was so tired but happy. Kunle has been her boyfriend since they were out of college a few years back. And Anita her cousin, they were the two most important people in her life asides her parents she has been accused severally of being a recluse. The party went well she was truly surprised despite her tiredness she had fun at her promotion party. But as she was dancing so close to Kunle and enjoying the feel of his solid physique to her own soft one. She caught sight of Anita with something ominous in her expression, before she could process it was gone, replaced by a smile that did not quite reach her eyes.


Kunle drove a little further from Jade’s house, and placed a call to Anita who is still lingering at Jade’s apartment. “Hello babe, can you leave her house now? It’s safe for you to come out; I will be waiting just down the road.” He said into the phone. “Ok I will be on my way.”Anita responded. She slammed the door immediately she sat in his car. “How could you Kunle? You even forgot I was a few steps away.” Anita was fuming. “So sorry babe I had no choice but to dance with her, otherwise she might grow suspicious.” Kunle said pacifying her. “Anyway you will have to make it up.” “How”? Kunle wondered at what Anita was hinting at? “I will sleep over tonight.” “What if Jade decides to come over unannounced?”He asked his brows furrowed. “She will be too tired to do much of anything tonight, so take it or leave it you are stuck with me tonight” Anita responded with glee. “Ok if that’s what you want, its fine.”Kunle concurred resignedly. And Kunle, when are we going public? I’m fed up of sneaking around.” She said tiredly. “Anita can you please give me time.” Kunle was wondering how to get off the mess he created. Is it Possible to love two women the same time? Kunle thought to himself. He loves Anita’s outgoing spirit and modern ways. But can he ignore Jade’s reserved but poise demeanor and sharp mind? Both women are beautiful in their own right.

Anita’s and Kunle’s illicit affair has been going on for a while. It started when jade was on one her trips out of town and Kunle went to Jade’s house to visit her parents as the dutiful boyfriend she met Anita also visiting her Aunt and they got talking. Although, they were no strangers to each other, they got hooked real fast that night. They discussed about anything and everything. Before long they started dating unknowingly to Jade or anyone in the family.


She could not shake off the feeling that something is not right. The look of animosity directed at her left her feeling unease. She suddenly remembered a time she went out with Kunle and they had coincidental bumped into Anita, Thinking of it, that was not the only time, or were they all coincidences? Jade knew she loved Kunle and Anita so she didn’t want to harbor any impure thoughts about them. People have always called her naive and trusting but she didn’t believe her cousin or Kunle would intentionally hurt her feelings. Anita always has only good things to say about Kunle. But all were honest admiration or so she thinks. She never doubted any coincidental appearance of Anita’s at any point, till she received that hate look from her cousin tonight. Or was she just indulging in self sabotage? Jade needed assurance. She might only be imagining things. She called Kunle’s Land line, but he was not picking her calls. Where would he have gone? She checked the time. It’s about a couple of hours since he left her house meaning he should be home. He might be held in traffic and she was too tired anyways she will handle whatever it is tomorrow.

The Betrayal

Anita was wearing one of Kunle’s Shirt and both of them were lounging on the big sofa watching the premiership league. He is a diehard fan of Chelsea’s while Anita of Arsenal’s. This is one of the reasons Kunle loved Anita, it’s so hard to find a genuine female football fan. Jade on the other hand is interested in anything but soccer. The lovers were having a heated argument about the game showing on the big screen, when Jade walked in on them, Engrossed in their own little world they were not cognizance of her entry till they heard a thud on the floor, the sound of jade’s bag falling on the tiled floor. She was shocked and fought back a feeling of Nausea. There was no denying what her instinct was telling her. It was right here before her eyes.

What to do?

How long has she been a fool? She wept till there were no more tears left. The feeling of betrayal was overwhelming not so much for Kunle, but for Anita her cousin and best friend. How does she handle a feeling of betrayal by a close relati

How long has she been a fool? She wept till there were no more tears left. The feeling of betrayal was overwhelming not so much for Kunle, but for Anita her cousin and best friend. How would she handle a feeling of betrayal by a close relative? Will this pain ever go away? Can she just go to sleep and never wake up? How would she ever put her lonely life back on track with these two gone out of her life? A bitter pill it is.

To be continued…………………………………………..

© 2020 Olumisin Tolulope Abisola

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