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The Death Wish

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Killian McPearson couldn’t help but stare at blank paper in front of him. Holding the pen in his hand he just sat there contemplating how to go about writing what he knew he had to put on that piece of paper. Looking up he sees his attorney sitting across from him waiting. Noticing his gaze, the attorney speaks, “Mr. McPearson, are you okay?”

Nodding his head Killian looks at his attorney and replies, “Yes, Roarke, I am okay. Just contemplating what needs to be written down.” Looking down again at the paper in front of him, Killian knows that he cannot delay the inevitable any longer. Putting the pen against the paper he begins to write.

After about thirty-minutes he finally sets the pen down and pushes the paper across the desk to his attorney. Taking the paper into his hand the attorney reads silently and then looks at him and says, “Killian, are you really sure that these are your final wishes?”

Nodding yet again he responds, “Yes, Roarke, those are my final wishes. Once I am gone please make sure they are carried out to the letter exactly as I have written them.

“Yes, sir. You know that I will.” Answers Roarke looking at his longtime friend. He didn’t know what to think or how to react knowing that his friend was planning for his death this early. He only hoped that the doctors were wrong and his friend was not going to die in the next few days.

“Roarke?” questioned Killian looking at him across the table. “Please do not worry about me. Just follow my wishes, okay?”

Staring at his friend silently for a moment he contemplated not answering him at all. Then releasing a sigh, he finally answered, “Sure, Killian, you know you do not have to worry.”

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