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Sweetwater Killer! Chapter Two

I have always wanted to become an author, I just never really knew what I had wanted to write about.



I'm pretty sure that I probably at this very moment look like a fish with my jaw hanging open after Ember just gave me the news that I am carrying not one, but two babies and that they are both girls. I am feelings so many mixed emotions at this very moment that I am not sure weather to be happy and elated, or sad and stressed out. How am I gonna care for twins? It's one thing to have twins when you have a loving partner versus having to parent alone. I guess it's a good thing that I have been going overboard on stocking up on diapers, wipes, and gender neutral baby clothes since the day that I found out that I was pregnant. Although I guess now I am going to have to buy another crib and make more space in the nursery for the second baby. I'm truly glad that I caught a good deal on the log cabin when it came up for sale. It's a cute little two bedroom log cabin out in the middle of the woods. Well there I go again with the pregnancy brain. I get the shocking news and then I resort to going into my brain and thinking about other things instead of trying to deal with what is happening in the now. I look to Ember and say "Well this is going to be a breeze." Thinking that if I try to make a joke out of the situation then maybe it would help to bring my stress level down a bit. Ember is still sitting there completely shell shocked and has still yet to utter another word. I wave my hand in her face and that brought her back to attention. She takes the transducer and moves it around again and there they are, completely healthy and growing at the normal rate. I feel my eyes brimming with tears at seeing my two little miracles. Ember snaps a few pictures and prints them out for me, and then she proceeds to wipe the gel off my stomach and helps me to pull my shirt down. I take the ultrasound pictures and we walk out of the room, both speechless for a change which doesn't bother me. We go back out to the main waiting room where our next patient arrives. Monique sits there waiting for her appointment to start. The rest of the day kind of flew by for me at that point. Ember sent me home early to get some rest because honestly I am beat. I stop by the grocery store on my way home and picked up the ingredients for the Italian spaghetti that I plan on making for dinner. I finished dinner and lay on the couch to watch Weeds on Netflix until I slowly drifted off to sleep. I awoke when I heard my phone ringing on the coffee table. Ember was calling. I answered the phone. "Hello." I could already hear by the quick intake of breath that I needed to brace myself for whatever came next. "Chief Clarksdale came into the clinic this evening asking questions about some of our clients, saying that they had been brutally murdered and that their premature infants didn't make it. Also he had Taylorn with him." I dropped my phone on the floor after hearing his name. It had been four months since I've heard his name spoken aloud and I could feel my heart shattering apart all over again. "What does that mean?" Ember took a deep breath and said "it means that we have a serial killer on our hands, and that they each had a connection with you since all three were your patients." I can slowly start to feel my whole body slowly shutting down. "What do I do now?" I slowly rise from the couch feeling my heart rate speed to infinity, only to realize that I have started hyperventilating when Ember snaps me back to attention. "The chief asked me where you were, and I told him that I had sent you home early because you were exhausted". At this point I plopped back down on the couch, weariness settling into my bones. "What else did the chief say?" Ember took a second before answering. "He said he needed to talk to you so I gave him your address". Now I truly started to feel weary. "When does he want to speak with me?" I ask her. She gave a nervous chuckle. "He should be arriving at your place soon". Right as she was answering my question, there was a soft knock at my door. "Seems to me like he made it here in record time. I got to go. Talk soon". I hung up the phone and stumbled slowly to the door, dreading this conversation already. Upon opening the door I was met by the chief and the one person I never in this lifetime thought I would ever see again.


Standing on her doorstep seemed so surreal. I had thought that coming here wouldn't bother me, but in the depths of my being I was shocked to my core when she opened the door and I got my first look at her again after breaking our affair off four months ago. The first thing I noticed after she opened the door was her hands going protectively to her protruding stomach and the pale color to her skin. My mind was in an uproar and I could feel my pulse throbbing loudly in my ears. This was not the sight I thought I would be seeing. She was staring at me like she was seeing a ghost. I was just about to try to come up with a coherent thought, when the chief spoke first. "Aniyah?" He said. Aniyah finally came to attention when the chief spoke her name. "May we speak with you inside?".

Looking between the two of us I watched her hesitate before finally stepping back and opening the door for us to enter. My head and heart we're at war with each other. I never once thought that after breaking off our affair that I would ever be within her presence again, but I guess that fate had other plans for us. Walking into her little cabin I took note of my surroundings. To the small living quarters, to the minimal amount of pictures hung, to the two bedrooms, one of which she was quick to shut. I looked back at her to see her watching me closely, nervously ringing her hands together.


This was not what I was expecting to happen when Ember told me that the chief wanted to speak with me. I had assumed it would only be the chief showing up to my house. Seeing Taylorn again after the longest four months of my life is like a shock to my nervous system. I don't know how to act or what to even say. When I opened the door and he noticed my hands going to protect our children, I saw the look of utter misbelief on his face. I'll be damned if I say anything to him though. He is the one who left me months ago, not the other way around.

Looking to Cheif Clarksdale I say "What can I do for you Chief?" Chief looks between Taylorn and I, as if he himself can feel the unspoken tension in the air. Ignoring that I look back towards the Chief. He clears his throat and says "There have been six murders, three mother's and their premature infants". I slowly grasp my pendant that my grandmother had given to me for protection. "That is truly awful!" Chief Clarksdale continues. "I cannot go into the specifics about the case seeing as how they are still open investigations, but the only one constant they have to link the three mother's together is you". Thankfully Ember had already given me an idea of what was going on. I look towards the Chief and say "Well sir, we are the only Obgyn office within the county. But I'm not one hundred percent sure I follow where your going". The Chief shakes his head after finally noticing my pregnant status. "Please sit down, I only wish for a few more moments of your time, and then we will go". I do as the Chief asks and I sit down on the couch. "All three mother's we're forced into premature labor and then murdered. My only question is why are only your patients being targeted?" I think about that for a moment. "I honestly don't know. I don't have any enemies, and Ember and I have the same amounts of patients". The Chief seems to think about that for a moment. "Thank you for your time Mrs. Aniyah. I'm sorry we had to bring this news to you. If I have any more questions I'll be in touch". I nod my head and go to stand to walk them to the door.


I watch as Aniyah starts to struggle to stand from the couch. I don't know what came over me but I immediately hold out my hand to help her up. I knew after watching her flinch away from me that it was the wrong thing to do. I watched her struggle for a few moments more before she was finally able to get herself in the upright position. As soon as I saw her hands start to rub her stomach gently I was struck with a bombardment of questions. In my head I think back to how long it had been since we had last made love. I go to step toward her about to ask her the very question I want an answer to when she looks at me and shakes her head. Walking around me she goes to the door and opens it for us to leave. Chief tips his hat at her and walks out the door. I stand in the threshold staring at her for a moment. She refuses to even look at me. I guess that's my fault. But this is far from over. I'm going to find out what I want to know and soon. I take one last look at her as I walk out the door.

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