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Sweetwater Killer! Chapter One

I have always dreamed of becoming an author one day. So here goes for a first!



It had been months, and yet here I was again thinking about Taylorn when I should have been focusing on work. I can still remember the last night we were together before he walked away. Taylorn had come to me that night like he had so many others. I should have known not to get my hopes too high, I should have known that we we had was small, fleeting. That night Taylorn had rode up on his Harley, looking more handsome and rough than ever. I remember my heart started to race at the thought of finally telling him that I had fallen for him. I waited until he came to the door. Upon seeing his face I knew that everything I had hoped for, had dreamed about would never come true. The last thing he said to me was "We are not good for each other. I live a dangerous life, and there is no room for you in it." I remember watching him walk away from me for the very last time. All my hopes and dreams were shattered. So I was surprised to find out three weeks later that I was pregnant. I didn't tell him because I'll be damned if I let him walk out on his own child. The only person that knows is my best friend Ember.

I still remember the first time I saw Taylorn. I had just finished my last year of college majoring in pediatrics at the university of Wyoming. The night of my graduation Ember and I went to our favorite bar called Lew's. Ember and I had just started dancing on the dance floor, when I had an odd feeling that someone was watching me. When I looked towards the bar there was a man sitting there. I swear my heart jumped into my throat at the first sight of him. I'd never had someone look at me with such an intensity before. He was the most ruggedly handsome looking man I had ever seen. He looked to be about 6 feet tall, raven colored hair that when the light hit it just right looked to have a red tint to it that went down to his shoulders, fit muscular body, hypnotic hazel eyes with golden flecks you could drown yourself in, black button down shirt, covered by a leather vest with the name DEATH DEALERS stitched to the back, leather jeans, and steel toed boots. Don't even get me started on his tattoos. By the time I had realized I was staring, he already had this knowing smirk on his face. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, so I quickly turned away. That was the first encounter with Taylor Aranck.

Someone laying a hand on my shoulder snapped me out of my reverie. Looking up I saw my best friend/partner in practice Ember. She looked at me with that knowing look. "You're thinking about him again." "It's kind of hard not to, especially when I'm carrying his child. He's the only man I've ever been with, the only man I have ever given my heart to." She looked at me with such sympathy. "Well the clinic is having a slow day, and were not due for our next appointment for another forty five minutes. I think it's time we finally find out the gender of your baby. I know how excited and frustrated you've been having to wait so long to find out." She looked at me with a knowing smile. You see Ember and I have been best friends since we were both in diapers. She is the only one who knows about my pregnancy, and I am grateful to have her in my life.

Following her Into one of the ultrasound rooms. I lay on my back as Ember lifts my shirt and applies the cool gel to my stomach. Grabbing the transducer, she slowly begins dragging it across my abdomen. A small gasp coming from her has me looking at her in concern. "What's going on? Is there something wrong with the baby?" Ember looks at me with a shocked expression. It took her a few moments to speak, but when she did, I couldn't believe what came out of her mouth. "Ny you're pregnant with twins, and if I am seeing this correctly, you are carrying twin girls." I could do nothing but stare at her with shock.


A knock at my door has me looking up in relief. "Come in." Turning towards the door I watch as Emmett walks in. One look at his face and I know something bad has happened. "What's going on?" Emmett looks at me and signs ~police chief is here. He was looking for Blye, but since Blye isn't here, then he wants to talk to you. ~ I pinch the bridge of my nose. "Any idea what about?" Emmett shakes his head no and signs ~but whatever it is, it can't be good~ "Okay let the police chief know I'll be down in a few minutes." Taking a few minutes to think, I finally leave the room and head down to the clubhouse' s bar. Chief Clarksdale sits at the bar with a scotch in hand. The moment I see his face, I see pain and anguish. "What can I do for you chief?" Chief Looks at me and said "I've got a serial killer on my hands. We already have three dead victims, as well as their babies." I watch as he slides three manilla folders in front of me.

Opening the first folder I start to read- Elizabeth Donovan, age 30, lawyer, missing for a year, thirty weeks pregnant at the time of going missing, divorced from Mingo Donovan age 35 was married for eleven years and divorced two months before going missing, one other child (6 year old James Donovan), when body was found her wallet had everything in it except for her unborn daughters ultrasound picture. She was latino, brown hair, brown eyes, two tattoos. Came to Sweetwater to meet a new client (Rose Hawthorn) she never returned. After looking through the rest of the folder, I grabbed for the next one. Upon opening it I start to read- Jaqueline Foster, age 24, elementary school teacher, missing for five months, thirty weeks pregnant at the time of going missing, married for 6 years to Damon Foster, no other children, when body was found her wedding ring was missing. She was caucasian, blonde hair, blue eyes, no tattoos, no piercings. After reaching for the last folder, I held my breath as I opened it. Nicole Adams, age 18, fresh out of high school, missing for two weeks, thirty weeks pregnant at the time of going missing, dating Dimitri age 21 brother Wayde's best friend and also newest recruit into DEATH DEALERS, dating for two years, no other children, when body was found her heart locket with a picture of her and Dimitri in it was missing, she was caucasian, strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, one tattoo.

I immediately look at the chief. The chief's got tears brimming in his eyes. I pour myself a shot of whiskey, and down it all in one gulp. I ask the chief "Does Wayde or Dimitri know yet?" The chief looks at me and shakes his head no. I swallow the huge lump in my throat and go to stand up but the chief stops me. "There's more." So I remain seated and wait for him to continue. "Toxicology reports show that at the time of the kidnapping the suspect used chloroform to knock them unconscious. There were traces of horse tranquilizers in their bloodstream which causes us to believe that the suspect used it to induce labor. The mother is then forced to give birth to their premature newborn. By the coroner's guess the mother is then bleeding from the birth when the killer then stabs the mother in the heart instantly killing her. The premature newborn then dies from lack of nutrients, lack of oxygen, and it's lungs arnt fully developed." The chief turns to look at me and says "We found all three victims placed in a shallow grave where all of their bodies were buried except for the head and arms. The babies are then placed over the mother's abdomen, with the mother's arms wrapped around the infant. The infant has a blue ribbon wrapped around it's ring finger on its left hand." I look towards the chief. "What does the blue ribbon mean?" He shakes his head "No one knows what it is supposed to mean, but my guess is that the killer believes that finger is the connection to the heart." He stares down at his feet and continues "There is one last thing. There is only one connection to all three victims." I raise a brow "Which is?" He stutters for a moment before uttering a single word that turns my blood to ice. "Aniyah."

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